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Did you know that Italy was one of the major hemp producers in the world before the cannabis prohibition? 

The country’s history of cannabis dates back to Roman times when cannabis was used to produce hemp ropes. 

Italy is the perfect place to grow cannabis — for a good reason. The temperatures, rain, sunlight, and other factors are suitable for healthy cannabis growth in most parts of the country. 

Since the cannabis renaissance, hemp cultivation (or cannabis light) has been gaining a lot of momentum, but the production of cannabis for recreational use never really stopped. 

If you are planning to grow cannabis in Italy, you are in luck. Cannabis cultivation, while illegal, won’t get you into too much trouble, and the conditions are just right. This article is a short guide on how to grow cannabis in Italy.

Growing Cannabis in Italy

Cannabis bud

As mentioned above, growing cannabis in Italy is not as difficult as in other European regions. The weather is suitable for almost all kinds of growth. The only obstacle you may face is the law, so you gotta keep that in mind before proceeding with anything. 

Before we get into a month-by-month guide, let’s understand why growing cannabis in Italy is a great choice for some growers while it could be the complete opposite for others. 

Pros of Growing Cannabis in Italy

  • In most regions of the country, the climate and soil conditions are ideal for growing healthy cannabis plants with excellent yield
  • Gardening is a popular hobby in Italy, so finding water, gardening tools, and minerals are easy to source for a good price 
  • The laws for growing cannabis are not so repressive, so you probably won’t go to jail even if you get caught — as long as you are not selling your buds

Cons of Growing Cannabis in Italy

  • Cultivating cannabis in Italy is still illegal — if you don’t want to take the risk of losing your license or a fine, you shouldn't grow cannabis
  • Italy is a small country and most towns and cities are densely populated. Guerilla growing may be a challenge unless you have an open plot of land with negligible footfall 
  • Some regions, especially near the mountains, experience extreme temperatures and rainfall, so you may need to invest in proper precautions to protect your plants during some weeks of the growing season

Italian Climate for Growing Cannabis

Italy is a land with many microclimates, but most of the regions experience a perfect climate for growing cannabis. However, some regions near the hills require you to take some precautions.

For growing cannabis, we have divided the country’s climate into six categories. Your cannabis plant will grow healthy in these six climatic zones, but you must consider potential issues depending on where you live before even germinating the seeds.

Here are the six climatic zones for growing cannabis.

Alpine Region

The Alpine region consists of the northern highlands. The views are surely breathtaking, but not the best for growing cannabis unless you invest in a polytunnel or a greenhouse. 

But the biggest advantage your plant will have in this region is the clean air and pure water along with bright sunlight. 

Subalpine Region 

The Subalpine region consists of Pianura Padana, Turin, Milan, and Bologna. The northern flatlands next to the Po river are known for hot summers and long winters, with moderate precipitation and high humidity.

There may be occasional thunderstorms, rains, and chills in March and April. Frequent thunderstorms in the afternoon can be expected from May to August. You can easily cultivate cannabis in this region but a little caution is recommended. 

Liguria and Tuscany Coast

This region experiences hot summers and warm winters, except in the hills that experience low nighttime temperatures. In the western part close to the border, your plants can enjoy balanced weather with cool summers, warm winters, and rare storms. And despite the moderately rainy autumn, the region is perfect for cannabis. 

North Adriatic Region

Consisting of Venice, Ancona, and Ravenna, this region is on the Eastern coast of the peninsula with a temperature climate that’s cold and damp.

The northern part of the region experiences cold winds incoming from Eastern Europe (with frequent thunderstorms), and the southern part experiences humid winds from the south. 

Apennines Region

This region, consisting of L’Aquila, Potenza, and Perugia, makes the backbone of the peninsula. The winters here are cold, especially in the northern parts, and the summers are warm and sunny with few chances of afternoon thunderstorms. 

As long as you are not growing your plant in the higher hills or windy plots, your plant will thrive. Otherwise, you may need to take some precautions for a healthy plant. Regardless, you should choose quick harvesting strains due to the shorter growing season. 

Mediterranean Region

This region consists of the main islands along with Rome, Bari, Naples, Calabria, Cagliari, and Palermo. The region experiences long summers and mild winters — perfect for a long growing season. 

However, in the southern regions like Sicily and Sardinia, you should be wary of drought. And if you live on the coast, you need a protected space to keep your plants from being blasted by coastal winds. 

Month-by-Month Guide for Growing Cannabis in Italy

Before getting started, it is recommended to know your local weather forecast for the month — humidity, temperature, or sunlight changes can significantly affect your plant’s growth. 

By knowing the weather predictions, you can prepare beforehand instead of being surprised by the weather conditions. For example, you can start using light deprivation techniques using a tarp to reduce excess exposure to sunlight or rain. 

Another great instance where it would be helpful to know the weather beforehand is during March when the humidity is high. If you are aware of the upcoming humidity, you can start training your plant to improve airflow and avoid mold in the coming weeks.

Beyond these, it is fairly easy to grow cannabis in Italy. Here is a month-by-month guide for you.


germinating cannabis seeds

  • Day length: 11 hours
  • Average temperatures: 6°C to 17°C (43°F to 63°F)

During March, your region mostly won’t experience a lot of rainfall but the temperatures will be low. So, now is the time to start germinating your seeds in a greenhouse, polytunnel, or an indoor environment to protect the delicate seedlings from extreme weather conditions. 

The best time to start is the third week of March. 


cannabis seedling stage

  • Day length: 13 hours
  • Average temperatures: 9°C to 19°C (48°F to 66°F)

The weather will start opening up in April. However, it is still too early to transplant your seedlings outdoors, especially in the Apennines and northern regions, where the climate will be damp with a risk of heavy rain and thunderstorms. 

If your local climate is cold and rainy, we recommend using greenhouses or polytunnels to protect your plants.

You don’t have to worry as much in the warm regions, though, as you can move your plants outdoors with ease. That said, it might be a good idea to use white pots since light-colored pots reflect heat and light, preventing the roots from boiling. 


cannabis plant in vegetative stage

  • Day length: 14 hours
  • Average temperatures: 13°C to 24°C (55°F to 75°F)

At this point, the weather will turn a little chilly and the temperatures will be balanced in most parts of the country. If you haven’t moved your plant outdoors, now is the time to do so.

However, in some cooler regions, especially close to the mountains, you may still need to keep your plants in a greenhouse or polytunnel. There will still be a risk of heavy rainfall. 

And in the southern plants, water may be scarce during this time. So, you should use water-absorbent polymers in the soil to retain more water during this month. 


Training cannabis plant

  • Day length: 15 hours
  • Average temperatures: 17°C to 28°C (63°F to 82°F) 

The weather will only improve in June. however, the southern regions may experience little rainfall, so prepare for the risk of drought.

June is also the month to start preparing your plant for robust growth — they will be in their vegetative phase. It's a good idea to train your plant using a method of your choice to optimize air and light exposure and take precautions against pests. 

You should also revamp your nutrient cycle during this month and rely on vegetative-specific nutrients to help your plants grow well. Cannabis requires nutrients in different quantities during each of its growth stages. For example, they need slightly more nitrogen compared to potassium and phosphorus during the vegetative stage, so look for higher N in NPK numbers when you purchase fertilizers. Alternatively, you can even make your own fertilizers at home with some basic chemistry. 


cannabis plants growing outdoors

  • Day length: 15 hours
  • Average temperatures: 19°C to 31°C (66°F to 88°F) 

In the Alpine and Subalpine regions of Italy, you may see frequent afternoon thunderstorms. So, prepare your plant for that and use tarps to prevent overwatering your plant during heavy rainfall. You must avoid overwatering your plant as it may lead to root rot and other problems.

And in the southern regions, you need to prepare for drought due to low rainfall. You should also consider setting up an artificial shade for your plant during the long daylight hours. Your best bet is to use gardening fabric or plastic glazing to reduce the amount of sunlight reaching the canopy.


flowering cannabis plant

  • Day length: 14 hours
  • Average temperatures: 19°C to 31°C (66°F to 88°F)

In the Alpine and Subalpine regions of the country, afternoon thunderstorms will still be a risk. And in the south, it may not rain at all — it is best to water your plants at sunrise to prepare the plant for the long, hot day ahead. 

In August, many strains will also start flowering, and humidity will become your plant’s biggest enemy. Take measures to improve air circulation within the canopy to avoid mold growing on your fresh buds.

You can also plant your cannabis in containers, so you can move them indoors in case of high humidity events like a thunderstorm.

Stop training your plant at this point. Training it may make it transfer its energy to recovering from stress instead of growing buds, which may affect your yield. And start using flowering nutrients for your plant for optimal growth.


  • Day length: 13 hours
  • Average temperatures: 15°C to 27°C (59°F to 81°F)

In most of Italy, thunderstorms and rains will be common, so be prepared for them. And in the northern regions, you will experience frequent thunderstorms in the afternoon.

We recommend harvesting by the end of September in northern regions because the conditions will worsen in the coming weeks. If your plant is not ready for harvest yet, take appropriate measures to protect it from the elements, like a greenhouse or tarps.


cannabis plant before harvest

  • Day length: 12 hours
  • Average temperatures: 12°C to 22°C (54°F to 72°F)

With winter approaching, you can expect low temperatures and thunderstorms in most of the country, especially if you live close to the mountains. So, you need to continue taking appropriate measures to protect your plants from the elements. 

If your plant has matured enough, harvest it. Letting your plant grow further in bad conditions can compromise your yield.


harvesting cannabis

  • Day length: 10 hours
  • Average temperatures: 7°C to 17°C (45°F to 63°F)

Most of Italy will experience low temperatures and heavy rainfall during this time. During this month, even longer-flowering strains should be ready for harvest. Otherwise, use a greenhouse or tarps to protect your plants.

Once you harvest the buds, spend the coming weeks drying and curing and enjoying them at your leisure. 

Other Factors to Consider When Growing Cannabis in Italy

While growing cannabis in Italy is as easy as it can get, you still need to take into account various factors for the best growth, yield, and safety of both you and your plant. Here are the factors that matter the most in Italy.

Choose the Right Strain

Italy has various microclimates, so know your local climate and choose strains that suit your region’s conditions. You need to choose strains that can withstand your region’s average temperatures, humidity levels, and other conditions.

In the northern or highland areas, you must choose strains that have terrific cold resistance while being harvest-ready by the first week of October.

And in the southern regions, you can choose strains with longer life cycles. However, since your plant may experience water scarcity or heat stress, choose strains that are suited for hotter regions and don’t consume so much water. 

The best strains for Italy are Amnesia Haze, Fruit Spirit, and Quick One. 

Remember to always choose seeds from a reputable supplier that offers discreet shipping. A reputable seed bank will also list all the properties of the seeds and what you can expect, including special care instructions. 

And Pick the Right Medium

Italy’s soil is rich and ideal for cannabis cultivation, but in some regions, you may need to take extra measures. For instance, in humid regions, you may need to add perlite to the soil to improve the aeration of the substrate, and in a dry region, you may need to add coco coir to the soil to improve water retention. 

Keep Your Plant Discreet

Since cannabis cultivation is still illegal in Italy, you need to keep your plant discreet. This may be challenging in a populated region, but it is crucial and should not be overlooked to ensure you don’t end up on the wrong side of the law.

To keep your plant discreet, follow these tips:

  • Mask the smell of cannabis by growing companion plants like chamomile, lavender, rosemary, jasmine, and lemongrass
  • Avoid discussing your cannabis plant with anyone — rumors travel fast and you don’t want the wrong person to hear about it
  • Never sell your plants — while growing cannabis is illegal, it won’t land you in jail, but selling cannabis can land you in big trouble 
  • Order supplies discreetly so your neighbors don’t suspect anything 
  • Keep your plant out of sight at all costs using fences, shades, or behind taller plants
  • If you are using a greenhouse, keep it low to the ground and use opaque glazing
  • Don’t leave any online footprint — you don’t want to get on a list 
  • Choose the right strains that don’t smell too much — avoid skunk cannabis 

Avoid Pests at all Cost

Italian gardens are home to the most common pests like thripswhitefliescaterpillarsaphidsspider mites, and all kinds of mold and fungus.

It's best to ask local gardeners what common pests they encounter and the methods they use to deal with them. 

To be on the safe side, you can use neem oil to prevent pests and mold on your cannabis plant. You can make a foliar spray of neem oil by mixing 500 ml of water with 1 ml of neem oil and a little soap water. Stir gently and apply it to your plant once every week during the vegetative stage.

Find the Best Water Source

In most parts of Italy, tap water is good enough for your cannabis plant. But in some regions, tap water may contain high amounts of chlorine. Find out how much chlorine and minerals your local water supply contains.

To deal with too much chlorine, just let your water sit under the sun for at least 24 hours.

In urban regions, the water may also be a little alkaline, which is not suitable for your plant. Cannabis likes slightly acidic water. However, you can control it by using pH-down solutions. Thus, consider investing in pH and EC meters.

The legality of Growing Cannabis in Italy

In short, growing cannabis is not legal in Italy. Growing cannabis is legal only for medicinal and industrial purposes — not for personal uses. 

But the silver lining is that growing cannabis recreationally won’t send you to jail, as long as you grow a couple of plants. Growing cannabis is only a misdemeanor. The worst that may happen if you get caught is you may be charged with some fine or document suspension. 

Assuming you are growing only for recreational and personal use, you don’t have to worry as long as you are using rudimentary techniques — the law does not state this as a crime.

So, if you do get caught growing cannabis on your balcony, you need to convince the judge that you used rudimentary techniques to grow cannabis just for personal pleasure. 

Convincing the judge is easy if they don’t find cash, plastic bags, scale, high-wattage lamps, or shady chats on your phone. And you must have proof of legitimate income. 

In the worst-case scenario, hire a lawyer who is experienced with such kinds of cases. 

Largely, it is not a bad thing to grow cannabis in Italy. The laws are opening up and full-blown legalization is not too far away. But precaution is still recommended. 

Grow Shops in Italy

You will find hundreds of grow shops in your city, which operate legally. In these shops, you can buy all kinds of lamps or nutrients you need to grow cannabis. You can also buy CBD products. 

Summary: Guide to Growing Cannabis Outdoors in Italy

Growing cannabis in Italy is easy and fun — you don’t have many climatic challenges, apart from some pests and occasional cold winds or thunderstorms. So if you are planning to grow cannabis in Italy, you should go for it.

Know your local climate and use the guide mentioned above to properly time your cannabis cultivation. And don’t overlook other important factors like picking the right strain and medium, keeping your plant discreet, preventing pests, and finding a high-quality water source. 

More importantly, always keep your cannabis plant hush-hush. You don’t want the wrong ears to know about your illegal garden — it may invite unnecessary trouble from the law. While you won’t go to jail, it can still be a time-consuming and expensive affair to hire a lawyer, deal with the proceedings, and lose your precious plants. 

It won’t be long before growing and consuming cannabis is legal in Italy, even if you sell buds or grow a hundred plants in your backyard. Until then, grow cannabis only for personal use and never sell that either. 




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