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Royal Queen Seeds

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Tryhard GrandMaster
Purple Berry Kush
Growing it
So from day one she grew strong over a foot tall by week three with good branching I ripped her up beginning of week five flipped

her beginning of week 6 I gave her a week to re root. I also cropped her when I replanted her she was hugely stressed but pulled through to give me more leaning towards the strawberry pheno I’m goner say that from how orange she is and the fact she smell really fruity there will be More of a update has soon has have finnished trimming and cured for another week. ITs been a pleasure has usual doing this strain on growdiaries

bud was quite dense I’m goner go with a 9/10

10/10Flavour well let’s say I got a good pheno this girl was so fruity smelling it was really untrue. She was out smelling every other strain in my tent

Frosty 9/10 I have to give high marks because it was so frosty this girl pushed out loads of trichomes over the flowering period was really unexpected

Smoke report 9/10
Reall fruity with-a diesel earthiness after taste very smooth the high sneaks up on you get a 2 hour buzz but after 20 minute wait. Where you get spaced out unable to move brilliant for sleep. And I don’t watch comedy whilst I’m smoking it I laugh that hard I couldn’t breath.

Yield was good if you check the full diary you will see why 84g was a good yield. IF I Ever grew again i would achieve over 100g with the same Veg time
2 months ago
Tryhard GrandMaster
Girl Scout Crack
Growing it
So from early veg she grew big she was well over a foot tall Day 21 with nice branching beginning of week 5 of Veg I ripped her out and through her. I regretted it got her back and planted her next day and I flipped her at beginning of week 6 she had a week to root. Did this affect this plant no when she hit flower she more then made me proud she grew like a beast with loads of side branching after everything she’s was put through she didn’t even hermie this plant I through everything at her I even cropped her broke her stem I topped and fimmed her in flower. I can’t say enough good things about this strain. I got a cookie pheno with a zest. Taste report to come have dried for three days had in brown bags for 4 just putting in jar today

Okay quick update smoke report I find very heavy smoke

Smells of cookies but top grade cookies especially when you smell the buds them selves

Then you crack a bud open and it lets of a unique smell only Way I can explain mango and apples

The buds are covered in trichomes

Density of the buds 8/10
Potency 8/10

This strain makes me hungry sleepy and lazy but they did well seedsman
2 months ago
Tryhard GrandMaster
Growing it
When I first took her out of my drying place the buds were really airy i was not happy at all but 2 week cure have got nice buds about a 6 on the density

The weed it selfs smells very lemony but a bit of a earthy taste on the after tone
This is a day time smoke makes you mega hungry

Now I personally don’t think here’s any stardawg in this strain have done 2 now had 2 different pheno and there not even close very disappointed there it’s more of a lemon haze

Now the one positive if you want a plants that won’t flower till week 4 or 5 and gives a big yield this is your girl 89 grams dry weight

In a 8litre pot was giving her 4 litres it was the only way the feed would soak the 8litred and leave no dry spots I was feeding her this every 24 hours with this strain

I would advise to top on day 14 has this girl has time to recover have grew two now I’m pretty certain she will I rate some training would of double her size
4 months ago