Best Digital Apps to Help With Growing Cannabis

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Added 09 May 2022

Nowadays, there is an app for EVERYTHING — you can report crimes on apps, learn how to speak a foreign language, or track your mental health. And cannabis industry is not far behind this trend. 

Many companies are developing apps that improve your cannabis growing experience. While some of these apps help you track your plant's growth, others give unique tips to help you take care of your plant. In addition, you'll find many apps that help you control your garden's environment.

Some growers find it very useful to invest in these apps because they can improve your cannabis cultivation to the next level in various ways, including: 

  • Mobile apps enable you to secure your grow room by letting you keep an eye on your plant and control its environment remotely, so you don't have to worry about it when traveling.
  • These apps offer you expert advice at the tip of your fingers and connect with other growers.
  • You can also track valuable data about your grow room and compare the data points to figure out what works and what doesn't and make informed decisions about your crop.
  • These apps improve your flexibility to grow your plant with ease without being bound to a tight schedule or location.

So, what apps for best to grow cannabis, you ask? Well, you're about to find out. We have made a list of the best possible apps for cannabis growers. 

AC Infinity

AC Infinity

Various CEA equipment manufacturers have developed applications for their platforms, which work with their hardware to give you extensive control over your grow room. 

Perhaps the best example of such an app is AC Infinity, which works in tandem with any AC Infinity Controller. 

This application works in two significant ways to make your gardening experience better. First, it helps you program your grow room, where you can control various components like timers, schedules, temperature, and humidity triggers, fan speed, etc.

Second, it helps you collect environmental data about your grow room. For example, you can track the grow room's temperature and humidity and get notified about any abnormal spikes, and you can export this data to a spreadsheet.

If you use AC Infinity products in your grow room and want to improve your control and understanding of the cultivation further, you should download this application.

Grow Buddy


Grow Buddy is perhaps the most popular cannabis app on app stores. It's a growth management software that lets you plan your operations and troubleshoot problems you face with your plant. And it is packed with features.

This comprehensive app is designed specifically for home and hobby growers, bringing commercial technology into your hands. You get access to an extensive database, and a grow journal of your garden. Being a part of Growdiaries, you already know how amazing journals are. They help you track and get better at the art of growing stunning buds. 

Grow Buddy helps you track tons of critical data points about your garden, which get collected into a database, so you can analyze your progress over time. Additionally, you can also track accomplishments of various tasks like feeding or pruning and set reminders for various other tasks. 

The app also allows you to keep notes with photo attachments to record your plant's growth in detail and keep track of your mother plant and her clones.

The developers of this application want to make this app the hub of all your growing operations. Needless to say, you can expect many significant updates in the future that will make this app even better for you.



Growtronix is another similar app that works with your grow room's equipment and lets you automate various tasks of the growing process. 

This app uses various sensors and controllers to monitor and run components like light panels, humidifiers, door locks, pumps, CO2 and exhaust systems, pH levels, etc. Once you configure the app, it takes over the components and controls them as per your plant's requirements.

And if required, you can also override the automation controls to fine-tune the grow room's environment. 

Additionally, this app tracks all the essential stats of your grow room and offers a consolidated dataset that you can analyze to understand your plant's growth in depth.

The only downside of this app is that it is not available on iOS and Android app stores; however, you can contact the developers to download this app.



If you're considering growing cannabis for commercial uses in large spaces, you should try using TRYM. It is a mobile SAAS platform that aims to boost commercial cultivators' efficiency in producing and selling cannabis products. 

The TRYM software enables your team to be organized and keep track of various advanced workflows and tasks. It also helps your company stay compliant with its Metrc integration and track the plant's climate and root zone conditions.

The software also has touchless harvesting, where employees can scan plant tags using their phones, record UIDs, and report the harvest records directly to Metrc, which keeps your company in line with the regulations and norms.

TRYM is available for mobile and web, and you can even integrate it with other environmental sensors and Metrc directly. 



If you are a hydroponic grower, you know how difficult it can be to calculate the nutrient quantities for your plant. But one application promises to make this process easier — BudLabs.

BudLabs is a nutrient calculator that can save you many hours. All you have to do is choose your plant's growth stage and select your nutrient base, your experience, and reservoir size. After you input this information, the app will offer a tailored feeding schedule for your plant.

So, this app saves you the hassle and time of meticulously calculating the nutrient levels for the nutrient solution, which is a terrific benefit.

Perhaps the only downside of this app is that it is expensive, with monthly and annual fee structures for the Pro version. But we think the app is worth it.



On the other hand, if you want to find out the best cannabis strain you should grow next, you should download Leafly, a media platform that brings you details of almost every strain in the world.

Essentially, you can explore the details and characteristics of various cannabis strains, including their lineage, origin, cannabinoid values, flavor profile, effect on the body, and other information about their growth, expected yield, and what environments they grow best in.

The app also lets you explore various cannabis shops near you, where you can see their menu, find the best cannabis for you, and read thousands of user reviews.

With this app, you can grow cannabis that you want, whether you're looking for a mild head high or something more medicinal.

Leafly also has various other features to offer. For example, you can access a massive library of articles, read millions of reviews on products, and shop weed in your local area. 



A new app in the market, HiGrade, is revolutionizing the cannabis field as it lets you test your cannabis plant for its THC levels and also contains a growing assistant that gives tips on growing your plant.

This is quite an easy app to use — all you have to do is upload a few photographs of the flower, and it will show you a reading of the THC levels in your plant.

Another terrific feature of this app is that it gives you specific growing guidance and advice tailored to your particular plant and grow room's environment. This feature helps you grow a healthy plant, ensuring the best possible yield and quality of buds.

You can also invest in the HiGrade Scope, a camera attachment for your phone so you can take high-resolution pictures of the buds. You can consider investing in this app if you want to know more about your plant.

However, considering that it's almost impossible to find out the THC levels of a plant with just an image, we suggest that you do more research before investing in this app. 

Grow Journal

If you don't want an app with all the bells and whistles but only want to journal your plant's growth, you can download Grow Journal, which will work as a grow log for you.

With this app, you can track your plant's growth with the help of reminders, a dashboard feed, notes, and pictures. You can also track various aspects of your grow room like pH levels, ppm values, temperature, and humidity. 

This simple, intuitive app can take your food cultivation to great lengths.



Last but not least, you should try our GrowDairies if you haven't done so already. We provide access to let you create your own journals, communicate with other growers and breeders, find the best possible nutrients, lights, grow tents, and more, all under one roof. 

You can also post questions, and most growers will help you find answers reasonably quickly. Creating a simple grow journal is easy. In addition, communicating with other growers is an incredible way to get better at growing cannabis. 

Summary: Best Digital Apps to Help With Growing Cannabis

Whether you are a hobby grower or entering commercial cultivation, looking for the perfect strain for your next crop, or want to track your plant's development — there is an app for almost everything these days.

You have to find the right app for you, and you will be good to go. Use this list and explore the app stores to find the best apps and take your cultivation to the next level.

Yes, some of these apps may seem expensive at first, but they offer benefits that make up for the price. If you think the app will work for you, go for it. 



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I looked today and GrowBuddy is NOT on Android or IOS at this time. The mac version is bugged and keeps saying you need online even while... online. I can't begin to trust this review. How can you review a mobile app that isn't even available on Android or IOS?💤
@Risix, also, it's probably because I checked on windows, so that's probably why it worked.
@Risix, it was working when I reviewed it. And now, I checked, and it's not working. Probably a temporary issue? They say they are trying to get it online back again. I agree it's got quite a few bugs.
is there a app for growdiaries on ios i cant seem to find it