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Cannabis Seeds: A Labor of Love with Premium Cultivars

Added 4 August 2022

If you've ever bought cannabis seeds of amazing genetics, you've probably heard of Premium Cultivars. Breeding cannabis is a passion for the team of experienced breeders. 

There are many cannabis breeders out there. However, very few work hard to deliver what their customers really need. Rather than looking to make a quick buck, Premium Cutivars work hard to ensure their seeds are top of the line to provide the best possible products to customers and build a long-lasting brand.

Growing cannabis is also a labor of love. Every grower is aware of it. Whether it’s the love of growing or the love of the perfect end product depends on the grower. But, growing cannabis from seeds requires a little time and effort to get right, particularly when compared with just buying buds from the store.

However, the satisfaction one receives from successfully growing marijuana seeds is not simply having perfectly smokeable buds, it’s a love of the process regardless of the effort and eventually cultivating the perfect end-product, as your heart desires.  

Premium Cultivars sell a variety of Premium marijuana seeds to suit your needs as a grower. Whether you're a newbie or a veteran, you will find something on their site to pique your interest, at the very least.

Premium Cultivars has done away with regular seeds entirely and favors a product selection composed exclusively of feminized and autoflower weed seeds. This is because regs are somewhat obsolete in the modern cannabis market. Moreover, you get the same results with feminized seeds, only you don’t risk growing male plants.

Autos offer a different growing experience, being far easier to grow; however, the plants often end up smaller than those grown from feminized seeds. Autoflower seeds have a shorter vegetative growth period, hence the name, and they reach the flowering stage automatically.

While splitting them into autos and fems may be a good way to differentiate cannabis seeds, there are other factors to take into account and you don’t want to risk missing out on growing a strain you’d love just because it gets lost in one of these criteria. 

Premium Cultivars provides a selection of categories that look to define the strains using their distinct characteristics or genetics.

Exotic Seeds

Premium Cultivars Exotic cannabis seeds

These seeds are exactly as their name suggests — cannabis seeds born from a varied and exotic lineage. Demand for these strains is now increasing every day as seeds led to Premium Cultivars crafting this range of Exotic cannabis seeds exclusive to them.

In this category, you will find some of the most hyped contemporary strains being sold — for the first time ever — as feminized weed seeds. This means you can finally grow the Gary Payton strain, London Pound Cake strain, Jealousy strain, and more from feminized cannabis seeds.

Premium Cultivars put a lot of time, effort, and research into crafting the genetics of these marijuana seeds. As previously mentioned, most, if not all of these strains have never been available in the past. Therefore the majority of the products here are exclusive to Premium Cultivars.

If you’re a consumer or grower who lives in a legal state but does not have access to a dispensary nearby, then these cannabis seeds are the best choice if you're looking to try some of the best cannabis strains on the modern market.

Fast Flowering Seeds

Premium Cultivars Fast flowering seeds

Seeds that flower and subsequently grow faster than others are pretty useful for gardeners looking for quicker grow times and possibly even multiple harvests per season. 

Whether you want all your seeds to grow quickly or you want to mix up your crops by adding some fast flowering seeds alongside some of the more time-consuming strains, you’ll find what you’re looking for in this section.

In this category, you’ll find classics like the amazingly productive GG4, the enigmatic legend OG Kush in autoflower seed form, Critical Mass, and Durban Poison alongside contemporary, in-demand strains like Alien Cookies, Purple Punch, and Gelato.

This curatorial approach from Premium Cultivars is one of the many reasons the seed bank stands out amongst all the others.

Some strains in this fast-growing seed selection may shock even the most experienced growers. You may find yourself thinking you didn’t know Bubba Kush was fast flowering — well, Premium Cultivars’ version is!

 As previously mentioned, this seed bank goes the extra mile when it comes to the rigorous crafting and testing of their genetics. The result is a selection of cannabis seeds unlike anything else on the market.

Affordable Cannabis Seeds

Premium Cultivars affordable cannabis seeds

When it comes to this selection of seeds, everything is premium except the price! This is Premium Cultivars’ range of cheaper seeds; however, that doesn’t mean the genetics are of lower quality.

Here you can find seeds to suit a tight budget. These are still some great cannabis seeds but they are just slightly cheaper than the others. This is because Premium Cultivars wants to make growing cannabis accessible to beginners but also allow for veteran growers to save a few bucks where possible.

Saving money without sacrificing quality is important for growing cannabis — the more you save on seeds the more you can spend on grow lights, nutrients, cooling fans, and equipment. For a lot of growers, this means buying cheaper, low-quality seeds but that need not be the case anymore with Premium Cultivars’ Cheap Cannabis Seeds!

BOGO Cannabis Seeds

 Premium Cultivars BOGO cannabis seeds

Here’s another money-saving hack: buy BOGO seeds and get double the seeds for the same price. For further deals on top of the cheap seeds category, Premium Cultivars also offers a selection of BOGO seeds. 

When you buy a pack or packs of a particular strain, you get double the seeds at no extra charge. BOGO means ‘buy one get one’ so that means if you buy one 6-pack of Strawberry Cough Seeds, you get 12 seeds in total for the same price, or if you buy a 12-pack you get 24 seeds, and so on!

For the Love of the Game

Premium Cultivars is heavily invested in cannabis cultivation and they make it their mission to make buying and growing marijuana seeds as easy and stress-free as possible.

Alongside the amazing selection of cannabis seeds, there is also a wealth of information on their blog — from growing techniques like SCROG, schwazzing, and mainlining to ultimate guides on cannabis nutrient deficiencies, they’re here to help growers out wherever possible.




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