How To Hide Weed — Best 15 Places To Stash Weed

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How wonderful would it be if you could use cannabis without a worry in the world? But, instead, here you are, looking at an article describing how to hide weed. Also, the fact that it’s one of the most widely-asked questions says a lot about the industry despite cannabis being legal in many parts of the world. 

Unfortunately, it also means that the herb is still illegal in many regions. Weed is misunderstood even today. And, even in countries where it’s legal, you’re bound to get “the look” from your family, friends, or others who refuse to see the benefits of cannabis.

Whatever the reason, there are plenty of reasons why you should hide weed. Even if you’re lucky enough to have friends and family that aren’t bothered by your cannabis use, you should perhaps hide it because good weed is tempting enough to attract thieves, haha!

So, getting back to the topic, the good news is that there are various stash spots you could use to store some of your precious cannabis. However, you should be a little cautious because you’re not only trying to hide the stash but the fragrance as well. And, it’s even more important if you live in a rented house. 

The stash spot you choose shouldn’t attract too much attention, yet it doesn’t have to be buried in the depths of your basement. In other words, you need a spot that doesn’t let your family, friends, or other anti-weed people get to it. It can even be in plain sight, as long as it isn’t too obvious. Many people don’t pay too much attention to how weed looks (it can be potpourri for all they know) but since cannabis has become very famous, you shouldn’t take a lot of risks. 

It’s time to get creative and find that perfect spot now. But, just in case you’re having trouble with your imagination, here are the best 15 places to stash weed. Only, don’t forget where your spot is or you’ll end up losing your weed!

How To Hide Weed — Top 15 Hiding Spots

How To Hide Weed — Top 15 Hiding Spots

It’s not a big deal to hide your weed nowadays. A quick search on the internet will tell you how in a few minutes. You’ll be amazed at the creativity of most people. Contrary to what people believe, stoners can be quite creative and super-motivated when they set their minds on something. After all, if we can grow weed without getting into trouble, hiding some stash should be easy peasy. 

Oh, and talking about growers, you might have too much herb lying around. Now, that’s a problem on another scale. You gotta figure that out on your own because this article is only for people with a few ounces they plan to use shortly. 

If you have too much weed (which is a great problem to have) you might want to research creating hiding places and hire a trusty carpenter to get the job done. Still, a detailed search on Amazon might offer what you’re looking for. 

So, here’s a list of the best 15 places to stash weed, and you’ll never have to look behind your shoulder again. 

What You Need To Consider Before Hiding Your Stash

What You Need To Consider Before Hiding Your Stash

Okay, before we get into the nitty-gritty of how to turn into a world-class stash protector, there are a few things you should remember. 

For example, it's a good idea to hide weed in an old clock or purchase one meant for it (yes, there are several stash gadgets you get online to do just the job) but it's no good if it gives away the smell. 

Seriously, you can't underestimate the smell of cannabis. If you've been using the herb regularly, chances are that you've adjusted to it, but others with minimal or no exposure to it can figure out that something's stinking or giving off an herbal smell. 

You can come up with the best hiding spots to hide marijuana but it's all for naught if it reeks. Therefore, your very first consideration should be to camouflage the smell. 

How do you do that? Well, there are various ways including carbon filters and air-tight containers or using something that smells stronger in comparison to marijuana. You also get air-tight zip locks to do the job well. 

Next, you must consider where to keep your stuff. For instance, don't put it in a place where your mom cleans frequently! Or, in your sister's toy house…you get the grift, right? You simply can't store your weed in a place where people have easy access. Yes, we said that you can hide it in plain sight but it's a risk that could place too much at stake. 

Where To Hide Weed

So, here are a few stash spots to get you started. You can get creative and make your own stash spot if you're inclined. 

1. Bury your stash

Bury your stash

Believe it or not, our ancestors stored a lot of things by burying them. Whether you have a small stash or loads of weed, one of the best ways to hide weed is to bury it. 

However, and this is important — you need to do it in such a way that no moisture gets to it. Not even a drop of water. Otherwise, the buds will be ruined, especially if you plan to let them be buried for a long time. 

Okay, so how do you bury cannabis without letting any moisture in? In mason jars, of course! But, don't use any jars with flip lids or metal latches as they won't keep the moisture out. You need something that's super airtight and won't let a drop get in. 

You can also store the weed in vacuum-sealed bags and then store them in mason jars. Next, you bury them. It can work, as long as you don't plan to store it for more than a few months. Thing is, Mother Nature has a way of letting water into even the biggest ziplock bags, so you can make your weed moisture-proof by using two or three ziplock bags just to be safe. 

If you live in a usually damp area, it's unlikely that this method will work, but if you need to hide your stash for just a few days, you can place the jar under rocks or somewhere deep in your toolshed where nobody visits frequently. Just mark where you put it, though, or you'll lose your weed — a hilarious situation if you think about it. 

2. Hide it in your deodorant

Hide it in your deodorant

Not the spraying ones…we mean the sticks. Deodorant sticks can be used like a secret tool because nobody's going to touch your personal stuff (we hope!). Plus, you don't even need to hide it as nobody is going to bother with it. Granted, you can't store a helluva lot of herb, but a couple of grams should fit in easily. 

However, you need a hollow one to be able to use it for your purpose, so roll the stick completely, pull it out, and the empty space is your secret stash holder! Just make sure you stuff your weed in a small ziplock bag to avoid any stickiness. You can also grind up the cannabis before stuffing it in the bag so you have room for more. 

You could repeat the same with other personal items such as shampoo bottles, vitamins, cleaners, etc, as long as the bottle isn't transparent. Just about anything can be used and look innocent when you're having many people in your house. But don't try to hide it as it may arouse suspicion. 

3. Coffee jar

Coffee jar

The best part of using a coffee jar to store your marijuana is that the fragrance of coffee overpowers the buds unless you've got some super-smelly herb. So, this means that you can store the buds along with coffee beans or powder. 

Place the buds at the very bottom and refill the jar with coffee as needed. However, you need to keep it in the open to avoid suspicion, which raises the possibility of you getting caught if anybody around you decides to make themselves some java unexpectedly. Several users swear by this method, but it comes with some risks. 

4. Hairbrush 


Some cannabis users say that you could store the buds in your hair if you have dreadlocks! But, in our opinion, it's a bad idea — you're trying to hide your stash, not pose like a walking-talking herb. Other options include storing it in your thick hair along with a bun and a bobby pin but that's an equally terrible idea as it could slip out of your hair. 

Imagine the buds rolling on your face while hanging out with someone! Plus, it's going to be extremely weird if someone notices a bag of weed on your head. It's the very opposite of what you're trying to achieve. 

But, not all is lost as you can use your hairbrush instead. A few creative companies have various gadgets including a hairbrush with a small empty space at the top you can use to store the buds. Naturally, nobody is going to use your hairbrush, and it can sit on your dressing table innocuously with none the wiser. You can even carry it while traveling locally. 

5. Markers/Highlighters


You've probably tried this in college as you tried to survive and get ready to face the world. Like a deodorant stick, you can empty a normal highlighter and replace it with a bag of cannabis. Try those inexpensive ones that are easy to work with, but don't let the ink get into your buds! 

However, you won't be able to lend it to anyone who asks for it unexpectedly, without sounding awkward. Thus, this method could be slightly risky compared to, say, a deodorant stick or hairbrush. 

That said, using a marker is a cool idea if you want to enjoy a quick session with your buddies who love cannabis as well. It's a good way to carry some herb around, compared to carrying joints in your pocket. 

6. Fake containers

Fake containers

As mentioned already, there are many options you can use to hide some cannabis in plain sight. Various headshops sell a large number of fake containers ranging from soda cans, wall clocks, bottles, and even books that are unlikely to make anyone suspicious. 

Or, you could make your own using stuff you have lying around at home. Be creative with soda cans or cut out a portion of an old book, store your cannabis in it, and place it along with other books. You could also use some old gadgets, remove the contents, and replace them with a bag of weed, and everyone's going to think you have some vintage items! Let your imagination run wild! 

7. A Bag of Pet Food

bag of pet food

Most pet foods have a scent strong enough to deter anyone from rummaging through them. Needless to say, nobody is going to bother with it and the smell of your herb will be camouflaged too. 

To store your weed in a bag of pet food, make sure your wrap your herb in a strong zip-lock bag or any vacuum-sealed bag to prevent the stench from permeating the buds. Otherwise, you won't be able to use the buds — they will smell like dog food! 

For this reason, many people avoid taking this route but you can do it as a last resort. Oh, and don't let your furry friend near it or he'll probably pull out your weed like a trophy and wave it around. Many dogs love raw cannabis, so keep the bag of pet food (and cannabis) away from him!

8. Hide it in your Clothes/Closet

Hide it in your Clothes or Closet

Haven't we all hidden something so deep in our closet that we forget about it eventually? You could do the same with cannabis after wrapping the buds in some decent ziplock bags. An even better way to make sure the bag is hidden is to shove them in some old pants. But make sure your mom doesn't have access to them even if she decides to hunt them down to wash them. 

Hiding things in your closet is one of the oldest tricks in the book, though, so you gotta be a little more creative. It's one of the first places people are likely to search for. If you have drawers or cupboards in the closet, you can tape your cannabis wrapped in a bag to the bottom. It's even better to tape it to the back so nobody suspects anything after opening it. Just make sure you use a zip-lock bag to prevent the smell from spreading out. 

9. Toilet Tank

toilet tank

This is a last-ditch effort if you have no other option but to hide your marijuana stash quickly. Imagine you have someone knocking on your door and you want to get rid of the stash you have. Rather than throwing it down the drain, you need to throw it in the tank. 

Thankfully, the tank contains clean water so you just have to drop your bag of weed nestled in an airtight container and let it float. It's of utmost importance to use a proper airtight container that won't let even a drop of water inside. If you've bought weed from a fancy dispensary, you'll already have access to some of them. 

Next, don't touch anything else, lest you block the water, and then you'll have different problems to deal with! Remember to collect the bag again once it's safe as you don't want to leave it in the water for a long time. 

Hiding your stash in a toilet tank will work effectively as there's no reason for anyone to check it out unless you've got a suspicious parent hell-bent on turning the house upside down. 

10. Drawer with a false bottom

Drawer with a false bottom

There are various ways to hide weed if you get a little creative, and one of them is to make a drawer with a fake bottom. Of course, you’ll need to have some experience with constructing things for this, but it will work as one of the best places to hide weed as people are unlikely to look for it. 

To do this, first, you’ll need a drawer that’s deep enough to prevent the change from making it too obvious. Let’s imagine it’s about 10 inches. Place reapers of two inches in height on both sides. Next, take a ¼ inch of plywood sheet, measure the insides of the drawer and cut it accordingly. Finally, place it on the top of the 2-inch reaper and attach something you’ll usually find in drawers as a handle so you can lift it easily. Viola, you have a drawer to hide weed!

11. Plumbing pipes

Plumbing pipes

To make it authentic, run a plumbing pipe parallel to your regular sewage pipes by anchoring it. Make sure you have the plug or end cap at the end. You just have to hide your stash inside the pipe and put the plug back on. It will look like a regular PVC pipe, and since nobody touches PVC pipes, you’ll be able to hide weed pretty easily. 

12. Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinet

There are various places in your very own kitchen to hide your stash. But, it may work only if you’re alone and want to hide things when someone’s visiting you. If you live with your parents, though, you can hide some stuff in your cereal box. You simply have to open the cereal box from the bottom and hide your stash with a baggie. Then, you can keep the box in your room and repeat the same with new boxes. 

13. Baked goods

baked goods

One of the most common ways to hide your weed is to convert it into edibles. Making cannabis edibles (cannabis brownies, gummies, etc) is very easy compared to hiding them in the form of joints or in containers. In fact, if you live with your parents, making edibles could be the best way to consume weed without raising any suspicion. 

However, you need some time alone to bake them as the buds can raise quite a stink while you cook or decarboxylate them. In addition, you need to keep the edibles away from others as anybody from your friends or family could try to eat them. Seriously, you don't want someone tripping on edibles, especially when they have no experience with marijuana. 

Also, it will be very suspicious if you refuse to give them your treats, so make sure they can't find them. That said, it makes it harder to hide them, so you might as well hide some marijuana rather than convert them into edibles and then hide them. 

14. Hide them in paint containers 

Hide them in paint containers

If you have a garage room or even a toolshed, you're likely to have some paint cans lying around. Nobody messes around with paint cans for obvious reasons, making it one of the best places to hide your weed. 

Plus, it's not like you need to hide weed in a bag and let it float as you would in a toilet tank; instead, you can simply empty the contents of an old paint can and fill it with your paraphernalia. Then, you just let it sit along with the rest of the cans, and it will seem like any other can. 

Talking about a toolshed, you probably have tons of places that can hide your marijuana easily. You simply gotta look closely and prevent drawing attention. 

15. Fake outlets 

fake wall outlet

Many online headshops sell fake items you can use to hide weed. Hell, you get fake outlets even at bed bath and beyond stores to hide things from thieves when you're out on a vacation. 

One way to hide weed is to get a fake wall outlet, which is very similar to any other wall outlet, except that there's some space inside for you to stuff your weed in a small baggy. Well, this may not work to hide weed from your parents or someone who frequently visits your home as they will wonder why there's an odd outlet that's completely useless. However, this will work if you have to hide weed in a jiffy. 

How to Hide Weed From Parents

How to Hide Weed From Parents

Hiding weed from your parents is no big deal, but the smell your cannabis emanates is the real deal breaker. Even people that don't use cannabis can detect the smell, so you need to get creative and use plastic bags or airtight containers to hide it. 

If you've ever bought weed from a dispensary, you'll notice that they come in small containers that are perfect for you to carry around. All you need to do is stay calm and prevent your folks from getting suspicious. 

Try hiding weed in clothes you rarely wear. Of course, if your mom suddenly decides to clean your closet, then you’re in trouble. 

Comparing all methods, the best way to hide cannabis would be to insert them into old gadgets. Parents usually don’t touch ‘em apart from their cleaning routine, but even if they did try to clean them, they are unlikely to search inside the gadget. 

Alternatively, you can get clocks that have some space behind them to hide your marijuana. Rarely does anyone touch a clock, so this should do it. 

Summary: How To Hide Weed — Best 15 Places To Stash Weed

In a perfect life, you'd never have to hide weed because it's honestly a gift from Mother Nature herself. However, although cannabis is legal in many regions it still has a lot of stigma attached to it and prevents people from accepting it wholeheartedly. 

Many people still ridicule others who use cannabis as stoners that are demotivated and lazy to do anything, and they immediately tend to cancel cannabis users. 

It's hard to convince people about the benefits of cannabis, especially your loved ones. And, if don't want to take the trouble of convincing people or are living with your parents who cannot accept your cannabis consumption, you have no other choice other than hiding the herb. 

As this article explains, there are various hiding spots or stash spots you could use to hide weed, as long as you have a small amount. Just ensure that you're not making it too obvious. 

For example, a bag of weed in an innocent-looking cereal box is unlikely to get attention compared to a safe that looks mysterious, right? The more the mystery, the more suspicion it arouses, so take some time to figure out how you can hide marijuana in plain sight. 

Finally, remember to use something to mask the smell, including wrapping the weed in ziplock bags or airtight containers so there's no chance someone can smell it and catch you. 

We sincerely wish that everyone can use weed without raising eyebrows, and we will hopefully get there soon one day. 


Where should I hide my weed stash?

There are multiple places to hide your weed stash, but the most effective is a toilet tank as people generally don't tinker around with it. 

What is smell-proof for weed?

Ziplock bags, airtight containers or any container you get in a dispensary should mask the smell. 

Where do you hide edibles?

A cookie jar you keep in your room is perhaps the best place to hide edibles but you can also use fake containers that look like Coca-Cola to prevent suspicion. 

Where do you hide a bong?

The best place to hide a bong would be a place deep in your closet, especially if it's made of glass. 

Where can I hide my smoking stuff?

There are various places to hide your stuff including a fake drawer that you can make yourself. Or, you can empty the contents of old gadgets and fill them with your stuff. 



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