Best Vaporizers for the Ultimate High

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Added 14 May 2022

Vapes are a terrific investment for regular cannabis users. They are easier on the lungs than joints, and since they heat cannabis at low temperatures with no combustion byproducts, they are also a healthier option.

But there are hundreds of vapes on the market — which one should you choose? It can be confusing to choose with so many out there. And trials and experiments can be expensive. However, the choice is easy if you know what you are looking for. 

Therefore, to make it easier and save you time, we have compiled a list of the best vapes for the ultimate high.

The Best All-around: Pax 3


Image credit - Pax

The Pax 3 builds on the legacy of its predecessors to offer a much better prospect to its users. This 3rd generation vape uses a dual function so you can enjoy both cannabis extracts and dry herbs. And the comfortable mouthpiece ensures you have a smooth experience.

Priced at $250, the design of Pax 3 is compact and sleek. You can use it without worrying about unwanted attention. The highlight, pun intended, is the green LED light that shows various aspects of the vape.

What sets this vape apart from the rest is that it does not have any bells and whistles that complicate it. Instead, it's simple to use. It has one-button control, and the vape vibrates when turned on. That's a nice, subtle touch.

And you can use an Android app and set it to your liking. In addition, it offers a custom temperature setting to burn your cannabis at an exact temperature. Apple users may want to look elsewhere, though. Unfortunately, there's no app for iOS.

Perhaps the best part about this vape is its delivery speed — within 22 seconds, it is ready to deliver smoke at the right temperature. And it is powered by a massive 3500 mAh battery, which lasts for a good 8 to 10 sessions between charges.

The reliability, quality, and features are hard to beat at this price point. This is why we have listed this vape as the best all-around vape. And don't forget the ten-year warranty!

The Undercover Vape: Davinci Miqro


Image Credit - Davincivaporizer

For those looking for a vape that's discreet to use without compromising on the luxe factor, you should consider Davinci Miqro. It has a subtle look that can easily blend in with the crowd.

The craftsmanship is impressive, consisting of a zirconium airflow system with ceramic pathways, which preserves the herb's flavor and smoothness. And you can even adjust the oven by up to 50% for short smoking sessions. 

Additionally, you can control this vape to your liking, from curated to manual pulls, and set temperatures from 360°F to 420°F.

In conclusion, Davinci Miqro is one of the best subtle vapes with a discreet form factor that can fit in your pockets, innovative craftsmanship, and a one-year warranty. It's also on the cheaper side, priced at $99.

Best Vape for Group Sessions: Volcano Hybrid

Volcano hybrid

Image Credit - Storz-bickel

How can we forget the epitome of vapes, Volcano, in this list? Made by Storz & Bickel, the Volcano Hybrid is the new reiteration of the old flagship vape from the company.

And this is no carry-it-around vape. Instead, it's a desktop vape, but it offers long sessions when you want to share it with your friends. And its iconic cone shape masked in chrome is an eyecatcher for your coffee table.

You can call this the Mercedes of vapes because it is German engineering at its finest. You can (ab)use it all you want!

Unlike the older model, this one has a new whip attachment specially designed to offer comfortable tokes with slight pull resistance. And if you want a heavy toke, you can even turn on the internal fans!

What makes this one of the most consistent vapes is its hybrid heating system. The updated heat exchanger is more efficient and heats up faster, so you don't have to wait too much. 

And thanks to the balloon, this vape is also one of the healthiest vapes to use. The balloon ensures no heat enters your lung, only the flavorful smoke.

You can even download its smartphone app to fine-tune your tokes. It includes various controls like an auto shut-off timer or set up alerts. 

Yes, it's expensive, priced at $622, and no, it's not portable, but it is worth it. 

For the Tech-Savvy: Puffco Peak Pro

puffco peak proImage Credit - Puffco

If you love all things technology, you should take a look at Puffco Peak Pro. It's also a great choice for those that yearn for luxury!

The Puffco Peak Pro gives you terrific control over your smoking experience. It has four presets, but you can also save custom profiles with temperature and duration, as per your preferences. And you can even customize the LED lights.

And it gives you the consistency that many other vapes lack. The concentrate chamber contains a sensor that keeps the temperature where you want it, whether you take long tokes or put in too much concentrate. 

Peak Pro comes with a redesigned, large chamber that is sealed well, so you don't have to worry about leaks or other issues that previous models were plagued with. 

This vape is also quick to charge (wirelessly!) — within two hours, it's ready to use. And each charge lasts about half an hour. However, this may not be a choice for you if you're looking for inexpensive vaporizers, since it's priced at $399.99.

For the Beauty: Magic Flight Launch Box

Magic flight launch box

Image Credit - Magic Flight

Vaporizers either look too plain or too high-tech, but if you are looking for an analog appeal, you should choose the Magic Flight Launch Box vape. 

You can vouch for its aesthetic appeal because San Diego's local artisans make it with natural, renewable materials. An inspiring quote on the back is an excellent tough to this vape. 

Its function goes hand-in-hand with the form — a simple device to use, priced at $116. It uses traditional conduction heating to save more battery while keeping the vape portable. And it takes around 5 seconds to heat the herb. 

The downside is associated with the temperature. For example, it lacks specific temperature settings, so the device heats until it is turned off. And using it can be a little more involving, which many users appreciate. 

This is an excellent conversation starter, so vape connoisseurs should give this a try. 

The Best Battery Life: Arizer Solo 2

Arizer solo 2Image Credit - Arizer

Yet another world-renowned brand, Arizer, has brought the Solo 2 with a feature that many users look for: a long battery life. How long? 

The Solo 2 vape, priced at $161.99, can last up to three hours between charges, perhaps the longest battery life in the segment. And it only takes 20 minutes to charge before you can use it again.

But the quality and finish of this product surpass even its battery life. It uses a hybrid heating system with ceramic and stainless steel, which helps preserve the flavors and deliver a thick dab. And it heats up in 20 seconds.

It has digital controls, which are easy to use, and even maintenance is low on this one. A little time is all you need to clean this vape thoroughly with some alcohol and a brush.

Best Value for Money: Boundless CFC Lite

cfc lite

Image Credit - bndlstech

Vapes don't have to be expensive to enjoy. Sometimes, a lower-priced vape can meet all your demands. CFC Lite is one such vape. 

It is a compact dry herb vape that can fit in your pocket, yet it boasts of a chamber size of decent size — it can hold up to 0.4 gram of herb. So, you can use this vape for an entire session, not just for microdosing. And it heats up in 40 seconds, which is good for how much this vape is worth.

Even its controls are intuitive so that beginners can use this vape to its full potential. It uses a single tri-color button to control various functions like temperature, switch, and check battery levels. 

Priced under $60, we can't ask for more. It meets all the basic demands of a vape user without making a hole in your pocket. 

Ultimate Vape Pen: The Plus Pen by Puffco

Plus Pen by PuffcoImage Credit - Puffco

The form is what this vape pen is about. A compact design unlike others, priced at an affordable $89.99 after the price drop, this vape pen comes with a thin barrel and metallic finish with a fingerprint-proof coating.

This vape pen has a 12-second draw mode with three heat settings, and it is based on a ceramic heating chamber with no heating coils. So, it delivers a smooth, delicious vapor. The only downside is its slow heating time, but it makes up for it with an even, consistent heating.

Its mouthpiece doubles as a loading tool and a carb cap and splash guard. So, it allows the vape to concentrate on burning more evenly while avoiding spit back. 

The battery life is also good, considering its size. A single charge can last you just under an hour, and it recharges within 45 minutes. 

If you are looking for a vape pen that produces soft clouds and don't mind being patient with it, the Plus Pen by Puffco is your best option.

Summary: Best Vapes for the Ultimate High

These were the eight best vapes that we found, and each fit specific usage requirements. They are good-looking, reliable, and offer the best features in their segment. But if you think we have missed out on any, let us know in the comment section below. What is your favorite vape?



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Myghty - Storz-bickel
Convection vs Conduction heating plays a massive role in this. Convection is the superior tech in vapes and for a portable one, Arizer is one of the best. They have a few models, follow by Davinci brand. Conduction is the lesser IMO, still works quite well, but not as good. Indie brand Grasshopper is a nice version of this but not listed in this article. I'd rater a concentrate pen vape with clean pure oils in it. no e-juice bullshit. Some company here called elements vape makes a nice one, but they don't last to long before you need to replace the whole thing.