Best Cartoons To Watch When You're High

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Added 01 September 2022

Have you ever wondered why some people have the urge to watch cartoons when high? 

A friend of mine loves stoner cartoons — the ones with vibrant colors and incomprehensible nonsense — particularly when high. 

That said, I like them too. And, if you’re the same, perhaps you’ll like some of the stoned trippy cartoons we have listed out here. 

Smoking cannabis enhances every experience, and watching cartoons is no exception. 

Perhaps you want to get lost in your own little world for a while. Or, you simply love the colors. No matter what your reason is, we have compiled a list of the 20 best cartoons to watch high. 

And we hope you’re going to enjoy them too. 

Why Do People Watch Cartoons When They’re High?

The main reason people watch cartoons when stoned has a lot to do with the colors. Everything looks vivid like you're strolling in a forest when high. 

However, rather than get up from your couch and go to a forest, cartoons are easy and quick alternatives. Agreed, it's not as cool as actually walking in a forest, but it's a way to get lost in a colorful world with just the click of a button.

Some people love watching crime shows or nature documentaries when they are high. But if you love watching cartoons, there's nothing wrong — you do you.

Another reason people watch cartoons when high is due to childhood nostalgia. In a heavily competitive world with so many things bogging us down, who wouldn't want to watch a few cartoons and have a fun time at least when they are stoned? If your mind refuses to do anything else, cartoons are a fun way to pass time until you're sober again.

And, don't forget that watching anything when you're high helps you pick up things you may not have picked up earlier. Suffice it to say that the cartoons you may have enjoyed as a kid may make sense now when you understand the true meaning after all those years.

So, if you're someone who loves watching Garfield or Tom and Jerry when baked, you can stop wondering if something is wrong with you. In fact, it's a nice experience that gives you some time to relax and stretch your feet.

The Best Cartoons To Watch While You’re High

You can find numerous cartoons to watch high. They appeal to your senses, whether it's due to the animation, colors, the end message they deliver, or the eccentric characters that put a smile on your face. Cartoons are super fun. In addition, you get to re-experience a child-like wonder you probably felt in your childhood.

Without further ado, let's get to the best cartoons to watch when you're stoned.

1. Looney Tunes

Looney Tunes

Image Credit - Imdb

Everyone loves Bugs Bunny. Period.

Looney Tunes is not only outrageously fun and childish, but it gives you great vibes. Just one joint later, you're going to be lost in the colors, quirky characters, and their penchant to take risks and live a great life.

Also, the episodes aren't too long, but neither are they too short — just the right length to keep you howling with laughter. Plus, you're going to remember your childhood, and just how much you enjoyed Bugs Bunny's antics even if you stopped watching over the years.

2. Aqua teen hunger force

Aqua teen hunger force

Image Credit - Adultswim

This cartoon takes you on a ridiculous journey of three fast-food characters working to solve myriad crimes. That's right, you have a meatball, french fries, and a shake as the main protagonists. While Frylock (french fries) is the brain behind them, Master Shake is often talkative and makes life difficult for Meatwad.

Although none of it makes sense, it's fun to watch, especially after a few puffs of some light cannabis. A few sessions later, we promise you'll want more of characters!

3. Family Guy

Family Guy

Image Credit - Hotstar

Family Guy is all about Peter Griffin, his wife, their children, their intelligent dog, and a baby. They often get into hilarious situations. The show is ridiculous but super funny — perfect for a session with friends.

Oh, and it's got loads of dark humor and satire that explores American society in its own way. For a cartoon, it's got lots of gore, but you're seriously going to enjoy it. Moreover, it's easy to watch, and you're going to be rooting for at least one character at the end, although you might detest the other characters.

4. The Simpsons

The Simpsons

Image Credit - Imdb

It's difficult to find someone who doesn't like the Simpsons. The family has been entertaining little kiddos ever since 1989. Many a parent has probably thanked them for distracting their toddler so they can catch some sleep.

Super famous and lovely to watch even if you're not blazed, it's all about how Homer Simpson, along with his adorable dysfunctional family, handles day-to-day life. Also, if you've watched the Simpsons, you've simply watched them all since most cartoons try to replicate the characters of this famous family.

If you're bored after a joint, sit back, relax and let the Simpsons take care of it. You're going to love it — we promise!

5. Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty

Image Credit - Imdb

If you've watched Rick and Morty without the assistance of cannabis, you're going to love it when high. You can watch it numerous times and still miss something you'd failed to grasp the first time. Or, it's some secret info only fans can get.

For the same reason, you might not be able to make sense of what's happening if you catch it late; however, why would you even try to make sense of a cartoon when you're baked, eh?

6. King of the Hill

King of the hill

Image Credit - Amazon

If you're a hardworking middle-class citizen hailing from America, you will resonate with the characters of this sitcom that has the main character Hank Hill — dealing with life's challenges.

Hank Hill, a typical salesman, tries to keep his sanity while handling his wacky family. His main concern is his son, and he does everything to make sure he's on the right path.

But, don't assume it's boring because of the family vibes! It's super entertaining and guaranteed to offer more fun when you're stoned. Try it, and you'll see.

7. Regular Show

Regular show

Image Credit - Amazon

Meant for teenagers and adults, Regular Show frequently has characters that are both violent and intoxicated at the same time. The language could be a little crude and filled with sexual innuendos, making it extremely funny when you're high.

The show is all about a raccoon called Rigby and a cute blue jay known as Morcedai who work at maintaining a local park. The comedy showcases the various adventures that get them into lots of trouble.

8. The Ren & Stimpy Show

The Ren and Stimpy Show

Image Credit - Amazon

You'll be humming the title song if you watch a few episodes of this show. The music is kinda cute, but the characters are even cuter. If you're not grossed out by the humor — as many parents and even kids complain — and don't mind close-up shots that are often grotesque, the Ren & Stimpy Show is a match made in heaven after you're down a few joints.

Of course, the suggestive material could be a little too much for kids, so make sure you enjoy this alone. That said, the show is spectacularly funny and will have you rolling on the floor as Ren and Stimpy — a sociopathic dog and slow-to-learn cat take you on their amazing adventures.

9. Adventure Time

Adventure time

Image Credit - Imdb

If you've smoked up too much and want to reduce the jitters then it's time for some adventure time! The show is packed with great plots, music, and, of course, adventures. What makes the show great is that so many people have grown up watching it.

It's got great morals for kids, teenagers, and even adults. The characters are very lovable and funny, and you're most likely going to laugh your lungs out after taking a few hits of your favorite bong.

10. Superjail!


Image Credit - Amazon

The creators of Super Jail were probably stoned when they created the setting and plot of this very famous show because it's all about the workings of a very unusual prison. It's got extreme violence with a psychedelic setting, so it's guaranteed to take you on a wild, wild trip.

Plus, the entire series is hand-drawn and we bet you're going to admire the handiwork of various artisans as you nibble on your edible or take a quick dab — whatever rocks your boat.

11. Space Ghost: Coast to Coast

Space ghost

Image Credit - Reelrundown

If you love watching senseless stuff that makes you giggle all night long, you're going to love Space Ghost. The creators have reintroduced an old cartoon character from the 60s, but with lower IQ levels, making it even more ridiculous. Space Ghost has his own talk show where he bombards pop icons with funny questions.

The show is specifically great for those that enjoy a nice little doobie at night and binge-watch TV shows. Although the show isn't extremely popular, it makes it extra special for those that have been following it for a while.

12. Samurai Jack

Samurai Jack

Image Credit - Imdb

Watching Samurai Jack is a no-brainer for those who appreciate outstanding animations, music, and a fantastic plot in the cartoon genre.

The plot is kinda simple where Samurai Jack, who lives in Japan, fights against a demon called Aku who has ravaged his homeland. 

Jack has an edge, thanks to his sword, but before he can decimate Aku, the demon sends him to the future by casting a spell! Cleverly, Aku sends him to a time when he's the supreme ruler. The story is all about how Jack takes control and fights to get back to his past.

If you love eccentric fight scenes with lots of action and humor, this one's for you.

13. Spongebob Squarepants

Spongebob squarepants

Image Credit - Rottentomatoes

Spongebob, no matter what you think, is irresistible to kids. Even teenagers love it for its quirky story and cute antics. And, as an adult, once you smoke up a joint and get hooked to it, there's no telling when you'll stop watching it.

As the name implies, the plot revolves around SpongeBob — a sweet seasponge that has made a pineapple its home. He's got amazing friends including a starfish called Patrick and a squirrel named Sandy.

The show is all about Spongebob and his adventures...more like his misadventures in a town called...Bikini Bottom. You'll find many other interesting characters that make the show easy to watch.

14. Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon

Image Credit - Imdb

Sailor Moon is a Japanese story of how some teenagers become Sailor Soldiers. The plot is simple and revolves around a crybaby called Usagi who learns of her superpowers and bands with several other teenagers to defend the entire galaxy. 

She has several friends including Ami, Makato, Rei and Minako. Through their special powers, they become Sailor Soldiers and become Sailor Moon, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mercury, and Sailor Venus.

Unless you're completely stoned, nothing may make sense; however, if you're baked and enjoy watching how some teenage girls battle against evil, you're going to binge-watch the entire show in one go.

15. Freakazoid


Image Credit - Amblin

The citizens of Washington D.C can rest in peace, now that Freakazoid is here! Kinda like Spiderman, an ordinary man named Dexter transforms into Freakazoid and defends people from unjust crimes and goofy villains. 

The comic timing of this show is excellent and it takes on a different dimension especially when Freakazoid joins forces with Sergent Mike and Steff. Freakazoid sports red underwear, strange hair, and has blue skin, but nothing seems weird when you're blazed and having a good time.

16. Bob's Burgers

Bob's burgers

Image Credit - Imdb

Unlike other shows that display violence and racism, Bob's Burgers is a simple comedy show that's not only refreshing but entertaining as well.

Inspired by none other than the Muppet show, Bob's Burgers has a basic story that involves a simple man called Bob running a restaurant called Bob's Burgers. 

What makes this show lovable is its authenticity and the way the characters are fleshed out. If you're looking for something simple involving a family and their day-to-day life and goofy animations, you will love Bob's Burgers.

17. South Park

South Park

Image Credit - Rottentomatoes

Do you have a penchant to watch controversial stuff? Look no further than South Park. For some, it's super offensive, thanks to the crude humor, but many others state it's so funny it puts even the Simpsons to shame.

That said, the show is bold and witty, with funny dialogues sprinkled all over. In fact, you'd probably find yourself thinking too much about the show or social problems plaguing society if you watch when you're high.

Basically, the storyline is all about the misadventures of four boys named Sran, Cartman, Kenny, and Kyle. They find almost everything odd in the mountain town, South Park, based in Colorado, and always find trouble in various ways.

18. The Boondocks

The boondocks

Image Credit - Rottentomatoes

The story is inspired by the original Boondocks — a comic strip. The plot involves two brothers (Riley and Huey) and their grandfather. The brothers begin living with their grandfather, who has a quick temper. What makes the show brilliant is the way they deal with politics in a simple manner.

One brother is politically motivated whilst the other brother seems content with rap music and its culture. The two brothers meet a host of eccentric characters, and that's when things get a little crazy. If you love donning your thinking cap while toking, we bet you're going to love this show.

19. Over The Garden Wall

Over the garden wall

Image Credit - Amazon

Are you a fan of dark fantasy when you smoke up? Then you'll find Over The Garden Wall very interesting. It's kinda similar to Alice in Wonderland because the story has two young characters getting lost in a mysterious place.

Known as the Unknown, this place seems very strange and even scary at times. It's got talking horses, frogs, and whatnot. The main characters are two brothers who have to find a way to make it back to their home safely. They try to do it with the help of an ill-tempered bird called Beatrice. But, they encounter adversaries including "The Beast" that make it very hard for them.

20. Ugly Americans

Ugly Americans

Image Credit - Rottentomatoes

Ugly Americans is a must-watch if you like imaginative, well-drawn animations combined with a great storyline. Take a bong, light it up, and enjoy this sitcom that primarily revolves around Mark Lilly.

Mark Lilly is a determined liberal who wants to change things and bring some purpose but all his shenanigans are ineffective. He's got good intentions but they somehow don't work well.

The show has other interesting characters such as Randall, a hilarious zombie, Callie, Lilly's girlfriend with the ability to shed her skin, and Leonard — Lilly's coworker — who's got the power to do things but is strangely unmotivated to do it.

Summary: Best Cartoons To Watch When You're High

As you can see, there are several stoned cartoons and pothead cartoons (whatever you want to call them) that can catch your fancy. Most of these are funny when you're sober, but they can take you on a beautiful trip when you're blazed.

It's a lot of fun to watch cartoons as is, but cannabis somehow enhances and makes the experience a tad more enchanting. It makes these high stoner cartoons more appealing and imaginative. 

If you love getting lost in the adventures of various eccentric characters, you should watch at least a few of these funny stoner cartoons that appeal to people of every age group.


What cartoon characters are high?

Stimpy from Ren & Stimpy, Towelie and Randy Marsh from South Park, and even Shaggy from Scooby-doo were probably stoned at one point in time or another. 

Is The Amazing World of Gumball for stoners?

Yes, the show is presented brilliantly, and keeps many stoners hooked due to its dialogue and one-liners. 

Is Regular Show for stoners?

Regular Show that follows the super-interesting adventures of a blue jay and raccoon is perhaps the ultimate show for stoners.  

Is Adventure Time for stoners?

The show has lots of humor and a storyline that appeals to people of all ages. So, yes, it’s a show stoners will love. 

What Cartoon was a stoner?

One famous cartoon character who is presumably high is Scooby from Scoody-doo. His middle name “Doobie” is synonymous with a thick joint.

Is Shaggy a stoner?

Yes, we think he’s a stoner because he usually had the munchies, was giggly, and even paranoid sometimes. 



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HOLY FUCKING SHIT! you hit a few of my top picks!! Ugly Americans is one of the best ones out there. I love LOVE THIS SHOW. Was so sad when it was cancelled. Also Regular Show is amazing as well. its like adventure time but toned down a bit on the colour scale. more earth tones and relatable characters. Benson n POP's Also like some retro classics like Reboot and Shadow Raiders + one that's real good is Drawn Together - very offensive and hilarious. Another missing one is Anime style cartoons. There are lots of good anime's that are perfect for watching when your high. Few of my favs: Psychopass Princess Jellyfish Attack On Titian Demon Slayer Ghost In The Shell - SAC Ajin Demi-Human SAO Durarara Dorohedoro Alucard + Alucard abridged by team 4star on youtube. So many others I am missing as well. + To many to list. and these are just shows not movies.
@m0use, haha, glad you liked the list :)
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