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Guide To Buying Cannabis Seeds In Bulk

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Added 27 September 2021

Growing cannabis is a billion-dollar business today.

At some point, you’re going to wonder if you can grow some cannabis yourself. If you have ample space, you’re also going to want to test the commercial scene and get the ball rolling. Or, you may want seeds in bulk to save some money. 

No matter the reason, growing cannabis in bulk requires buying cannabis seeds in bulk. And, not just any cannot compromise on quality because you need amazing seeds to cultivate incredible stuff. 

To get good seeds, you’ll need to pick reputable breeders. Then comes the part of shipping, payment gateways, and a lot of other things you may have to think about. Worried already? Well, fret not, because this ultimate guide on buying cannabis seeds in bulk will tell you how to get things started, and be good at it. 

Pick a reputable breeder

expert seeds

Breeders are the foundational blocks to growing dank cannabis. Everything starts from scratch through the breeders. Not only do the breeders create new strains by combining genetics, but they also work on the strains in a bid to strengthen and enhance their abilities. 

As you need good seeds to grow cannabis, it all starts with the breeders. 

One of the best breeders that supply cannabis seeds in bulk is Expert Seed Bank. As the name implies, the company involves an expert set of breeders collaborating from several European countries. 

What sets Expert Seed Bank apart from the crowd is its commitment to breeding some of the most popular strains across the globe. 

Since it’s a collection of breeders heading the company, you’re likely to get what you want. Whether it’s developing high-THC or high-CBD medicinal plants brimming with cannabinoids, you can have it all. 

Moreover, Expert Seed Bank produces their seeds using organic nutrients, so you can rest assured that the seeds are safe and free from contaminants. The company offers an extensive range of seeds including Indica, Sativa, CBD, THC, Photoperiod, and Autoflowering seeds in their catalog.

Stealth Shipping 

Expert seed bank

Another reason to choose Expert Seed Bank is its willingness to offer stealth shipping. No matter why you need stealth shipping, it’s an important aspect of buying cannabis seeds. 

Expert Seed Bank sends their orders in padded brown envelopes if you order just a few seeds. For bulk orders, they are shipped in unmarked boxes. Both the envelopes and boxes have nothing marked on them except the address and stamps. 

To make it easier for you, the company has an FAQ section that answers all questions related to your shipping queries. 

Secure Payment Systems

Ordering from a reputable breeder with secure payment systems should be your top priority. Expert Seed Bank offers several payment options including credit cards, debit cards, and crypto payments. If you choose the Crypto Payments gateway, you can pay through any cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, etc. 

Note that all orders will be processed in Euros as it’s the local currency. The site has a currency converter to help you understand the prices, so you can input the values and pay the specified amount. If not, the currency will be converted automatically. 

Staying Anonymous

Gorilla Cookies

Many people want to remain anonymous when buying marijuana seeds for various reasons. Expert Seeds offers this very option while purchasing their seeds. The statement on the credit card does not reflect the name of the site, thus keeping your details safe. 

For absolute anonymity, you can also order through Crypto Payments that allows you to pay through Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. 

Saving Money


The price of the seeds plays a big role, especially when you’re planning to grow loads of plants. Naturally, you’d expect that the more seeds you buy, the cheaper it gets. However, many companies do not play by the rules. 

On the other hand, Expert Seed Bank not only reduces the price when you buy in bulk, but it also offers free seeds. So much that a 10-pack will net you at least 20 free seeds! Commercial growers can scale it up even further and go for 100 seeds, meaning you get 200 seeds for the price of 100!

The brand also offers free shipping on both domestic and international orders, giving you more opportunities to save money. All European orders above €60 and international orders above €75 will eliminate shipping costs for you. Note that most companies charge extra for discreet packaging and shipping but Experts Seed Bank reduces the costs to a great extent. 


Gorilla SFV OG

It’s safe to say that the better the quality, the higher the prices when it comes to cannabis seeds. 

You can buy all the seeds in the world but they are useless if they are weak. Why stress so much on quality? Well, high-grade marijuana seeds will ensure that you save time, money, and energy when you grow plants. 

You also have to keep in mind that weak plants are more susceptible to diseases and pests. Sure, seeds with poor genetics are probably cheaper (not every time!) but you will end up losing more in the long run if you skimp on quality. 

Let’s take a quick look at the advantages and disadvantages of choosing high-quality marijuana seeds:





Great genetics


More potent


Resistant to pests


Resistant to diseases


Adjusts to various climates


Higher yields 


Follows schedule or grows faster


Produces lots of resin, cannabinoids, flavonoids


Another major advantage of growing high-quality marijuana seeds is that you don’t have to worry about your female plants producing seeds or turning into hermaphrodites without warning. 

There’s a reason breeders spend so much time on feminizing seeds. It’s a complicated process that can mess up the seeds completely if not done right. Needless to say, purchasing from reputed breeders working with quality genetics will prevent you from wasting your precious time. 

Impeccable Strains

Gorilla Cheese

Breeders at the Expert Seed Bank are always looking to create plants with super-strong genetics. The experts also understand the medicinal value and work hard to create seeds for both recreational and medicinal users. 

Medicinal users have the option to choose ratios between CBD and THC that further enhances the entourage effect. The entourage effect is a process where all the cannabinoids of the cannabis plant work together as a team. 

Since the breeders understand the concept, they create seeds that match your needs. Not only have they dedicated an entire section just for Gorilla seeds, but they also have Gorilla strains with CBD to match your medicinal needs. 



Here’s a quick rundown on the types of seeds offered by Expert Seed Bank:

Autoflowering — This collection features autoflowering seeds that grow and flower in very short periods. Perfect for bulk growers, autoflowers save time and energy. 

Indica — This collection contains all Indica plants on the site. 

Sativa — The Sativa collection offers all Sativa genetics in one place. 

Gorilla — A combination of all types mentioned above, you can get all Gorilla seeds in this section. 

Cali Collection — Dedicated to the most famous cannabis breeders hailing from California, this section offers Cali seeds that are popular for their impeccable genetics and potency. 

CBD line — This section caters to medicinal users. 

How to order cannabis seeds in bulk?

If you want to buy more than 10-pack seeds, click on the “Bulk” icon on the site. Meant for the big boys or commercial producers, the Bulk section is best for those that need more than 50 seeds. 

You can also opt for 1000 seeds if you want! In case you want to go really big and require more than 2000 seeds, you can send a message to the breeders on the site and they will respond as soon as possible.  


Now that you’re aware of everything you need to buy cannabis seeds in bulk, we recommend that you go for knowledgeable breeders like Expert Seed Bank so you don’t have to worry about the yield or potency anymore. 



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I wish some of the "Breeders" would spend some extra time testing their own genetics before they release them and move on to making yet another cross. I would personally prefer to buy tried and true tested varieties over the latest flavor of the month fem cross .