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VoodooChile Newbie
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I've decided to finish this diary. It was my very 1st auto flowering try. Well, what to say.. long time I couldnt care of the plants after 2nd,3rd weeks, because of several reasons. I was keeping them inside on the cup board and this and that.. My other 2 non-auto plants, (which I was putting to the soil for germinate same time with C4) still growing, they just started flowering. I would say it was good to keep them inside and on small pots, because I didnt want so big plants. But yeah, it was not good for C4, after chopping her I was controlling the root system, was very poor hairs. Root balls didnt get gained at all. Plant hight was about 20 cm when I cut her. I didnt weight it but about 5-6 gramms dry, I guess. Never the less, I've tried and was so good head high. Creative and not stressy. Smoking her smells not so strong, if I have to compare with the smell during the grow.. I like the fruit very much, she was almost black, yayyy. I am not expert about the sorts and strains but I realy liked it. So, at the moment 2nd C4 I am trying. Looks already better. Well, learned a lot with her about autos and still learning :)
1 year ago