Best Containers to Keep Your Weed Smelling Fresh and Last a Long Time

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Added 27 February 2023

This isn’t an article on how to store weed for the long term.

Instead, it’s about storing weed in a way that keeps it fresh for a long, long time. 

Sure, there are various options from mason jars to wooden boxes, but if you’re looking for unique stuff (you’ll find quite a few here), you’re at the right place. 

Also, there’s no “Best way to store weed” because it depends on you. 

What if stealth is everything to you when it comes to containers?

But, on the contrary, what if cannabis is legal and where you live and you want to flaunt what you got?

Or, you may want fake containers resembling something else, just for fun.

No matter what you want, you’ll find something here, or at least we hope you do. 

Here are some of the best stash boxes or containers to store your cannabis, depending on your preferences. 

Features of a Good Weed Container

As mentioned already, no product can fit everyone’s needs. This is because your expectations can be quite different from another user when it concerns weed storage solutions. 

However, there are a few factors that you should keep in mind when shopping for weed containers. In other words, these factors are non-negotiable and you should look for these in every container. 

Air-tight seal: Many people store their cannabis in zip-lock bags. While it’s air-tight it’s not necessarily the best idea because plastic degrades the herb. Plus, it’s not super air-tight as you think. Over time, it lets air in and your precious weed can lose its freshness. 

In addition, remember that a container with a lid isn't necessarily airtight, which may result in odor leakage and deteriorate the quality of your weed. The moment some humidity seeps in, your cannabis starts losing its freshness. Another factor you need to keep in mind is that you can’t let your weed dry out. Thus, it's critical to ensure that your chosen container has an airtight seal to prevent odor leakage and preserve your weed.

Holding capacity: This factor depends on you. Many people like to store weed in large glass containers and keep some out just for immediate consumption. Choose a container that provides adequate storage space for your daily consumption. However, if you’re a frequent smoker and that’s too tedious for you, buy something that holds enough for your weekly or monthly usage. While some may not require a large container, others may find small containers insufficient, so it’s up to the user to decide.

Sturdy material: The materials used to create a weed container can impact its overall quality, durability, and design. In addition, they affect the container's water resistance and other features. Therefore, first, understand the materials used and then go for it if it makes sense. 

Additional Features: Weed containers come with various additional features, such as compartmental storage or nesting capabilities. While contemplating which style to choose, read everything about the features as they can assist you in making an informed decision. Also, choose containers that block light out effectively. You don’t want to smoke cannabis that has degraded considerably. 

Best Containers to Store Weed

So, now that you’ve got a baseline on how to choose weed containers, we will name some of the best containers to make your life easier. However, you should note that we aren’t affiliated with any of these products in any way. These are just our personal opinions. In short, this review is a combination of personal experience and user reviews. 

Now that we got that out of the way, read on…

1. Mason Jars

Mason Jars

This is everyone’s favorite, so we named it first. As long as you choose a mason jar with an air-tight lid, you’re good. However, you can’t store too many buds in them, especially if you don’t smoke too much. 


Well, they are transparent and light in any form can degrade the buds faster. Cannabis flowers start deteriorating as soon as they are cut, just like regular flowers, so our job is to dry and cure them to store them longer. This means that they should be protected by many elements including light. 

So, although mason jars make for an inexpensive option (about $15-$20 per bottle) to store cannabis, they will work only if you store a few buds at a time. They cannot deter light and won’t work well for stealth purposes as well. 

2. Stash Jars from Honest

Stash Jars from Honest

If you love glass and simply detest using other types of materials to store weed, this one’s for you. Stash jars from Honest are made from shatter-resistant borosilicate glass, so you don’t have to worry about them breaking easily. 

Next, we look at whether the jar is air-tight. These stash jars excel in that arena too as they feature a lid or cap made of food-grade safe silicone. Made to hold just a few buds at a time, these jars are excellent to carry even when you're traveling.

However, just like mason jars, these stash jars will not to able to deter light. And, they won’t be safe for stealth purposes either. 

3. Airtight Jar from Herb Guard

Airtight Jar from Herb Guard

If you’re looking for a simple solution to store your herbs, airtight jars from Herb Guard are an excellent choice. Firstly, it boasts premium durable ultraviolet (UV) glass protection that keeps herbs, spices, coffee, and teas fresh for months without drying them out. But, of course, you’re looking to store only cannabis, and it works perfectly well just for that. 

As the name implies, it’s airtight with a smell-proof seal that locks in the smell, ensuring you’re safe from prying individuals. Made of anti-static glass material that’s resistant to breakage, it also protects your weed from losing its properties. The anti-static property is especially important as you won’t be able to achieve that with stainless steel and plastic containers. 

Also, don’t think of it as just a jar — it's a complete storage kit that comes with resealable travel bags and a humidity pack that maintains perfect humidity at 62% humidity. The jar is made of durable, antistatic glass that can withstand breaks and drops. Its dark color blocks out UV and doesn't interfere with the flavor. The Herb Guard container is a reliable and long-lasting solution for your storage needs. Priced at $25, this one’s made for those that love glass containers

Coming to the cons, there aren’t many, but the term “herb guard” can be an immediate red flag for someone who knows about weed, so it fails slightly in the stealth department. 

4. Smart Storage from Stori

Smart Storage from Stori

Smart Storage from Stori isn’t just your regular stash container. Instead, it’s a creative piece of art that includes airtight canisters that are color-coded so you can store various strains and concentrates. The tubes are created in such a way that they promise to keep your joints as fresh as possible. 

Additionally, the system includes an app that allows you to keep track of your preferences and tastes as you consume your stash. Every aspect of the Stori system is designed to be airtight, color-coded, and child-resistant, from the spacious case to its pods that has humidity control as well.  

Coming to the cons, Stori also believes that your stash should be displayed and not hidden away, so it’s not a great option for stealth. In addition, although the design is stylish, the price is steep as a single unit will cost about $189. 

5. Air-tight Storage Jars from Tetra

Air-tight Storage Jars from Tetra

These air-tight storage jars from Tetra boast a sleek, beautiful design and are fully airtight for optimal functionality. The jar is crafted from thick black ultraviolet glass in black, but you'll see a purplish shade when you hold it up to the light. 

Most importantly, the glass effectively filters out light while preserving the potency of your herbs. The container is both leak-proof and odor-proof, which makes it simply perfect for those looking for stealth options. In short, the jar looks like just any regular jar and doesn’t scream “weed!” when someone tinkers with them. 

Available in three different sizes including 250ml, 120ml, and 5ml that can be used to store weed when traveling, these storage jars can work for any cannabis user whether he’s an occasional or frequent user. It is also dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. 

6. Jars from Tulip

Jars from Tulip

Storage jars from Tulip are suitable for all sizes and requirements. They seal securely, are specifically designed to trap odors, and block out harmful UV light to preserve the freshness of your flower. Each set contains 2 jars and is tailored to fit perfectly inside the box. 

All the jars feature durable and high-quality construction, ensuring long-lasting use. The airtight seal and odor-trapping design of the jars are especially attractive as they make them ideal for discreetly storing your herbs.

Depending on your preference, you can choose between:

Small Jars: Perfect for short-term storage, these small jars allow just a few buds. As the jars are easily portable, you can carry them in a pouch, pocket, or even in your kit while traveling. 

Medium Jars: Most users prefer the medium size as they hold up to an eighth of weed. This set comes with humidity packs to maintain a good environment for the buds. They also come with a labeling marker, just in case you forget what’s in it, haha!

Large Jars: If you use weed every day, large jars are great for you as you won’t have to fill them constantly. With a capacity to hold a quarter of an ounce, you can rest assured that they will remain fresh every time you reach out for them. 

However, almost every product from Tulip is a tad expensive, ranging from $40 to $195. 

7. Storage Containers from MedTainer

Storage Containers from MedTainer

Storage Containers from MedTainer look like a black pill bottle you’d buy from a pharmacist, so even if someone messes with the jar without your permission, they are unlikely to be curious. Whether you’re a medical or recreational cannabis user, you can store any herb you like in these waterproof, air-tight, and odor-resistant containers. 

The standout feature of this container is its built-in spike grinder, which can effortlessly grind herbs. Crafted from sturdy material, this container features a secure lid to ensure the weed is fresh and odor-free. Many users also report that the built-in grinder is an extremely convenient, user-friendly feature that saves time. It also delivers a fine and even grind. Moreover, the compact size makes it easy to carry around.

That said, some reviews state that they don’t work all too well to conceal the odor. Thus, you may want to store it in a cupboard or any other area that doesn’t attract attention if you don’t want others to know. However, these containers that also work as grinders are a steal at $14.99. 

8. Large Wooden Storage Box from Green Goddess

Large Wooden Storage Box from Green Goddess

As the name implies, Green Goddess offers a large pine storage box with a secure latching lid that’s versatile and ideal for anything you want to store, including joints and buds. What’s great about this storage box is the high-quality wood that renders a beautiful fine finish. The box has a tight latching mechanism, ensuring that the contents are fresh and remain safely inside. 

The interior features a detachable rolling jig, so you can effortlessly roll your joints. The box features 3 compartments at the base with one hidden behind the rolling jig and another with a flexible partition for customizable storage options. The lid also displays a slot to store rolling papers of all sizes.

That said, the manufacturer doesn’t mention anything about the box’s odor-proof capabilities. Also, it’s large compared to other options, so you may not be comfortable carrying it around. Thus, go for it only if you can place a Humidpak inside to combat the humidity, or if you love stuff made from wood. 

9. Vice weed Canister from Jonathan Adler

Vice weed Canister from Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler, a prominent American interior design and pottery expert, has designed a fun and uncomplicated storage canister. This jar is perfect for storing small quantities of your buds and is suitable only for those who love to flaunt their weed.

These versatile and stylish canisters are perfect for storing all kinds of items, from sweets and snacks to medications and supplements. Made from high-fired porcelain, they are both durable and beautiful, featuring hand-painted designs in a range of bold and eye-catching colors. If you love decorating your home, purchase several of these to create a fun and eclectic display as these canisters are sure to add a touch of personality.

However, one con is that these canisters offer no discretion at all, so go for them only if you’re comfortable with others knowing you consume weed. 

10. Cork Canister by Humble Ceramics

Cork Canister by Humble Ceramics

If you’re someone who values hand-made items, Cork Canister from Humble Ceramics is a perfect match for you. Out of all the containers mentioned here, this one’s the most beautiful. But, as beauty is subjective, you’ll probably find something else more fascinating. 

Hand-made in Los Angeles, this canister will work to store weed and make for a good showpiece as well. Available in four sizes including small, medium, large, and XXL, every piece will be slightly different as they are handmade. 

Also, note that you can get both bark and cork canisters, depending on their availability — one perk of purchasing hand-made stuff, eh?!

Humble Ceramics believes that beauty can be found in flaws, which is why you’ll also find stuff that is otherwise imperfect slightly but is beautiful in its own way. The company uses a Cone 10 kiln to fire the pieces, resulting in unexpected and unique variations that cannot be replicated. 

However, like everything else, there are a few cons. While the pieces are artistically beautiful, they aren’t completely airtight. In addition, they are a tad expensive, with a large canister priced at $165 per piece. Thus, go for these beautiful canisters if you love collecting art. 

11. Lock Stash Box from Marley Natural

Lock Stash Box from Marley Natural

Marley Natural's lockbox offers a luxurious take on the traditional stash box. Unlike typical wood weed storage containers made of pine or bamboo, this lockbox is crafted from premium black walnut. The design is very creative, with the top of the box sliding effortlessly, making it a two-in-one stash box and rolling tray. 

Also, the lockbox features a tubular lock to ensure your herbs are secure and out of reach for children, uninvited guests, and other intruders. The interior is lined with premium quality hemp fabric to keep your stuff fresh and prevent odor leakage. The Marley Natural lockbox is the perfect combination of style and functionality, making it a great addition to any smoker's collection.

Coming to the cons, this product is super expensive. Priced at $240 per piece, you should go for this only if you love stuff made out of wood. In addition, although the box is cleverly crafted to hide your stash, the box itself is huge, so any plans to conceal it go right out of the window. 

12. Carry Case Keychain from Sackville & Co

Carry Case Keychain from Sackville & Co

This container from Carry Case looks like a keychain. People are going to compliment you as the keychain looks super sleek and beautiful. However, you can smile inwardly, knowing that it’s a secret compartment to hide your weed. 

What makes this keychain extremely usable for your stash is that it’s waterproof and odor-proof as well! That’s right — you can carry this keychain anywhere and nobody’s going to suspect anything. 

To use it as a stash container, you need to unscrew its top, place your stuff inside, and then close it. That’s it!

Priced at $20, this keychain is also affordable. 

But, coming to the cons, as you may have guessed, it’s a small container measuring only 4.7”x0.6”, so you can’t expect to carry more than a joint’s worth of weed in it. However, you can use it to store concentrates like hash or kief as a little goes a long way. 

13. Smell Proof Bags by Ozchin

Ozchin stash box

If you’d like to use fabric bags or pouches instead of containers, you’re going to love these smell-proof bags by Ozchin. Designed to keep your stash fresh, free from odor, and secure, the bag also features advanced carbon linings with 8 activated carbon fiber layers. 

Typically, most types of fabric aren’t resistant to water, so storing weed in such bags sounds like a lost cause; however, these bags, made of nylon, are water-resistant that do a perfect job at preventing moisture from seeping in. They also lock in the odors, so you can carry them anywhere you go. 

Measuring 9.5 x 6.5 x 4.5 inches, it is ideal for storing medical and recreational weed. But, as an added advantage, you can also store your concentrates, pipes, grinders, and lighters. The bag comes with a powerful combination lock to keep unwanted attention away. Many users state that the lock is user-friendly. 

Oh, and did we mention that you get an extra 80ml UV-proof glass jar with an airtight seal to store your stash, a nice solid four-piece aluminum grinder, and five sealed odor-proof bags to preserve your stuff along with the kit?! Not to mention the removable Velcro dividers that make your life easy. It also has a zero-snag zipper, and the entire set looks like an ordinary lunch box.

All this for about $15.99!

The company has created this innovative and stylish odor-proof storage bag for consumers, so the user can carry everything no matter where he goes. The bag is highly durable, puncture-resistant, and moisture-repellent, making it reusable and helping you save money. 

We couldn’t find any cons to this product; however, some users have complained that the company doesn’t make extra efforts to send the shipment discretely. If that means a lot to you, make sure you add a message asking for discrete delivery while placing the order.

Important Factors to Store Weed and Keep it as Fresh as Possible

It’s important to note that storing weed for short-term purposes is different than storing it for the long term. This article delves mainly into containers that help you store weed only for the short term. Most of these containers hold about an ounce of bud, so they aren’t viable for storing them long term. 

Let’s look into some factors you need to keep in mind to store your weed and keep it as fresh as possible. 

1. Don’t use plastic baggies

Plastic is a poor choice for storing your stash. The static charge of plastic can damage the precious trichomes, which are responsible for the aroma and flavor of your herb. It's best to avoid plastic bags or containers, including the childproof ones that are commonly sold at dispensaries. 

Even if you're planning to use your stash within a few days, you're better off finding a more suitable storage solution. While plastic bags can work in a pinch, they're not ideal for long-term storage. Instead, consider using them as travel packs and invest in a better storage option.

2. Don’t freeze or store weed in your fridge

Avoid storing cannabis buds in the refrigerator or freezer as this can have detrimental effects on their quality. Refrigerators often have temperature and humidity fluctuations that can damage flowers, while the freezer can cause trichomes to become brittle and fall off easily. 

Also, avoid the age-old trick of keeping a piece of orange peel with your stash, as this can cause mold to grow on your weed. Yes, we have recommended this before, but it’s only for people who know what they are doing. Don’t keep the peels for more than 10 hours as there are high chances of the flowers developing fungus. Instead, use an airtight container to maintain the quality and freshness of the buds.

3. Consider a humidor

Consider using a humidor for storing your weed, but be mindful of the humidity levels. Unlike cigars that need over 70% humidity, cannabis is happiest around 50% to 65%, with Boveda packs offering 62 - 63%. However, this means that you'll have to choose between storing your cigars/tobacco or your weed in the humidor. Also, humidors are a tad expensive, so you’ll have to be ready to spend more. 

4. Use humidity packs

If you don’t want to invest in a humidor, humidity packs are best for you. Not only are they affordable, but are also easy to use. These packets help to maintain a consistent humidity level of about 62% inside an airtight container, allowing you to store a decent jar of weed for an extended period. While not as versatile as a humidor, humidity packets are a simple and effective short-term and long-term storage solution.

5. Use paper

Consider using a clean napkin or paper towel and wrap your buds in them. Paper is far better than plastic as it protects the nugs for a few days. It also sucks up any excess moisture in the buds. In addition, unlike plastic, paper won’t reduce the quality of your buds, so they are safe to use. You can also use parchment paper and aluminum foil if you want to store weed for a short period.

6. Use glass as much as possible

There’s no better option than glass for storing cannabis. Unlike plastic, they don't generate static. Plus, they don't alter the flavor like metal containers. Most glass containers come with an airtight seal that protects against oxidation. 

Most importantly, they are easy to clean. You don’t want to be stuck with a container that’s difficult to clean, do you?

However, clear glass is not ideal since light can accelerate the degradation of THC into CBN, which induces drowsiness, also known as couch lock. If you’re looking to use weed for creative purposes or tackle some tasks, stay away from clear glass containers. If you have no other option, wrap a towel around your glass container or store it in a dark location.

7. Buy containers meant to store weed

Rather than using any random container to store weed, look for brands that make stash containers specifically for weed as they consider many factors including humidity. As you’ll see in this article, the choices are limitless. Whether you’re looking for a color-coded system or airtight containers or even artistic stash containers made of premium wood and ceramic, you’ll find many. 

Summary: Best Containers to Keep Your Weed Smelling Fresh and Last a Long Time

There are various ways to store weed, but your job is to find an option that keeps your weed as fresh as possible. Glass is an ideal material for storing weed because it's non-reactive, non-porous, and doesn't hold onto odors. Look for jars with an airtight seal to keep your weed fresh. 

In addition, glass containers don't create static, and don't affect the taste of the weed. However, clear glass jars should be avoided as they allow light to pass through, which can degrade the THC. Instead, choose dark-colored glass jars or wrap clear jars in a dark towel or store them in a dark place.

We have listed several options to store cannabis for the short term in this article. Hopefully, you’ll find something you like!



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Glass Jar, make it airtight and light proof or keep out of the light if transparent. I like amber strained/tinted mason jars from Ball brand. Its not a surface coat its throughout the entire jar. Metals ok but I feel long term its reactive and not the best option. Plastics are in the same boat. They have great durability and other properties vs glass in terms of dropping/breakage/weight however they can trap and hold onto smells and other things in the pores of the material, never gonna get it clean clean. Both metal and glass are more heat stable, easier to reuse and clean.