How To Make A Gravity Bong?

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If you're an avid cannabis user, you've probably heard the term gravity bongs.

Typically, only users with a lot of experience with high-THC concentrates use the gravity bong.

Certainly not meant for inexperienced users, gravity bongs offer powerful hits that take your high to the next level.

So what are these gravity bongs? How do they work? And how do you make 'em at home?

Read on to find out...

What is a Gravity Bong

what is a gravity bong

Using a gravity bong is one of the oldest ways of consuming marijuana. Also known as plastic, bottle bongs (since it requires a plastic bottle), GB, buckie, bucket bong, or geebie, they provide a perfect way to get big hits of THC in a short while.

Much like small water pipes used to smoke cannabis, it delivers the smoke directly into your lungs.

Cleverly designed in a way that gives you more value for your buck, gravity bongs are a favorite for many experienced cannabis users — and rightly so!

However, what makes them very attractive is that you can make them is just a few household items.

How Does a Gravity Bong Work?

Gravity bongs are made with plastic bottles and the basic principles are taken from simple physics to channel puffs of smoke directly into your lungs. 

A customized plastic bottle is immersed in a container with water. Using gravity — hence the name, gravity bong — it pulls smoke and replaces the water. 

Two types of common gravity bongs called the bucket bong and the waterfall bong are most common. 

Both types of bongs function by compressing air. In a bucket bong, the smoke is ejected outward once the chamber is forced into a water-filled container.

A waterfall bong, on the other hand, uses negative air pressure and lets the smoke accumulate in the bottle. Once the water starts exiting the container slowly, a vacuum or gap is created inside the bottle, sucking in all the smoke. The chamber is sealed tightly and you can open it to inhale the smoke.

Are Gravity Bongs Better than Traditional Bongs?

Yes, gravity bongs are better than conventional bongs because they deliver a better hit. They are very simple to create and need very few components. To be fair, regular bongs have simple designs and work pretty well too, so it perhaps boils down to your preference. Also, gravity bongs don’t give you chilled smoke whereas regular bongs can do so if you add some ice. 

Coming to the price, gravity bongs are slightly more expensive than regular ones. However, even classic bongs are now priced at $500-$600 if you go for the high-quality models. Thus, if you don’t mind paying for a pricey traditional bong, you might as well consider gravity bongs because they offer more value. 

Do Gravity Bongs Get You Higher?

Gravity bongs will get you higher than regular bongs simply because they use a larger chamber. In addition, sucking heavy smoke all at once will add to the effects as well. 

Concentrated smoke will get you flying like a kite. Many users also report the same, which is why these bongs have retained their popularity. Sometimes, one single hit or pull from a gravity bong can be as much as an entire bowl, all in one go. 

Needless to say, whether you make your DIY gravity bong or purchase a high-end piece of equipment, start slow because you’ll be consuming loads of THC.  

However, note that the way you pack also makes a difference. Packing too much weed with no space and using stale water can produce harsher smoke. Also, low-quality weed cannot produce better results no matter how hard you try, so keep all this in mind before using the bong.

Are Plastic Bottles Safe To Use?

Unfortunately, like all things plastic, it’s not safe to use. Think about it — you’ll be inhaling hot, thick smoke accumulated in a plastic bottle. If the plastic bottle is a regular one, made for single use, you’ll also be inhaling polyethylene terephthalate or PET that’s commonly used to make plastic bottles. In addition, the bottles can leach other chemicals due to the heat. 

You could simply make a gravity bong with glass, but you’ll have to cut holes in the glass very carefully. Or, you could simply purchase a new gravity bong to eliminate the risks. 

What Are The Benefits of a Gravity Bong?

1. Needs very little cannabis

One major advantage of using gravity bongs is that you only need a little cannabis to get you high. For instance, most joints contain about 0.5-1 gram of buds, with blunts allowing you to pack a little more at about 3 grams. A gravity bong requires only 0.2-0.3 grams to give you an incredible high.

2. Save money

As mentioned before, you get to save a little money and worry less about cleaning. 

3. Offers a better hit

Rather than smoking multiple times, you only need a single hit from a gravity bong to get you high that lasts for a long while. It is much more satisfying and efficient compared to pipes and bongs. Due to so much water pressure, it makes taking rips easy, as long as you have some prior experience with geebs. 

What Are The Types of a Gravity Bong?

Many people describe gravity bongs as both waterfall and bucket bongs as both bongs utilize air pressure along with water to pull the smoke. 

Bucket bongs and waterfall bongs are two of the most common types of gravity bongs. Some people misunderstand that bucket bongs and waterfall bongs are the same; however, although they use similar functions they are not the same.

Bucket bongs are named so because they use a bucket and a regular plastic bottle. Primarily it has two containers whereas the larger one with an open top contains water. The smaller container displays a bottom that's open along with a bowl attached.

Once you light the bowl you can move the smaller container out slowly, thereby causing a pressure difference. Thick smoke will fill the small container and you can inhale the smoke and remove the bowl when you're done.

On the other hand, waterfall bongs consist of a single container — a bowl and a hole at the base so that the water can drain out easily. Air pressure is forced into the bowl as the plant material burns. Consequently, the water is displaced and the smoke slowly accumulates in the container.

How To Make A Bucket Gravity Bong 


Accessories required:

  • A clean plastic bottle
  • An empty container (it should be larger than your plastic bottle since you will eventually push your bottle into the container.)
  • Drill to make holes in the bottle
  • Scissors to cut the bottle
  • Aluminum foil or bowl

Time required to make the bong

30 to 45 minutes

Steps to make a Bucket Gravity Bong

how to make a bucket gravity bong

1. Create the bong

To create the bong you need to cut your empty bottle into two pieces. Since you will be only using the top part of the bottle you can discard the bottom.

2. Prepare your bowl

If you are using aluminum foil, place it on top of the bottle and press it to create a small depression. Poke some holes in the foil using toothpicks or pins.

You can also use a proper bowl and downstem for the bong, just like a normal rig. Next, make a hole on the top of the empty bottle. However, the hole has to be air-tight. Ensure you measure the downstem's diameter so it fits the hole perfectly.

3. Fill a small container or bucket with water

The container must be slightly bigger than the empty plastic bottle so it creates the perfect vacuum required to pull the smoke in. Fill your container with water but don't it completely as it will spill when you push the empty bottle down.

How To Make A Waterfall Gravity Bong

accessories for waterfall gravity bong

Accessories required

  • A pair of scissors to cut the bottle
  • Large empty plastic bottle (a Coke bottle will do)
  • Toothpicks to poke the Aluminium foil
  • Aluminum foil.

Steps to make a waterfall gravity bong

waterfall bong

It is pretty easy to make a waterfall gravity bong at home but it's best to make one every time you want to smoke so that you don't use single-use plastic bottles too much. In addition, make sure you change the files every time you smoke or you will be inhaling harsh chemicals whenever the foil is introduced to heat.

1. Prepare the bowl

Make a small hole in the bottle cap to fit the downstem. If you are using aluminium foil for this method, you can make some holes in them using the toothpick. You can also use an actual downstem if you don't want to use foil but make sure it fits into the bottle cap as it should be air-tight.

2. Grind the weed

Next, grind your weed coarsely using a good grinder but make sure it is not too fine. Feel the weed in the Aluminium foil or bowl and set it aside.

3. Prepare the bottle

Now grab the scissors and make a small hole at the bottom of the bottle. Remember that the hole should be just enough that you can cover it with your finger. This hole will be your carb hole.

How To Use a Gravity Bong

Now that you know how to make both types of gravity bongs, it’s pretty easy to use them. If you’re using a store-bought bong, it’s even easier. However, since we are talking about DIY gravity bongs, we’ll explain the process here. 

Using a Bucket Gravity Bong

How to use a bucket gravity bong

Once you’ve made the bucket bong, it’s important to ensure that the bottle’s bottom is underwater; however, do it in such a way that your cannabis doesn’t get wet, or you’ll be unable to smoke it. 

Here’s how you can use your bucket gravity bong:

1. Light your bowl

Light up your weed. As you do so, keep lifting the bottle upward slowly. A vacuum is created in the container, forcing it to suck smoke from the bowl into the bottle.

However, do not lift it all the way up! Keep the bottom underwater or the smoke will escape. 

2. Remove your bowl

To inhale the smoke you need to ensure that the bottle is still in the container. Next, you need to remove your downstem or foil and cover the bottle's opening with your mouth.

3. Inhale and take your hit

As you inhale, try to push the bottle containing smoke back into the container to force all that smoke into your mouth/lungs. If it’s too overwhelming, take small puffs and replace the downstem or foil on the top to make sure the smoke doesn't escape.

Using a Waterfall Gravity Bong

how to use a waterfall gravity bong

Note that you need to do this in a place where you expect things to get wet. The kitchen sink or even your bathroom or garden may be a good idea.

1. Fill the bottle with water

The first step is to fill your empty bottle with water but don't fill it completely and leave at least a 2-inch gap at the top. This is done for you to avoid spilling water everywhere when you use the bong.

2. Light up your weed

Now you can attach your DIY bowl to the empty bottle's top. Next, light up your weed and remove your finger from the carb hole. You will see water draining out of the bottle slowly and thick smoke displacing the water filling inside the bottle. Cover the hole with your finger once the water completely drains out so the smoke does not escape.

3. Inhale

It's now time to inhale that smoke. First remove the bowl at the top and take a big rip. Remove your finger from the carb hole and then suck all that smoke.

Summary: How To Make A Gravity Bong

So, now that you understand how to make a gravity bong, go ahead and experiment with both types. Both Bucket and Waterfall bongs are easy to make and you can enjoy a good high with just a single hit. 

However, keep in mind the risks involved with using cheap plastic bottles and avoid re-using them. 

Also, remember that the hits can be very strong, so experiment cautiously until it hits your sweet spot. If it’s too much for you, invest in a classic glass piece to have fun with your friends every session. 


What can I use as a bowl piece for a gravity bong?

You can use a regular downstem meant for traditional bongs as a bowl piece. You can also use aluminum foils but fold it well so it’s strong enough to serve as a bowl piece. 

How do you make a gravity bong cap with a socket?

A socket is easily available in any hardware store. Instead of using the foil, you can fit the socket into the plastic bottle’s cap to function as a bowl piece. But make sure you cut the cap after measuring the socket so it fits perfectly. 

How do you make a homemade bowl for a bong?

A homemade bowl can be created using aluminum foil or a socket. Or, you can cut the bottle cap and insert a normal downstem. 

How do you make a bong bowl out of foil?

You can make a bowl with aluminum foil by folding it several times to create a makeshift bowl. Poke some holes into it with a toothpick. 

What size socket do you need for a gravity bong?

You should purchase a quarter-inch size socket, and make a small hole in the cap accordingly. 

Are gravity bongs efficient?

Gravity bongs are efficient because they use large chambers compared to traditional bongs. It also needs very little herb for a satisfactional high. 



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