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In this article, we will be covering a bunch of famous strains, some that changed the industry on their own and left a legacy behind. We ordered them alphabetically but we know that depending on your own geographical location, some will be more known to you than others or even some that you consider world-famous might not be on this list so feel free to drop a few down below in the comment section!


The home of the original Amnesia is the Dutch seed bank called Super Strains. The strain that is known for its unique high feeling is created in 1996 and has been able to stay on top of the game because it is still one of the most known and used strains in society and almost any seed bank has a unique variety to this queen of the game. The strain has won over 10 Cannabis Cups and it is considered one of the best in the world!


Do not be too fooled by the name because this is by nature a sativa-dominant strain that has its origin coming from mixing Colombian, Mexican Thai, and Afghani to make a complex blend of effects and flavors. This is a good strain that will give you a celebrative high that will boost your creativity or activities. It has a sour scent and an earthy taste that can have some floral notes. And like so many on this list, a strong winner of multiple cups throughout the years!


The name of some strains really goes back to where they originally come from and that is the case with this one. The origin goes all the way back to the border of Afghanistan-Pakistan in the area of the Hindu Kush mountains. The ultimate source for hash like the typical black Afghani hash, a strain that has been perfected locally over centuries, what a history! White Label Seed company that often gets mistaken for Sensi Seeds but they are a partnership, are responsible for making its seeds available for everybody out there. The buds develop into massive, blunt-topped nuggets full of resin and coming in big yields.

Blue Dream

The Humboldt Seeds Organization developed Blue Dream, this hybrid that is sativa-dominant comes from a mix of Blueberry and Haze. It is one of those that are in very high demand, especially in America. It gives a very balanced and euphoric high with a full-body relaxation. It puts out high THC levels so the whole society can enjoy it from the beginner to the novice and it gives off a fruity smell and taste!


The name is simple to explain because we all know that when a good Cheese or any of its relatives gets lit up, it produces a sharp to sour aroma! This one has its origin in the UK and because of its potency, taste, and smell, it grew widespread in popularity. Rumor says it comes from a Skunk#1 phenotype that really stood out for its smell and was then later mixed by Big Buddha Seeds with Afghani genetics so it increased its yields. This strain and many of its relatives are big winners and will always leave you with relaxing effects and a blissful state of mind!

Frisian Dew

When it comes to outdoor growing, especially in more northern regions in Europe, Frisian Dew is a heavy hitter and most known for its resistance against mold. Coming from the Dutch Passion legendary inventory this one win first place in the 2008 Highlife Cup in the Netherlands. And most recently, during the 2018 edition of the Homegrown Cup, Frisian Dew was able to take third place in the Dutch Hash category. It is a hybrid of Super Skunk and Purple Star and it gives purple buds that will leave you euphoric with giving a piny/foresty taste.

Jack Herer

If there is a name that we all should know in the cannabis community it is Jack Herer. A world-known cannabis strain that is named after world-known activist and the writer of the book The Emperor Wears No Clothes, passed away in 2010 but he will never be forgotten. This strain is a cross between Haze, Northern Lights, and Shiva Skunk. It is a creation by Sensi Seeds in the hope of getting the cerebral effects with the heavy resin to give you a clear-headed and creative state of mind! It was created in the 90s in the Netherlands and was later even distributed by Dutch pharmacies as a recognized medical-grade strain.

Nevilles Haze

This is a writer's favorite and every time I visit Holland, this is one of the strains I am on the lookout for! Neville's Haze was named after Nevil Schoenmakers, the original founder of the Seed Bank of Holland. This is a tall growing sativa with almost pure Haze genetics, Green House Seeds added a touch of indica genetics. It's known for being a tall plant with a pine cone scent and distinctive floral notes. Neville's Haze won the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1998. This THC-dominant strain tends to deliver potent cerebral effects.

Northern Lights

It is clear to see that many strains have a legendary status that comes from the Netherlands, and in this case, that is the same! The same Nevil Schoenmakers as mentioned above got his hands on these around 1985 and he was the first to distribute these with his company The Seed Bank of Holland. There is a variety of lineages but originally it is an indica dominant strain that has won numerous Cannabis Cups. It is still a powerhouse of a plant that we all should have tried but the odds are big you already did because its descendants are Super Silver Haze and Shiva Skunk.

OG Kush

It is hard to confirm but the cannabis terminology behind OG Kush apparently comes come Ocean Grown Kush, a crossing between Chemdawg with Lemon Thai and Pakistani Kush, the last one coming from Amsterdam. It also goes by the name of Premium OG or Premium Kush and was first grown in Florida in the 90s and it resulted in a hybrid with a strong terpene profile that gives a strong aroma with notes of diesel and spices and it is known to produce high THC levels, a perfect choice to ease the stress!

Purple Haze

Jimi Hendrix might be responsible for making this strain so popular because of his 1967 classic called Purple Haze. It is a strain all veterans know because of the euphoria and energy it brings every single time. It is a strain with a nostalgic vibe to it that will awaken creativity and give you a blissful state of mind. The story goes it is a crossing between Purple Thai and Haze that gives it its sweet and earthy flavors while the buds can give off amazing purple tints when grown under the right circumstances and that is where the name then of course most likely comes from.

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel, another strain that got extra fame by the music industry and rapped about by NORE, Styles P, and Redman with Ready Roc, is another one that every cannabis enthusiast must enjoy once in their lifetime! The origin behind this great sativa dominant strain is unknown and a mystery but the word is the genetics can be influenced strongly by Chemdog91 and Super Skunk giving it the strain its unique soft diesel-like smell and taste with sour notes all around.


Skunk is by far one of the biggest known strain names all around the globe and it's responsible for an entire hord of Skunk hybrids available. The origin comes from the Sacred Seed Co with crossing genetics from all over the world such as Afghani, Acapulco Gold, and Colombian Gold. With a breeding process that spanned several generations, eventually, the Skunk#1 was produced. It can be found in the gardens of many seedbanks from Sensi Seeds, Dutch Passion, Flying Dutchmen, Nirvana Seeds, and Royal Queen Seeds. And as the name says, it gives off a sour skunkiness with earthy touches. It elevates creativity with a high-energy buzz.

Wedding cake

Wedding Cake is a quite recent strain but we have the impression that it is one of those that will last. It is an indica dominant strain that was created by crossing Triangle Kush with Animal Mints. It gives a very nice relaxing and euphoric high that calms mind, body, and soul. It has a tangy flavor with earthy, almost pepper-like tints. It is a high THC strain that seems to take hold in the medical platform because of its relieving effect on symptoms such as pain or insomnia. It was named Leafly Strain Of The Year in 2019 but the word is that in parts of Canada this strain is named Pink Cookies!


The strain that took more than a few spots at Emerald Cups and also took spots in other Cups around the USA and that has grown to become a world-known name, is Zkittlez. This indica dominant strain is a cross between Grape Ape and Grapefruit and unknown genetics and was bred by 3rd Gen Family. It gives off very big colas that are covered in resin with very calming effects that will leave you happy and elevated with a nice sweet and tropical-like taste.


We know that there are of course still more than a handful of strains to talk about but we will leave that up to you guys! Let us know down below in the comment section what your favorite strain is or what you consider to be one that should be on this list!



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Not to mention the African Strains like Durban , Malawi etc or South America Panama , Columbian and punto roja
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Wow spot on with the strains. IMHO I would have liked to see sundae driver. I came across this strain about a year ago and it blew me away in all categories , smell, taste, density, bag appeal and high.
Great read, thanks Josh. In Australia, back in the 80's we had a legendary strain called Mullumbimby Madness, a sativa that grew over 20 ft high. Would love to know if anyone has any seeds from it?
Good read, got me thinking about the dynamite weed that was grown in California in the early 80s. Don’t remember the names, we just loved smoking big stinky tasty buds with no seeds. Back then everything was outside so that was quite an accomplishment at the time, or so I thought. I just finished growing an old strain called Rude Boi Formerly known as Irene in the Southeastern US hard to find now. Enjoyed your journal, thanks.
One of the better lists ive seen, very close to being right but I'll mention a few strains I think you misased and see if pple think they are worth the list or not. Then we see if the list was right...lols. 1. White Widow.- Most obvious one. Swap frisian duck or whatever for this one. 2. Train wreak /Ghost train haze...debatable which is more notorious. 3.(this ones for my Aussies) Red Devil. The most stoney stoned you ever stoned. Dense dark green nugs with dark crimson red hairs that made your eyes sooo red too funny enought. Id kill for seeds of this but no one outside of oz has even heard of it. Bring it back someone please!! or if anyone has info on a seed bank with it msge me. 4. Swap wedding cake for GSC. Without Girl Scout Cookies theres no Animal mints right? if ZkittleZ is in the list then GSC has to be as well.
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