Fastest Outdoor Cannabis Strains: Top 12 Strains That You Can Grow For Quicker Harvests

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Growing cannabis requires a lot of patience — it’s a long process that will take time, effort, and skills. But what do you do when you’re short on time? Can you just toss the seeds in the soil and hope to harvest them before the winter arrives or your patience runs out? 

Not really. That’s a recipe for disaster. If you try to harvest a cannabis plant that’s not mature yet, the yield will be useless. You might as well smoke rose petals since they contain the same amount of THC and CBD as immature cannabis buds. 

What you need to do, instead, is choose fast-flowering outdoor cannabis strains. In this article, we dive deeper into some of the best cannabis strains that grow fast along with some tips on how you can maximize the yield despite the short flowering time. 

Read on to know more. 

Growing Cannabis Faster 

Growing Cannabis Faster 

Typically, cannabis plants take quite a bit of time to transition from the vegetative stage, start flowering, and mature. The time depends on the strain’s genetics and the environment you provide for them to grow.  

In addition, it depends on where you grow cannabis. While plants grown indoors mature faster, outdoor plants take their own time as it’s not possible to manipulate the growing conditions easily. While most growers are okay to wait, some of us may have a hard time fitting our operation into a specific timeline, especially when it exceeds 12-14 weeks. 

You may want to grow cannabis faster for many reasons. First, you can enjoy the fruits of your labor faster — sometimes, impatience is a terrific motivator. But that’s not the only reason why you may want to grow cannabis faster. 

Second, you may be looking for the fastest outdoor cannabis strains in your local environment; if you live in a cold region with a shorter growing season, a fast-growing cannabis strain works better for you. Such a strain can grow faster, so they are ready to harvest before winter arrives. 

So, if you want a faster output or have a shorter growing season in your region, you’d have to grow faster-growing strains. Regular cannabis strains will not work as they take a lot of time to grow and produce buds, and if you try to hasten their growth, their yields may get compromised.

Best Fast-Growing Outdoor Cannabis Strains

Best Fast-Growing Outdoor Cannabis Strains

As you know, cannabis strains come in all varieties, some of which grow slowly and others very fast. You need to choose the fastest outdoor cannabis strains for the best results. So, if you’re looking for something that grows before you finish your previous stash, you’re in for a treat because there are so many wonderful cannabis strains that grow fast. 

Note that we aren’t talking about autoflowers here. Autoflowers flower quickly within 10 weeks whether you grow them outdoors or indoors. Instead, we have focused only on photoperiods so there’s a fair comparison.

In addition, this is not a sponsored article, so the information you read is a combination of personal experience and anecdotal reports. Here are some of the best fast-growing outdoor cannabis strains. 

1. Jamaican Dream 

One of the best outdoor strains you can grow if you’re short on time is Jamaican Dream, which was developed by Eva Seeds, a Spain-based firm, and this strain is a backcross of a Jamaican landrace Sativa. This excellent strain is known for its high, which is energetic and euphoric, perfect to uplift your mood after a long day. 

This strain’s flavor will never get old, thanks to its tropical flavor profile with citrus as the top note and hints of wood and pineapple. And the smoke is a bit spicy with a citrusy and piney note.

Jamaican Dream cannabis strain comes from a Jamaican landrace Sativa, making it suitable for semi-humid climates and sunny outdoors. This is a tall-growing cannabis plant, so remember to regularly prune it and give it some structural support since it tends to develop thin branches and big nuggets. 

Despite its tall height, the strain is famous for having a short flowering time — it grows from a seedling to a fully mature plant in seven to eight weeks — and you can expect around 500 or even 1000 grams per plant outdoors. This is one of the best fast-growing outdoor cannabis strains out there. 

2. Grape Ape

The Grape Ape Feminized strain is considered a wonder, thanks to its fast growth. It’s the ultimate option if you’re looking to speed up the journey from seed to harvest. With a flowering period of just 42 to 56 days, this strain offers unmatched efficiency in cultivation.

Created by Braney’s farm and Apothecary Genetics, Grape Ape is one of a kind. What sets Grape Ape apart further is its composition, containing 80 percent indica genetics as a dominant indica hybrid. The THC content, which is not too high by “modern standards” stands at about 17%. But, you can bet that you’re going to have a splendid time. 

Grape Ape is known to produce an exhilarating experience. As soon as you take that first puff, a cerebral rush gently transitions into a soothing body stone for unwinding with a movie night. If you’re yearning for a plant that grows both fast and big, it’s truly a match made in cannabis heaven.

Grape Ape is alluring, not just for its growth and potency but also for the delightful aromas and flavors it produces. It’s particularly famous for its fruity scent that seems like a combination of pineapple and grapes with slight hints of cinnamon tossed in between. It creates a symphony of flavors and scents that awaken your senses and take you on a beautiful experience, depending on how you feel at the time. We’re saying this because while some users say that this strain made them have a fun time, others report that the effects were too heavy, despite the low THC content compared to most strains. 

Apart from these qualities, Grape Ape Feminized also excels in terms of yield. If you buy from the right breeder, you can expect generous harvests ranging from 400 to 500 grams per square meter. Outdoors, the rewards are even greater with each plant yielding 500 to 700 grams. The combination of growth, speed, and high yields makes Grape Ape a great strain to grow.

3. Exodus Cheese 

Exodus Cheese, commonly referred to as Cheese or UK Cheese, is a hybrid cannabis strain that’s probably grown out of the popular Skunk #1 strain. There are many breeders selling this strain, but if you want the original, Greenhouse Seeds is your best bet. 

This strain is known for its strong and lengthy high that usually lasts for over four hours! Since it’s a hybrid between Indica and Sativa genetics, you will experience a euphoric high with a quick onset that transforms into a relaxed body high soon. 

With a THC content of 18%, Exodus Cheese is ideal for daytime use when you want to feel relaxed and stress-free without sacrificing productivity and focus. It also comes in handy for medicinal users as it can help you with stress, physical pain, sleep-related issues, depression, and appetite. 

Another excellent quality of Exodus Cheese is its unique flavor profile. It smells of pungent cheese with earthy undertones with slight hints of berries. If you’re lucky, you might even taste some other fruits in this strain, but this entirely depends on luck. 

This is an excellent outdoor cannabis strain that usually finishes flowering within eight weeks, making it an excellent fast-growing outdoor cannabis strain. Even the yield is large despite its medium height, and you can expect a yield of up to 800 grams per plant as long as you train it right. 

4. Cherry AK 

There are many types of cannabis strains. While some are fast, some are slow but produce great yields. Often, you’re forced to choose two out of three good qualities as most strains lack in something, whether it’s flavor, speed, potency, or yield. 

However, Cherry AK from Weedseedsexpress is not one of those strains. It’s almost perfect as it transitions from the vegetative to the flowering stage in a jiffy, and you can harvest the buds before you know it. Outdoor photoperiod strains usually take their sweet time, but Cherry AK breezes through it in 49 to 56 days. 

And, as we said, Cherry AK produces good yields too. Each plant yields about 200 to 450 grams per meter when grown indoors and about 350 to 450 grams per plant when cultivated outdoors. This remarkable genetic composition showcases the strain's ability to produce high-quality yield in abundance.

Cherry AK Feminized is a perfect strain if you want delicious cannabis. Want your taste buds to be greeted with a symphony of flavors of cherries with diesel undertones? Cherry AK it is. And the fragrance? It will remind you of your grandma baking cherry pie. Nothing can top that. 

Coming to the potency, Cherry AK boasts of about 25% THC. As a sativa strain, you expect an uplifting high. Its effects start with an increase in clarity bringing about feelings of happiness and contentment. Think of it as a quick energy boost. This strain is also beneficial for medicinal cannabis users as it has the potential to reduce stress and provide relief from pain. 

5. Northern Lights 

What are you doing here if you’ve never heard of Northern Lights? This is one of the most popular cannabis strains of all time. It’s believed to be descended from Thai and Afghani landrace strains, but how this strain originated is still unknown. 

The most popular theory suggests that this strain started its life in Washington in the good ol’ 70s, from where it was taken to the Netherlands by Neville Schoemaker, who then perfected its phenotypes in the following decade for The Seed Bank (now Sensi Seeds). 

Since its commercialization in 1985, Northern Lights has awed cannabis enthusiasts just as much as its namesake and has won various awards like the Cannabis Cup multiple times. It owes its popularity to its 18% THC content and a high that induces relaxation, happiness, and often sleep. 

But its taste is also something to experience — it’s earthy and skunky with undernotes of flowers, herbs, and spices — a delightful strain. 

As for growing it, it’s an excellent indoor and outdoor cannabis strain that doesn’t grow so tall but develops resinous buds nonetheless. It has a flowering time of around 50 days, so it’s also excellent to grow when summers are short or you’re short on time. For the highest yields, ensure this strain grows in a sunny and warm climate.

6. Candy Kush Express

Introducing Candy Kush Express, a cannabis strain that not only boasts a quick flowering phase but also emerges as a treasure trove of rich aromas with hints of sugary sweet citrus notes. Candy Kush Express from Royal Queen Seeds is highly regarded for its flavors making it a sought-after choice for many cannabis users. 

The genetic makeup of Candy Kush Express strikes a perfect balance combining 60% indica with 40% sativa. This genetic combination results in an effect that eases tension and helps you relax while maintaining sharpness and functionality simultaneously. Most indica strains give you a heavy body stone that doesn’t allow you to do anything but Candy Kush Express doesn’t make you feel sluggish. 

That said, this strain does offer a heavy physical relaxation that even medicinal users will love. So, the way it affects individuals is subjective. To know more about its effects, just grow a few plants, taste the buds, and see how it goes.

Candy Kush Express flowers in a short period of 7 to 9 weeks if you cultivate it well by providing everything necessary for it to thrive. Many growers purchase great seeds but fail when it comes to providing a good growing medium. Don’t skimp on this part, as they are necessary to ensure your plant grows fast and produces great yields. 

These plants can produce a yield of up to 525 grams per meter when grown indoors. Outdoors, it’s equally good with the possibility of harvesting a range of 450 to 500 grams per plant.

7. White Widow FAST

White Widow is another legendary cannabis strain created by Greenhouse seeds. White Widow FAST is its fast version and many breeders including Blimburn and Seedsman have great collections that combine the photoperiod phenotypes of the original with fast genetics. The resulting plant is sturdy with a short flowering time of 6 to 7 weeks only. So, you can enjoy one of the most popular cannabis strains ever a lot sooner than you would with its regular type. 

White Widow is a short strain that’s a hybrid between Indica and Sativa genetics; it typically grows as much as 120cm. Plus, its rapid flowering period makes it an excellent fast outdoor cannabis strain for someone who’s impatient or lives in a cooler region and wants to keep their operation discreet. 

This cannabis strain is easy to grow in an outdoor environment and produces a yield of up to 400 grams per square meter. The resulting buds contain up to 20% THC, which produces a powerful cerebral high that gradually translates into a body high. The high is euphoric, promoting creativity and focus. 

The buds of this strain look frosty, hence the name White Widow, and these white buds offer a unique flavor that’s a mix of spices, herbs, earth, and wood. The chunky buds are loose and fluffy, which makes them easier to break apart and roll into joints. 

8. Afghani #1

There are so many strains with Afghan genetics that you’d be hard-pressed to find good ones. Almost every other strain now has some or the other Kush or Afghan genetics. However, if you’ve grown a few cannabis strains, you’ll easily see the difference between a good and an average strain. If you do the research and purchase only from reputed breeders, you’ll love Afghani as it has a range of qualities that can give other strains a run for their money. 

Sold by Sensi seeds, this strain thrives in moderate climates even with hot summers. If you live in locations that are a bit too hot for other strains, Afghani #1 may be the one for you as it adjusts pretty nicely in hot environments. 

Afghani #1 doesn’t offer too much potency, but it’s good for those who love strains that provide a soothing experience without extreme intoxication. This also means that while you won’t be absolutely euphoric, you’ll feel a nice relaxing sensation coursing through your body. For that reason, you can indulge in this strain in the evenings when you just want to sit on the couch and watch TV. Or, you could grab that book you’ve been thinking about and enjoy some quiet time. 

Most Afghan strains are used to make concentrates, so you can expect Afghani #1 to produce an array of flavors that dance on your taste buds. It’s earthy and sweet with subtle hints of fruitiness and herbs. You’ll also catch a whiff of some spicy, woody undertones, similar to cedar incense, which adds to the experience.

Coming to the yield, Afghani is truly impressive and produces thick nuggets in a short time. Indoor cultivation can yield 350 to 450 grams per meter while outdoor growing can provide an equally remarkable harvest of 450 to 500 grams, per plant.

You can harvest the buds in a matter of about 56 days from germination. This way, you’ll have the opportunity to plant multiple plants and harvest them quickly before the weather gets worse. 

9. Kritikal Bilbo

Kritikal Bilbo is a strain developed by Genehtik Seeds, and over time, this strain has become quite popular among outdoor cannabis growers, especially in Bilbao, Spain. This strain is a terrific choice for all kinds of growers, including novice outdoor growers since it’s so easy to take care of and maintain. 

Plus, it grows quite fast with a short flowering time, which makes it quite averse to fungal attacks. Usually, its flowering time lasts for about 50 days, with the harvesting period starting by mid-September. And since it’s a cross between an Afghan landrace with a Skunk strain, it is medium in height and produces surprisingly fat flowers. 

Under the right conditions, you can expect a potent yield of 400 grams per square meter. With a THC content of around 21%, this sweet-tasting cannabis strain is strong and will make you relaxed and sleepy, and sometimes, even indulge in munchies. The flavor profile is sweet with earthy and tobacco undernotes. 

10. White Critical Express

White Critical Express by Kalashnikov Seeds grows like a bullet train, combining potency and productivity efficiently. As an Indica-dominant strain, this stuff is a heavy hitter. Oh, and if you’re looking to make some hash or any other type of concentrate, White Critical Express is simply perfect. 

Despite being a photoperiod variety, it will be ready to harvest in just 48 days of flowering, as long as you provide all the conditions necessary for its growth. With THC levels surpassing 20%, it solidifies its reputation as a powerhouse.

Originating from the East this strain combines the genetics of Critical Mass, White Widow, and another strain whose origins are undisclosed. White Critical Express looks like a plant straight out of a fairy tale, what with its charm captivating the senses. The buds, coated in a thick layer of white trichomes, deliver a powerful punch of THC along with a delightful flavor profile. Drawing inspiration from its lineage, it produces a full-bodied hash smoke that makes you feel good for a long, long time. 

If you want to bring the best out of this plant, it’s best to start training early. The buds grow pretty dense, so you can train it to produce multiple colas by Topping them at first. Next, you can either LST them or ScROG them for best results. Of course, you can employ any of these techniques whether you’re growing them indoors or outdoors. 

11. Great White Shark

The Great White Shark cannabis strain is a classic from the 1990s, and it’s made by crossing Brazilian, South Indian, and Super Skunk. This Indica-dominant strain is potent and is popular for its resinous buds and a flavor that will satisfy your sweet tooth. 

With around 17% THC content, Great White Shark is potent, producing a relaxing yet engaging high that is ideal when you want to chill out and relieve some stress. It can also help you if you want to sleep easily. As for the flavor profile, it’s intensely sweet, akin to bubble gum, with undertones of mint and earth. 

Since it is a fast-growing strain, it typically reaches maturity by the beginning of October or April in the northern or southern hemispheres, respectively. Be prepared to train this plant and support it since its thick buds are highly resinous. When grown outdoors, especially in the ground, you can expect a yield of up to a whopping 35 ounces per plant!

12. Black Sugar

If you’re looking for a fast outdoor cannabis strain that is highly potent and has excellent medicinal properties, perhaps the best bet is Black Sugar by Seedsman. This amazing cannabis strain has a flowering time of only eight weeks, and despite the short time, it offers some of the best traits you’ll find in modern strains. 

It’s a mix between Critical Strain, Black Domina, and LA OG, so it combines the phenotypes of each of its parents, like compact size, medicinal properties, and fast flowering rage, respectively. Plus, since it’s an Indica-dominant cannabis strain, it grows stout, making it ideal for outdoor growers with limited space or privacy. 

Don’t let the small statue fool you; this strain is popular for producing an astounding yield of almost 450 to 500 grams per square meter in an outdoor environment. The buds are thickly coated in resin that contains up to 20% THC, producing a powerful yet sedative body high. 

Black Sugar is an excellent choice for medicinal users, especially those who want to relax, sleep well, or get rid of stress. And you’ll enjoy the fruity flavors of lemon and orange with a skunky undertone.

13. Tatanka Pure CBD

CBD strains deserve some love, too, which is why the Tatanka Pure CBD fast-flowering strain is on this list. This cannabis strain is known for its dense, dark green flowers that are rich in CBD with less than 0.25% THC — perfect for lifestyle and medicinal users who want to enjoy the benefits without the high. Thanks to its high CBD content, this strain will clear your head and calm you down. 

Tatanka Pure CBD is produced by crossing Medical CBD with Elixir Vitae and boasts a sweet and spicy flavor profile. When grown outdoors, this cannabis strain can grow tall, up to 160cm, and produce a yield of around 400 grams per plant. It has a flowering time of around 6 to 7 weeks, so expect it to be ready for harvest by early October. 

14. Purplematic CBD

Purplematic CBD by Royal Queen Seeds is another excellent fast-flowering outdoor CBD strain. This strain is known for producing gorgeous buds that are dark green on the surface with a purple core underneath. And these CBD-rich flowers produce a satisfying effect that levels the mind without producing any psychoactive effects. 

This strain is a cross between Afghan Rose Auto CBD and Kush Rose Auto CBD, so it is a 90% Indica strain. Hence, it contains around 17% CBD and less than 0.5% THC, so you can enjoy this strain any time of the day without worrying about losing your focus or energy levels. The buds are aromatic, with notes of pineapple and candy.

This is also a straightforward strain to grow outdoors, and it can grow up to 120cm in height, but growers usually recommend training it to keep its size manageable. When grown outdoors, it can produce a yield of 140 grams ounces per plant, which may not be a lot, but the effect and flavor more than compensate for the small yield. 

Tips on Growing Fast Outdoor Cannabis Strains

Tips on Growing Fast Outdoor Cannabis Strains

You may want to grow fast cannabis strains for many reasons, and whichever fast-flowering cannabis strain you choose, you can further optimize their flowering times by taking a few necessary steps. The difference won’t be much, but it can help you save days when every second counts, especially if there’s the threat of early winter looming. 

Here are some tips to make your fast-flowering cannabis strains reach their maturity faster or in a better way.

1. Switch to Flowering Sooner 

You may have the fastest flowering cannabis strain, but if you want to harvest it as soon as possible, don’t wait for the days to shorten. Instead, switch your outdoor photoperiod cannabis plant to flowering by covering the plant — this will force the plant to flower sooner. 

For this, when you think your plant is ready for flowering, cover it up with a light-proof covering during some hours of the day. Your goal should be to ensure your cannabis plant stays in 12 hours of complete darkness. Your yield will get smaller by a margin, but it’s worth it if you want to harvest your plant as soon as possible. 

2. Pollinate the Flowers

Another effective way to make your cannabis plants reach maturity faster is to pollinate the flowers. But wait, won’t this ruin the flowers with seeds? Not if you do it the right way — pollinate late and harvest early. 

Essentially, you need to hand-pollinate the buds a week before you want to harvest. Once the flowers are pollinated, they will mature faster, and you can harvest them a week later. Don’t worry, the seeds won’t be noticeable by a week, but don’t wait any further or the seeds may develop their hard shell and ruin the yield. 

3. Trim Your Plants Regularly 

Another excellent way to make sure your plants reach maturity sooner is to trim and prune them regularly. Pruning allows your cannabis plant to focus its energy on the bud sites that matter the most, which will make the plant grow faster and produce bigger buds. This way, your buds will reach maturity a few days earlier if you play your cards right. 

4. Consider Growing Indoors

Sort of a Captain Obvious tip, but consider growing your cannabis plant indoors if you are worried about early winter. Indoor cultivation does require some patience and a quality setup, but it can be made for cheap if you use the right hydroponic setup. 

An indoor cannabis plant can offer the same levels of quality, albeit in a marginally smaller yield, compared to an outdoor plant. This method of cultivation is worth considering if you want to grow cannabis without having to deal with early winter, frost, or short growing seasons. 

Summary: Fastest Outdoor Cannabis Strains: Top 12 Strains That You Can Grow For Quicker Harvests

Cannabis strains come in so much variety that you can grow a new plant every week and still never run out of options when you turn eighty and can no longer take a hit from a joint. Fortunately, the many options work in your favor since you can find exactly what you want without having to invent a new strain or compromise on your expectations. 

In the same vein, here are ten of the best cannabis strains you can grow if you are short on time. Whether you are impatient or your region experiences a shorter growing season, the strains mentioned above are excellent cultivars that will not disappoint you. So, pick the one that suits your needs and preferences and order a pack of seeds already. 

However, remember to be ready to grow plants well. Choose a good location that gets enough sunlight. Next, take some time to purchase good soil or learn the art of making super soil. This way, you’ll have the opportunity to grow organic marijuana that tastes amazing when you smoke it. 

Last but not least, don’t forget to train them. Although the plants will still do well even if they produce one main cola, you can enhance the yield if you take the time to train them just a bit. Start by Topping the top once the plant has grown at least 3-5 nodes and you can LST them as they grow. If not, you can ScROG them. 

What are you waiting for? You no longer have to wait months to harvest your cannabis plant. These strains can be harvested in as little as 6-8 weeks of flowering time. And don’t worry, despite the shorter flowering time, you’ll not miss out on rich flavor profiles or terrific highs (and medicinal benefits). 



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