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Best Cannabis Strains For Pain Relief

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JoshuaHolt JoshuaHolt
Added 26 December 2021

Cannabis is quickly becoming the go-to choice to treat various ailments. Several users claim that they use it to manage insomnia and chronic pain. 

However, choosing cannabis for pain relief isn’t as easy as heading to your local dispensary and picking any random strain. Instead, depending on your preferences and lifestyle, you want to search for the right strain that will work for you.

For example, cannabis for pain relief high in THC content would get you high, but those high in CBD content will not cause any high but relieve your pain. On the other hand, Sativa strains can make you feel energetic, and Indica strains can make you feel sleepy or relaxed.

If all this sounds confusing, don’t worry. There are plenty of strains available for pain relief! Some get you high, some make you feel sleepy, and some give you a light buzz at best — all while curing pain. 

To help you choose the right strain, here is a list of the best cannabis strains for pain relief.

  • Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel by Elchicodelaweed

Affectionately called Sour D at times, Sour Diesel is one of the most popular strains for pain relief. The strain became famous during the late 1990s, but it has remained a favorite for many even to this day.

Sour Diesel is popular for its cerebral energizing effects that keep you on your toes. Depending on the amount you use, you can feel a burst of energy throughout the day. 

We recommend you micro-dose to gain more benefits rather than consuming large amounts. This is because THC is biphasic, which means that although small doses can be super helpful, large quantities can do the opposite and produce undesired side effects. Since Sour Diesel contains lots of THC, it's better to go slow at first and increase the dose depending on how you feel.

That said, despite its high levels of THC, Sour Diesel ensures you get a mindful uplifting high. The best part of using Sour Diesel is that you’re not only getting your much-needed pain relief, but you also feel energized and happy.  

In short, Sour Diesel works to relieve symptoms commonly associated with ailments such as chronic pain, depression, and stress. Thanks to its popularity, it is easy to find the strain in most local dispensaries. However, you can also grow it at home since it is an easy-to-maintain strain that flowers within 2-2.5 months.

Using Soul Diesel concentrates may be a better option than buds since concentrates tend to be more beneficial for medical users.

  • White Widow

White widow

White Widow earns the name from the white buds and crystal resin, and it is another potent strain we don’t recommend for beginners. The high can sometimes be too much to handle for newbies.

The Indica-dominant hybrid strain is famous for its relaxing effects that help you sleep off your pains and aches. Apart from making you feel sleepy, the strain also gives you a sense of euphoria as you fall asleep.

White Widow is not only terrific for pain relief but can also help you deal with insomnia and anxiety. That’s three birds with one shot!

  • Blueberry


Ask old hippies about blueberry, and they will tell you about blueberry more than we can. Developed in the 70s and famous ever since, Blueberry is an ancient strain that remains a favorite for many cannabis users even today.

Although Blueberry is high in both THC and CBD, the CBD negates some of the adverse side effects of THC, leaving you relaxed without too many psychoactive effects. In addition, it is a Sativa strain that gives you enough energy to get through the day without feeling sluggish effects.

In short, Blueberry also calms your body and mind, healing your pains in the long run.

  • Northern Lights

Northern Lights

The Northern Lights strain is an Indica-based cross between an Afghani and Thai heavy-weight strain. 

It’s perfect for mental relaxation and relieving pain and fatigue. But remember, this is an ideal strain for unwinding after the day. So don’t be surprised if you dose off on your couch after smoking this. It will most probably make you feel sleepy.

Known for its sweet yet spicy aroma, many users prefer this strain for its ability to relieve muscle pain. However, the strain is even more famous for its beauty, thanks to thick resin coating purple and orange pistils. 

Finding Northern Lights at your local dispensary isn’t difficult, either. It has won awards — that’s how famous it is! But, you can even grow it at home as it doesn’t require high maintenance. You can also go for strains like Super Silver Haze and Shiva Skunk that are variations of the same strain. 

  • Afghan Kush

Afghan Kush

Afghan Kush is an old strain with its origins tracing back to the gigantic Hindu Kush mountains standing tall in the borders of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Although Afghan Kush is mainly used to make Hash by locals, it’s also perfect for concentrates like Rosin. 

Most medical marijuana users prefer to vape Afghan Kush buds for their powerful sedative qualities. Afghan Kush also develops a lot of resin containing several terpenes like pinene, myrcene, and caryophyllene that help relieve chronic pain. 

Perhaps the most popular cannabis strain, Afghan Kush, is also one of the best strains of cannabis for pain relief. 

Afghan Kuch is an Indica-strain high in CBD, so it offers terrific pain relief benefits while putting you to sleep. We recommend using this strain before going to bed or unwinding after a hard day’s work — as it relaxes your mind and makes you feel sleepy. 

The strain is also ideal for new cannabis users as it is not as potent as other strains, so you can consume this without feeling too high or too couch-locked.

  • AK-47

Flowering cannabis

Who knew lighting up an AK-47 could heal your pain? That’s irony at its best. But jokes aside, AK-47 is one of the best cannabis strains for pain relief. Don’t let the name fool you — AK-47 is by no means gentle, but it does relieve pain. 

Think of AK-47 (who names a strain after a weapon?) as a cannabis cocktail — modern versions are derived from various strains, including Sativa strains from Thailand, Mexico, South America, and Indica strains from Afghanistan.

Since this is a Sativa-dominant strain, it won’t make you feel sleepy; instead, it offers an uplifting, energizing high while healing your aches and pains. For the same reason, the strain is also preferred by other medical users who want to treat stress and depression. 

  • Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush

The Bubba Kush cannabis strain is a derivation of the classic Hindu Kush, and it is known for its unique earthy flavor. But the fame often overshadows its medical properties, specifically treating pain and aches. 

The strain is Indica-based, offering a relaxing and sleepy effect — so much that many people refer to this strain as the marijuana sleeping pill. But the same genetic makeup is also responsible for relaxing your nerves and relieving your pain, stress, and insomnia.

  • ACDC


Do you want to take the highway to hell pain relief? ACDC is another terrific choice.

It is a Sativa-dominant hybrid, high in both CBD and THC, so it relaxes your mind while giving you a burst of energy at the same time!

But don’t worry about getting too high with this, either. Many users have reported not experiencing any high while consuming ACDC. However, we recommend using some to find out whether you get high or not before you add it to your med-kit.

Terpenes for Pain Relief

Always look for strains high in caryophyllene, myrcene, and linalool if you want help with chronic pain. There are more than 20,000 terpenes in existence today, and many cannabis strains can contain more than 200 terpenes at once! However, since some terpenes dominate over others, you will find all the information in the terpene profile. 

Most dispensaries will provide the terpene profile so you can choose strains meant to reduce your problems. Dispensaries will also provide lab reports to ensure that you’re safe. For best benefits, use concentrates over buds since they work faster while the effects last longer. 

Summary: Best Cannabis Strains For Pain Relief 

These are just eight cannabis strains that treat pain and aches, but there are many more. Always look for terpenes when selecting strains to treat pain; however, it can get confusing very fast with more than 20,000 terpenes in existence. Thus, we recommended specific terpenes like caryophyllene, linalool, and myrcene to help with the pain. 

If you are looking for a strain that cures your pain without getting you high, look for one that’s not too high in THC. Then, for some extra fun, choose a strain with high THC. 

Also, check the availability near you. Some of these strains may be difficult to find in your local region. 

Lastly, understand that cannabis is not the ultimate cure for your pain. We recommend you consult your doctor for your aches and take their advice on using medical cannabis for pain relief.