Grow Tent Guide — Are Your Grow Tents Working For You?

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Added 31 December 2021

Grow tents are a terrific investment for growing cannabis, but it could get confusing to buy something that suits you with so many options out there. 

From experience, we admit that nothing is as frustrating as unboxing a grow tent only to find out that you were better off without one. Money wasted. 

So, how do you choose something that provides value? And, hopefully, lasts long as well?

First, you need to make sure that the grow tent you buy to grow your cannabis suits your space and objectives and, more importantly, provides a healthy environment for your cannabis plants to grow. 

In this article, we will show you how to choose good grow tents. And, to make it easier, we will also showcase the best grow tents. 

Let's get started.

Why is it Important to Use Grow Tents?

Grow tents are essential if you want to grow cannabis plants indoors. Some growers have the luxury to showcase their beautiful plants outdoors, but others may have severe limitations.

Even if you have a lot of room indoors, it’s not a good idea to grow plants without a grow tent. For example, you’ll have to make alterations in the construction to convert a room into a grow room, which is not feasible for many. Therefore, the cheapest and the most sensible option is a grow tent. 

Here are a few crucial reasons why you should get a grow tent if you don't have one already:

1. Fresh air

Air circulation

A good grow tent comes with various options for you to fit the equipment necessary to grow plants. For example, a fan fixed inside the grow room helps maintain the temperature to your liking and circulate air inside the tent.

If you purchase a grow tent, it becomes easy to fix your equipment; however, you may have to plan things if you plan to construct one yourself. Either way, a grow tent is necessary for air circulation.

Apart from regular fans, grow tents also give you the option to set up an integrated system that sucks air from the outside and brings in much-needed CO2 inside the tent.

2. Reduces the odor

Reduces odor

Whether you grow for stealth purposes or reside in locations where cannabis is legal, reducing the odor is very important. Anybody that has grown cannabis understands how smelly it gets, especially during the flowering stages.

To reduce the odor, getting a grow tent is the best option. First, grow tents allow you to fit in a carbon filter that automatically eliminates terrible odor and distributes fresh or odorless air back outside the grow tent.

A grow tent creates a negative pressure that is very reliable in reducing the odor. It helps to pressurize the air inside the grow tent so the odors don't leak outside. Most importantly, it provides CO2 that aids your plants to grow bigger and better.

In short, most grow tents have an enclosed design that helps create a system containing air purification devices. Therefore, it's best to use a grow tent if you're serious about growing cannabis plants.

3. Prevents light leaks

No light leaks

A good grow tent prevents light leaks at all costs. Whether you purchase a grow tent or take the DIY approach and make one yourself, it is essential to avoid light leaks. As long as you fit in all the equipment appropriately, you will never have to deal with light leaks with good grow tents.

Every cannabis grower understands the importance of light leaks, especially with photoperiod plants that depend on the light to grow and flower. For instance, the plant starts flowering only after the grower switches from an 18/6 to 12/12 cycle. 

A trivial mistake can disrupt the plant’s growth where you can end up with other abnormal plants (because the plant starts to re-veg), or you get significantly less yield. A proper grow tent will avoid all these issues. 

4. Prevents pest infestations

No pest infestations

Ultimately, grow tents protect your plants from bugs and other pests that can ruin your hard work. Even growers with a lot of space outdoors now get grow tents because they get to control everything from the humidity, temperature, and air circulation to preventing pest infestations.

How To Choose Grow Tents?

Grow Tent Equipment

How do you even choose a grow tent that fits your room with so many options out there? Plus, how do you determine the size? Imagine purchasing a 10 x 10 grow tent for a 10 x 6 room — makes no sense, right? 

So, you should consider a few factors before clicking that buy button.


Grow tent sizes

The primary factor when choosing a grow tent, as you may have known by now, is the size. So before you decide something, make sure you measure your room where you intend to place the grow tent.

Remember, the size of the grow tent should be smaller than the room. This seems very obvious, but many growers simply purchase large or small grow tents before measuring their room. Whether it happens due to over-excitement or a gross miscalculation, the result is that the grow tent is of no use to you. 

In addition, set aside some space that allows you to tend to your garden freely. For example, many growers use training techniques including LST and ScrOG that can be only possible if you have the space to walk around. Typically, growers keep their grow tents at the corner of the room to have enough space to do anything, including watering the plants.

In addition, you should consider the size of your cannabis plants before purchasing a grow tent. Why? For example, if you plan to grow tall plants like Sativas but purchase a grow tent measuring 5' in height, you'll have issues soon.

Needless to say, the amount of plants you want to grow also needs to be considered. For example, some grow tents are perfect for growing just one to two plants, whereas bigger grow tents allow you to grow more plants. 

The type and size of your containers also matter when you ponder over the size of the grow tent. For example, you can grow several plants in small containers or just a few plants in big containers. 

However, don’t choose a grow tent depending on that alone. For instance, a company may advertise that the grow tent holds five plants, but how do you know the size? Are they big or small plants? What about the size of the containers? These factors are all subjective, so you’ll have to look at the size of the grow tent to conclude. 

When a company advertises that a grow tent can hold five plants, you can't depend on it because container types and sizes are subjective.

Last but not least, think about how you want to harvest the plants. Are you the type of grower who wants to grow vegetative and flowering plants separately? Do you want to clone your plants and keep them away from the mother plant? Are you looking for perpetual harvests?

Growers looking for perpetual harvests will want two grow tents for their projects. In addition, if you are the type of grower who occasionally experiments with his plants, you'll need at least two grow tents. Finally, some like to keep a separate grow tent for drying and curing purposes.

For these reasons, it is tough for anyone to determine the kind of grow tent you should choose. In addition, your room may be very different from others, so grow tents that work for other growers may not work for you and vice versa. Therefore, you should consider all recommendations with a pinch of salt. Ultimately, only you will be able to measure your room after considering the factors mentioned above to purchase a grow tent that suits you.



Another factor you should keep in mind while purchasing a grow tent is its capacity or limit to hold the equipment. Pay attention to the type of frames the manufacturer uses. Do not go for cheap plastic frames that break frequently. You need grow tents with frames that have fasteners to secure everything under one big structure.

Typically, you need steel frames to hold your lights hanging from the top. Some grow lights weigh about 2 pounds, whereas others may even weigh 4 pounds, so make sure you consider the weight of the lighting equipment before choosing a grow tent. 

Grow tent manufacturers offer this information as the “weight rating” — go check it out! If you have a grow tent that struggles to hold weight, it's best to add additional bars to support the weight. Or you will have to find alternative methods to hang some equipment like the carbon filters.


Strong tents usually come up with thick fabric or canvas to enclose the tent. The fabric’s thread count also indicates strength, meaning the higher the count, the better the fabric.

In addition, the stronger the fabric, the more durable it is. Finally, you want a grow tent that lasts a few years. Sure, they may be slightly more expensive but imagine investing in a grow tent every two years — you won't appreciate it. Therefore, look for grow tents with thick material to resist wear and tear. Plus, thick fabric prevents light leaks.

Types of Grow Tents

Grow tent types

There are several types of grow tents curated carefully to fit your needs. All you need to do is decide the type, size, and other factors.

Primary you can divide grow tents into four types including:

  • Single chamber tents
  • Multi-chamber tents
  • Height-adjustable tents
  • Short tents

Single Tents

Single-chamber tents are regular grow tents with one chamber for all your plants. They are best for beginners who don't want to grow too many plants or conduct experiments such as cloning. Single tents are also available in various sizes, so you can choose anything depending on the size of your room. Here's a guide: 



2’ x 2’


2’ x 3’


3’ x 3’

2 big plants

3’ x 4’

3 big plants

3’ x 5’


4’ x 5’


4’ x 8’


5’ x 5’


5’ x 6’


8’ x 8’


10’ x 10’


As you can see, there are various sizes. Some companies may offer a lot more, depending on their customers. Make sure you measure your room before purchasing one. 

Multiple chamber tents

Multi chamber grow tents

Multiple chamber tents have separate chambers so you can separate your plants. For example, you can use one chamber for plants in the vegetative and cloning stage while the other can be used for flowering stages. 

Some manufacturers like Gorilla Grow Tents have come up with cloning tents meant especially for those interested in cloning plants; however, you can use multiple chamber tents for that.

Basically, multiple chamber tents are convenient if you want perpetual harvests or clone plants. However, such tents have less room for vegging plants, so you'll have to compromise a bit. If not, you can purchase two single tents and organize everything, but it will also be more expensive because you’ll have to spend more on lights, fans, and filters.

Height-adjustable Grow Tents

Height adjustable grow tents

Height-adjustable grow tents allow you to adjust the height as the plant grows. For example, plants in the seedling stage do not need as much light as those in the vegetative stage. In addition, cannabis plants tend to stretch a lot during the flowering stage, leaving growers helpless. Plants that grow too close to the light will have burnt buds. Therefore, if you're not sure about the height, go with tents that give you the option to increase the height as the plants grow.

Short Grow Tents

Short grow tent

Not everybody has the luxury to dedicate a separate room and keep huge grow tents. Many growers cultivate cannabis plants in their closets, but most grow tents are usually about 4 feet tall, so they are forced to grow without grow tents. 

The good news is that many companies are now coming up with short tents that are not more than two feet in height. However, keep in mind that you should use CFLs or fluorescent lights rather than powerful lights since they can burn your plants. In addition, you can use such short tents for clones or seedlings.

Best Grow Tents 2022

If you don’t want to go through the process of searching for grow tents, we have a comprehensive list of the best grow tents in 2022. By far, we like how these have performed, and even users rave about it. 

  • Mars Hydro Grow Tent: Value for Money

Go to any cannabis forums, and you'll find growers praising the Mars Hydro grow tent — it is the best budget tent, after all!

This tent offers a terrific balance of price and quality, making it suitable for most beginner growers. Another reason why you should pick this tent is that it's straightforward to set up (it would surely give IKEA a run for its money).

The tent is surprisingly high quality for the price — it costs just $75. It comes with 1680D thick canvas, heavy-duty zippers, and a sturdy metal chassis. So, you can grow healthy cannabis plants without worrying about the tent collapsing or compromising your yield.

The frame can handle various equipment like carbon filters, LED light panels, and ventilation fans without breaking a sweat. The best part? The Mars Hydro grow tent is quite flexible, so you can tailor it as per your needs and preferences. 

It also comes with an observation window with transparent plastic sealing, so you don't have to risk contamination when checking your plant's growth.

The only drawback is that you can expect a little bit of light leak. But don't worry, it's easy to fix — just iron the zipper on the inside. For the price and the features it offers, we can't really complain.

  • Vivosun Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent: Undercover Choice

Maybe you don't want a cheap tent or one decked with all the features. Perhaps you want a tent you can hide in your closet. Then, you should choose the Vivoson Mylar Hydroponic grow tent for cannabis. 

This is one of the best cannabis grow tents if you don’t want to let people know you grow cannabis. It's short and small — 4 x 2 feet — so you can install it anywhere in your room, but it's large enough to hold five plants at a time.

It comes with a 600D canvas lined with reflective mylar on the inside. And the panels are joined with double stitched fibers and connected with heavy-duty SBS zippers.

Apart from that, the strong iron rods ensure your light panels, fans, ventilation, etc., can be held in place for years to come. 

Other features include a removable floor tray, a couple of filter straps, ducting ports, and a mylar spill tray. 

Don't let its size fool you — this is a strong, premium tent, which comes with a two-year warranty. 

  • Quictent Hydroponic Grow Tent: Eco-conscious Choice

Many growers avoid cannabis grow tents out of the fear of contamination — some tents leach out chemicals that contaminate the plant and ruin the flavour. If you agree with them and want to ensure the organic taste of your cannabis buds, you can choose Quictent Hydroponic Grow Tent. 

The tent is SGS certified, which means it won't leach out elements like cadmium, lead, chromium, antimony, etc. when it gets wet. It will not release any sensitive gases, either. So you can plant your cannabis in a grow tent without worrying about contamination.

Apart from that, the 600D Oxford canvas also ensures zero light leakage, making the tent highly efficient at light retention. The canvas is lined with silver PET mylar fabric, which is super reflective, providing optimal light and thermal environment for your cannabis plant. 

The 0.8 mm net poles also offer a safe and solid foundation for the tent, and the anti-burst zippers ensure easy opening and closing of the panels. 

So, if you want a durable, reliable, and eco-friendly grow tent, choose Quictent Hydroponic. The only con is that these grow tents are hard to find. But, if you do find one, make sure you go for it!

  • Finnhomy 600D Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent: Best Features

If you're someone who does not compromise on features, you should choose the Finnhomy 600D Mylar Hydroponic cannabis grow tent as it offers all the premium features in an accessible package.

The tent offers terrific features that are easier to control and customize, making it ideal for growers of all levels. Plus, this system is suitable for all kinds of cannabis cultures, including soil, aeroponic, and hydroponic. 

Now, let's talk about the features.

  • This cannabis grow tent is compatible with all kinds of lighting systems, including LED, CLD, and HID panels.
  • The outer shell, made of 600D Oxford nylon, is waterproof, puncture-resistant, and washable.
  • The inner liner is non-toxic and fire and mold-resistant.
  • The reflective interior shell is thermally adhered to the canvas, making it fade-proof.
  • The industrial-grade coil zippers are designed to go around corners for years without separating or tearing.
  • The high-capacity tubular steel chassis is powder-coated and offers the ultimate structure. 
  • You can disassemble and reassemble the entire grow tent in minutes without any tools.

For the price and quality, you’d be hard-pressed to find another cannabis grow tent that offers similar levels of features, that's for sure.

  • Gorilla Grow Tent: Best Overall

For many growers worldwide, nothing beats the Gorilla grow tent for its premium finish, strength, and advanced features — it is the best overall cannabis grow tent you can find on the market.

The sturdy frame is built to handle the heaviest equipment without bending or squeaking. In addition, the frame is draped by thick canvas that's completely light-tight and free of pinholes, offering the ultimate protection to your cannabis plant.

The canvas panels are double-stitched, and the openings are connected by heavy-duty zippers that won't break for years to come. 

The interior is lined by diamond reflective panels that offer the best light optimization without any light loss. Additionally, the roof is infrared lined to disperse the heat and avoid overheating, and it makes you invisible to heat detectors.

The grow tent also has various ventilation panels and easy-view windows. With the Gorilla grow tent, your cannabis plant is sure to grow stronger and faster than ever. It's not just a Gorilla. It's the King Kong of grow tents!

Summary: Grow Tent Guide — Are Your Grow Tents Working For You?

There are hundreds of grow tents available in the market, and these are just a few of the top-rated ones. Look at which one suits your space, preferences, and grow objectives, and choose that.

Whichever you choose, just make sure the grow tent can handle your equipment, offer a light-tight seal, and last you at least a few years. 

Lastly, we recommend staying clear of generic grow tents — they are full of problems. High-quality grow tents are worth the money and you will get excellent yields that will make up for your investment. 


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