How To Store Cannabis Buds, So They Last A Long, Long Time

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Some growers are fortunate enough to grow so much cannabis that they don’t know what to do with it. If you’re struggling with this beautiful problem, you may want to know how to store cannabis, so it lasts a long while. 

Storing cannabis buds is not essential only for longevity, though. There are several reasons why you must store buds properly. For instance, keeping buds in plastic bags for a long while can turn them brown and crumbly. In addition, it’s no fun smoking or ingesting cannabis that has no flavor, potency, or color. 

In short, improper storage can make your buds look like cheap street weed, and we don’t want that. What’s the point of cultivating cannabis if you’re going to end up using street weed anyway? 

Moreover, improper storage can invite mold and ruin the potency. Old cannabis buds tend to lose their freshness over time. Everything fades away from the trichomes to potency to flavor, leaving buds that don’t do much. 

You want buds that taste fresh and dewy even if you’re using them after a couple of years. This article will explore several ways to do just that. 

Before we get deeper into this topic, it’s important to understand that storing cannabis buds for longevity is possible only if they are dried and cured well. So, if you’ve got fresh buds, ensure that you dry and cure them for at least six weeks. Any sort of moisture in the buds will attract mold, and you’ll have to discard them!

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s jump right in.

You should avoid a few things if you want to store cannabis buds for a long time: 

1) Light

Although live cannabis plants love light, cured buds hate it. This is because light degrades the trichomes rapidly. In addition, light can alter the cannabinoids, meaning it converts THC to CBN. As a result, CBN or Cannabinol is usually found in aged cannabis buds or those exposed to lots of UV light. 

Manufacturers that produce CBN oil subject the buds to UV light to extract CBN. Since CBN is not your end goal, ensure that you keep the buds in darkness, so the THC doesn't degrade quickly.

2) Moisture 

Moisture kills buds faster than anything else. Therefore, buds become very moist when exposed to humid environments. Although the buds should be slightly moist, they shouldn't collect so much moisture that they attract mold! 

For commercial growers, preventing moisture is a nightmare since they deal with large quantities of buds. Even if you don't have big yields, keep the buds in dry areas without much light, so there's no chance of mold. To be extra sure, place humidity packs like Boveda that suck up extra moisture quickly. 58% Boveda is a good option for harder buds, while 62% works best to get slightly soft buds.

3) Heat

The third factor that affects buds adversely is heat. Too much heat can ruin even live plants, which is valid even for dried and cured buds. Heat destroys the trichomes and reduces the potency, leaving you with weak buds that don't serve your purpose.

4) Refrigeration

Although freezing the buds is a great option to maintain their freshness, it is not valid for refrigeration. This is because refrigerated items, including food, constantly attract moisture even when placed in air-tight bags or containers. As a result, the buds become moldy and lose their potency in just a short while. However, if you want to refrigerate the buds at any cost, keep them in plastic baggies in the vegetable crisper and inspect them regularly to check for mold.

5) Plastic

It's not recommended to store the buds in plastic bags. Plastic tends to reduce the quality. Moreover, the buds become brittle and lose their potency pretty quickly. Since the buds become dry in the plastic bags after a while, they lose their trichomes as soon as you handle them. Plastic creates static that pulls the trichomes away. If you have no choice other than to use plastic, scoop the trichomes at the bottom and use them like kief.

6) Metal

Metals of any kind are not suitable to store buds. For instance, steel is one of the most durable metals to keep many items; however, it gets hot and cold under extreme temperatures. In addition, it behaves according to the temperature fluctuations around it, making it a wrong choice to store cannabis.

How To Store Buds

Now that you know what you should avoid while storing the buds, here are a few ways to properly store them:

1) Mason Glass Jars


Many growers have been using glass mason jars to store their buds to last for years now. Glass jars are practical because they do not leech any harmful chemicals to the buds. Moreover, they help the buds retain the fragrance and flavors for a long time. They also prevent the buds from collecting moisture. 

Although we prefer slightly moist or dank buds, too much of it will make the buds unusable. If you see too much moisture accumulating inside the jar, for instance, dry them for a couple of days to prevent mold.

You can find glass jars in almost every grocery store. Just make sure that you fill the jar to at least 3/4th of its capacity to prevent air from collecting inside. If you don't have a lot of buds, just use small jars.

You can expect the buds to remain fresh for at least a year in glass jars.

2) Freezing

Freezing cannabis buds work great long-term, especially for those looking to store buds for years. Just like you freeze food items in the freezer to store and consume them later, frozen cannabis buds also remain potent and fresh for a long time.

The only factor to remember is that the trichomes become brittle as they freeze. So handle them very carefully, or the trichomes could get damaged and affect the potency. In addition, do not forget to dry the buds completely, cure them for at least six weeks, and then freeze them. Curing it will ensure that the buds are entirely devoid of moisture present in the inner parts of the buds. Freezing wet buds will not achieve the same results.

To freeze the buds, take a plastic ziplock bag and stuff it with the flowers. Although we just mentioned that you shouldn’t use plastic, it's one of the only options you have to freeze the buds. Freezing in glass containers is possible too, but you need hard glass that doesn't break easily.

Next, place the bag in an air-tight container, and you're done. A safer option would be to double-bag. You can also fill glass jars with buds and place them directly in the freezer. Note that you will need to remove all the air inside the freezer bag to prevent the buds from degrading. To use the buds, wait until they get to room temperature since handling frozen buds can break the trichomes.

3) Wooden Boxes

Wood is simply perfect for storing buds. It preserves the potency and flavor just as much as glass. You can either get a customized box, make one yourself, or get it online. Many companies are producing wooden stash boxes for this very purpose.

When choosing wooden stash boxes, the material used to create them is pretty important. While bamboo, teak, mahogany, and even walnut wood make for beautiful boxes, cedarwood might not be suitable for buds. 

Cedarwood imparts a unique cedar scent that makes the buds also smell the same way. Therefore, it’s is not a great choice since we want materials that store the buds without altering the flavors, fragrance, or color. 

When To Store Cannabis Buds

drying buds

As mentioned already, you should only store buds that are completely dried and cured. Drying and curing are two critical processes you cannot skip.

It's a good idea to invest in a simple hygrometer to maintain optimum levels of humidity. While temperatures ranging from 60-70°F are perfect, the humidity levels shouldn’t exceed 50 to 65%.

To dry the buds perfectly, use open drying racks and spread the buds away from each other. Install fans to encourage proper airflow, so the buds don't attract mold.

Once the buds are dry, cure them for at least six weeks and store them for the long term. Do not cure the buds in any container except glass.


Whether you want to store buds for the short or long term, it's important to dry and cure them for at least six weeks to ensure they stay free of mold.

Use containers made of glass or wood to store the buds once they are ready. Plastic bags will also work if you have no other choice; however, be aware that the trichomes may break and settle down at the bottom.

If you want the buds to remain potent and fresh for years, freezing them is the best option. You can stuff the buds in plastic baggies and store them in the freezer for as long as you want. Just make sure that there's no air remaining in the bags. You can remove the air by squeezing the bags gently or use a vacuum sealer.


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