Best Games To Play When Stoned

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Added 15 December 2021

Games with friends

You can do many fun things when you’re baked, and playing games with your friends is one of them. If you’re the adventurous type, you can get close to nature and go camping. Or, you could head out on a midnight adventure to find the best burger in town — like Harold and Kumar. If none of that interests you, simply watch a fun movie. 

But, where’s the fun in that, right? If you want to take your session to the next level, nothing beats playing some games with your friends while you’re high as a kite. Some users swear they are more focused when they toke just before a game. 

Playing games when stoned take you on a psychotropic journey (in a safe way, of course), and you’re guaranteed to have a fun time.  

What are these games we are talking about? 

Read on to find out...

1. Movie Time


Move Time is a top game to play when you’re stoned. The party host determines the ruleset, but the general idea of the game remains the same no matter what movie you watch.

Watching a movie, even with friends, is pretty dull, so you throw in a little twist. But, make up the rules first. For instance, everyone needs to take a puff every time Vin Diesel gets into a car in Fast & Furious. Or, take a drag whenever someone swears in The Wolf of Wallstreet — you get the gist.

Just don’t pick any emotional movies unless you want everyone crying! 

Here are a few other ideas for this game:

  • Every time the laughing track is played on The Big Bang Theory
  • Every time there’s a slow-mo clip in any Zack Snyder’s movie
  • Every time Mitch touches his nose in Dazed and Confused

Not only will you get stoned to another level, but you’ll also enjoy the movie in a funny, weird way!

2. Poker Face Stoner

Eating brownies

Here’s a fun game that doesn’t require you to watch a TV screen or a board game. Now, we all know a poker-faced stoner is a rare species — we all love to giggle our hearts out when stoned, right?

This is what makes this game so much fun. Essentially, you and your mates are high, and the rule is to maintain a straight poker face. 

Anyone who laughs, smiles, or even makes weird sounds will be penalized, depending on the group’s choice. The penalty can be anything from rolling the next joints to cleaning up the house — the possibilities are endless.

3. Pokemon GO


Your crew does not want to sit in a room? Craving an adventure? Go Pokemon hunting with Pokemon Go — the best mobile game to play when stoned!

Here, your crew has to get stoned first and then set out on a journey to find the best Pokemons in your neighborhood. The person who catches the most Pokemons gets a special joint at the end of the night.

In fact, you can make this game even better by taking a drag every time someone catches a Pokemon. Of course, do this only if smoking in public areas is legal in your country.

4. Mario Kart 64

Mario game

When Nintendo launched this game, did they know it would become the epitome of ridiculous moments for stoners worldwide? 

Play this game with your friends, and whoever comes first takes a hit from the bowl. And those who lose, don’t get a drag. 

Don’t worry if you have a competitive player in the game. With each win, they’ll get higher and hopefully perform worse.

5. Beer Bong Pong

Remade movies often suck, but what about remade classic games? Remade games can be super fun!

In Bong Pong, two people stand on either side of a table and try to land a ball in a beer jug on the other side of the game — yes, it’s just like Beer Pong.

The only difference is that you take a drag from a joint or bong instead of a beer shot.

6. Medusa

Medusa was so deadly her stare could turn you to stone. However, in this game, locking eyes with another player gets you stoned. Pretty fun, huh?

In this game, you and your mates have to stand in a circle with one joint. Then, the host must start a timer of a few seconds, where each player has to look at their own feet. Once the timer rings, the players should stare at another player.

If two players lock eyes with each other, both have to yell ‘MEDUSA’ and take a drag from their joint. It’s all done and dusted when everyone’s too baked to play anymore!

7. Grand Theft Auto

Hardly any game comes close to the randomness of GTA. This game is the best open-world game and one of the best games to play when stoned. The gun game gives you an adrenaline rush and is the perfect arena to mess around with your friends!

Log in to the multiplayer mode with your friends and start going around completing missions, starting your own weed business, or simply going on mini-adventures within the game. 

And to make it even better, take a drag from the joint every time someone gets run over in the game. Warning — you’ll get really stoned.

8. Never Have I Ever: Weed Edition


Another classic game that you can play with a joint in your hand instead of beer is Never Have I Ever.

Gather around, and take turns to say, “Never have I ever…” followed by a specific detail of your life — the more embarrassing, the better. Once you finish your turn, you get to take a puff. 

Here are a few examples:

  • Never have I ever ridden a motorcycle
  • Never have I ever broken a bone
  • Never have I ever cheated in exams

Just make sure you have enough joints to go around.

9. Rock Band

Weed games

Do you want to rock your heart out when stoned? Play Rock Band.

Nothing’s funnier than a stoner who sings, especially if he can’t sing to save his life. You can join him and play some instruments to provide the background score too!

We recommend you start the game when everyone is slightly high. Whenever someone loses his timing or sings awfully, they have to take another drag from the joint. 

10. Lungs


As one of the oldest games, "Lungs" is a game that tests your "holding" skills. Perhaps you've already played this game but refer to it by a different name.

There's nothing special about Lungs, but it does seem hilarious when you're high. Well, everything seems funny when you and your buddies are stoned, but this one's going to make you laugh your lungs out! 

Depending on what you prefer, you can play Lungs with either joints or bongs. The premise of this game is simple. One player starts by lighting up a joint. Then, he passes it on to others sitting in a circle, and everyone takes a good hit — puff, puff, pass, you know? The catch is that you can't exhale until the joint comes back to the first player who lit it up.

So, whoever loses control and starts coughing loses. Pretty simple, eh? It sounds dumb right now, but you should try this when high.

The rest of the players can either reward the one who wins at the very end or penalize the players that lose one after the other. So, depending on what you decide, the loser can be exempted from smoking for a while, or the winner can get special munchies you all can drool over.

You can also make the loser do something funny, kinda like Steve Carrell in "Dinner for Schmucks", and just have a fun time.

That said, do not play this game if you have a huge number of friends in attendance. Why? Well, you don't want anyone losing it because of holding it all in, do you? So 4-5 members should be enough to have fun.

If you're using a bong, you can try several variations because it's a little tough to hold it all in, especially with big bongs. Come to think of it, bongs will make you cough immediately, so it's best to stick to a joint. In addition, bongs can be a buzz-kill in seconds, even if one player is inexperienced. All in all, just have fun, and stay safe!

11. Stoned Jenga


This is one of those weirdly funny games that get better with time. But, first, you need to plan before you start. You’ll need a big box of your favorite Jenga blocks and some pens or markers to note down the rules.

Rules? What rules? Well, that's the thing — you need to come up with a few rules. Then, the ones that lose will have to follow the rules. As simple as that.

You can come up with whatever rule you want — just don't overdo it and kill the party. Don't make up too many rules around joints, bongs, or edibles because you're going to have more fun when you're awake and laughing compared to snoring in a corner!

So, once you finish writing up all the rules, start assembling the tower. This is a regular Jenga game, except that you're going to love it a lot more when you're baked.

Once a player grabs a block from the tower, she must follow the rules. Finally, when your beautiful tower crashes around you, the one responsible will have to miss out on all the fun while the rest of you can indulge in munchies or anything else you love. Sort of a punishment, get it?

You can either continue with the same rules or add on to them every time the tower collapses/

Summary: Best Games To Play When Stoned

There are plenty of games to play when stoned, but these are just some of our favorites. Don’t let any rules limit you (except the legal ones), and try experimenting with these games. 

Games only get better the higher you get. You can also play fun video games with your friends. 

Own a PlayStation? The games just got better! Keep in mind that there are no specific rules to playing games when high. 

Love Super Mario Galaxy? Or Assassin's Creed? Go ahead and play! As long as it's a multi-player game, you're going to have fun, provided your other friends are content just to sit and watch. Don't forget to take turns, y'all.


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I like to play hide n’ seek when Im high! 😉🔥☠️