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How To Pass Urine Drug Tests For THC

Added 16 May 2022

pass your drug test

Appearing for a drug test can scare everyone, even if they don't consume weed. 

And for those that smoke cannabis, it can seem like the end of the world. 

However, don't worry — there are various ways to detox and flush cannabis from your body before taking that dreaded urine test. 

There are various home remedies like drinking lemon or cranberry juice, coffee, etc., but we will focus only on tried-and-tested ways to ensure the best results in this article. 

After all, it can be dangerous to experiment with home remedies, especially if you have to appear for your dream job interview. 

In this article, we will explore several methods to help you pass urine drug tests. First, however, you have to remember that nothing is foolproof, so you may have to get drug test kits to check how your body reacts to the products. But, most importantly, you'll be sure they work. 

Types of Drug Tests

There are various drug tests for cannabis. Before you try to prepare for one, it would help to understand the types of tests, so you're better prepared.

Typically, you'll find four most common drug tests no matter where you reside or are employed. Most employers use these tests since they are usually reliable. However, some are more reliable than others. And your employer can use any of these tests, depending on their resources.

You're probably wondering about drug tests for weed in legalized regions. Unfortunately, some employers demand THC drug tests even if cannabis is legalized, making it problematic for many people. In addition, cannabis or THC, in particular, doesn't leave your system quickly. So, you'll have to be careful indulging in weed, even if it's legal if you work in a company requiring sudden drug tests.

So, you already know that cannabis takes a while to leave the body. But, to know how that works, you'll have to understand the drug tests in detail.

Here are the most common drug tests:

Blood test: 40 days to one month

Urine test: 30 days to 45 days

Saliva test: One day to one week

Hair test: 90 days to 120 days

Blood test

blood test

Blood tests are among the most common drug tests available, but many employers hesitate to use them because of their invasive procedure. However, blood tests are often more accurate than urine tests. Thus, some employers may take this route.

Blood tests must be done by certified lab technicians or practitioners experienced in safely drawing blood. Then, the blood is sent to labs for analysis.

As mentioned earlier, blood tests are very effective and accurate. They can detect THC present in the blood for almost three weeks since usage. Therefore, if you consume weed today, a blood test can detect it up to 3 weeks from today. However, the time depends on the amount of cannabis you use. So, for example, if you are a heavy user, it can take longer than three weeks for the THC to leave your system. Blood tests can also detect nicotine and alcohol in the blood.

Urine test

Urine test

A urine test is another popular way to check for drugs in your system. Many employers use urine tests simply because it is easier than blood tests. Although not as accurate as blood tests, urine tests are popular because they are quick.

Medical practitioners will collect your urine samples and send them to the lab to do a urine test. You can also go to the lab and provide the samples. However, it is not allowed to take the sample at home. It's also mandatory that the samples are fresh since old ones will not be accurate in detecting the presence of drugs. Even samples collected just a few hours before the testing will not be suitable due to temperature fluctuations. They will also check for other indicators, including pH, creatinine, color, and temperature.

Some employers will demand sudden urine tests so that there is no possibility of swapping the samples with other samples. Some users may also try to dilute the samples with water; however, it's of no use since the urine samples will be rendered useless. Employers will often check for alcohol, opioids, methamphetamines, THC, and opiate usage through urine tests to detect various substances.

As mentioned above, urine tests will detect cannabis for about 1-6 days, even when you use it occasionally. For regular users, it may show up at least for three weeks; however, it can detect up to six weeks if you're using cannabis every day.

Urine tests don't detect THC per se; instead, they detect other metabolites found in marijuana.

Hair test

hair test

Hair tests identify whether the individual has used the specific drug previously. They are the most accurate that show drug usage anywhere from a week to 120 days. Thus, if you use THC today, you will test positive even four months from today.

Hair tests are considered accurate because metabolites tend to penetrate the scalp's blood vessels and remain there for an extended period when the user consumes any drug.

However, many individuals refuse to get a hair test done because it doesn't analyze the use of a substance. For example, if you consume THC today and go for a job interview even after two months, the hair test will affirm the presence of THC in your body. However, it fails to analyze the period of usage. So, even if you smoked a doobie at a friend's party four months ago and remain clean the rest of the time, hair tests can still tell a different story. The problem is that the user cannot remove the substance from his hair no matter how much he washes himself. 

Hair tests can also detect methamphetamines, cocaine, cannabis, PCP, opioids, etc. However, the process takes a long time, so many employers use other forms of drug tests and usually avoid hair tests.

Saliva test

saliva test

A saliva test detects many drugs; however, it only does so if the user has used them in the past seven days. In addition, saliva tests detect cannabis only if the individual has used it in the past few hours. Thus, if you've used cannabis a few days before, you don't need to worry about a saliva test if your employer chooses to use it.

The user needs to spit into tubes to collect samples to conduct a saliva test. Or, a medical practitioner will take your mouth swab as a sample.

Why are drug tests required?

Why conduct drug tests

It is natural to question why you need drug tests, even in locations where cannabis is legalized. The good news is that the legality surrounding cannabis is changing dramatically in many regions. But the bad news is that several employers are becoming increasingly strict regarding cannabis use in their organizations. Some employers are against even using CBD.

So when do employers usually require a drug test? Typically, most employers ask for drug tests when starting your new job. However, it's not uncommon for employers to ask for sudden drug tests, making their employees fearful of using cannabis even occasionally.

Again, the good news is that most employers ask for urine tests. Therefore, if you don't use cannabis daily, you don't have much to worry about. Of course, many individuals argue that drug tests invade their privacy, but it all boils down to whether you want to keep the job or not.

Regardless of what you think, companies are required to do drug tests for a variety of reasons, including:

Job safety

Businesses, especially in the software field, require employees to possess many skills. The employees should be team players and deliver swiftly. Even if you are not in the software field, your employer expects you to be in the right frame and agile when you go to work. Consuming cannabis can make you creative, but the employers are just following the organization's rules. Other organizations requiring employees to handle heavy machinery will also ask for drug tests to ensure their safety.

Law requirements

Although legalized in many states and countries, weed is still a federally illegal substance in countries like the United States. Therefore, Government and healthcare organizations must do drug tests, and failure to do so will result in legal consequences.

Safety of others

While it's not true for drugs like cocaine, methamphetamines, heroin, etc., most users under cannabis influence rarely pose a problem to others. However, as mentioned above, other employees may not appreciate their fellow employees using a federally illegal substance despite the legalization.

Although unfair, an organization can terminate your job if it has a strict policy to maintain a drug-free atmosphere.

What happens if you run out of time to prepare for a drug test?

Run out of time for a drug test

You have been applying for a job you love and a call for an interview comes out of the blue. Even if you are an infrequent cannabis user smoking an occasional joint, you might panic. However, there is no need to worry because there are a few ways you can get out of this fix.

If you have enough time to appear for an interview, you can do a detox, but if there's absolutely no time, you will have to try other things to ensure you pass the drug test.

Note that the methods mentioned here apply only to cannabis users as we have no idea about other substances.

Assuming that you have any immediate call for an interview, you can try synthetic urine. Typically they are sold as kits, and you can find them online or at local stores if you are lucky.

Synthetic urine resembles real urine in terms of froth, color, and smell. You can use heating pads to ensure the urine remains at testable temperatures. Synthetic urine is legal, and you can buy them if you lack other options.

How to Pass Drug Tests?

How to pass drug tests

You may be looking to pass a drug test if you're applying for a new job. Or, if your employer has the habit of asking you to submit to sudden tests, you're probably wondering how to clear it.

Depending on your company policy, you could be looking at any of the tests mentioned, including hair, urine, blood, and saliva tests.

Right away, we want to let you know that you shouldn't even try to produce false or fake samples. Why? Because you will get caught. Technology, especially with drug testing, is robust, and providing fake samples will put you in more trouble than failing the test.

However, this doesn't mean that you're out of luck. There are specific ways to pass the test with flying pun intended. Here are a few ways to pass the test:

1. Cleanse yourself

cleanse yourself

One of the most common strategies to pass a drug test for THC is to pump yourself with as many fluids. The idea is to consume so much fluid that it dilutes the concentration of drugs found in your urine sample.

Most people begin drinking fluids at least a week or two before their test, but it's not so useful. The best way is to drink a lot of water just a few hours before you're scheduled for the test. Make sure you also consume some vitamin B tablets to make your urine slightly yellow. Don't overdo this, but just about 50 to 100 mg will suffice. Overdoing it can raise the suspicion of the technician who's conducting the test. This is done because consuming lots of fluids will make your urine super clear, making the technician suspicious. It also makes the urine very watery, giving them a reason to reject the sample. However, you get another chance in such cases.

In addition, many users think that niacin, vinegar, and vitamin C help, but there's no substantial evidence to prove that. A strong dose of simple aspirin can reduce the EMIT test's sensitivity to a certain extent.

Remember never to provide the first urine of your day as it will be brimming with drug metabolites that would have accumulated while you slept.

You can also resort to consuming diuretics if you're desperate to pass the test. Typically, diuretics stimulate urine and can help you. Generally, it's recommended that you take prescription diuretics; however, if you don't have access to them, you can try drinking cranberry juice, lemon juice, and coffee as they function as weak diuretics.

If you don't have much of an option and are facing the test in just a few days, you can take potent prescription diuretics that are usually used to counter high BP or blood pressure. However, note that this is the last resort, and you shouldn't do this regularly. Medicines like Lasix are known to help people pass the test, but they can be dangerous if you have diabetes. Needless to say, pregnant women should steer clear of them.

A urine test can also detect diuretics; however, most labs do not check for them unless you're an athlete. If you decide to consume Lasix, take at least 80 mg and drink lots of water. Next, urinate at least 2-3 times, and you're ready to provide a sample. Also, note that this may work if you haven't used too much weed. If you're a daily smoker, you may need at least a week for it to work.

2. Detox kits

Another popular way to pass a drug test is to use detox kits. Depending on the manufacturer, detox kits can range from a one-day to a weekly program. Detox kits that claim to remove THC within just one day will help keep your urine clean for a few hours, while kits that need at least a week will probably work better.

These kits usually include medications to detox, dietary fibers, and other beverages that can flush the toxins out of your body.

Consequently, they also remove THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol from your body. Based on user reviews, detox kits are one of the most reliable ways to remove THC as soon as possible.

Although many detox kits are available on the market, you can check out Toxin Rid. We researched several detox kits, and although many of them may work, this product has positive reviews. 

Detox kits are a dime a dozen but only purchase something that will give you a good chance of passing the drug test. For instance, a perfect detox kit will only remove THC while letting the other indicators remain in your urine sample because samples devoid of every indicator will make the lab technician extremely suspicious and prompt him to reject your sample.

Heavy cannabis users will need at least two to three weeks to reduce THC from their bodies, even after consuming lots of fluids. However, a detox kit like Toxin Rid, for example, claims to remove THC at least 50% faster, meaning you have a chance to eliminate THC within one week.

Remember that it all depends on your body's metabolism no matter what you use. For example, if your body's metabolism is slow, it will take longer to get rid of drug metabolites. But, on the other hand, a faster metabolism will remove THC pretty quickly.

In addition, try not to exercise before appearing for a drug test because THC levels are high when you do so. Similarly, do not exercise for at least a week when you are on the detox program. The detox kit will remove THC by targeting your fat cells. Therefore there is a risk of reversing the effect by exercising, and it will be much harder for the THC to be flushed from your system.

Last but not least, most of these detox kits can be expensive. Depending on the duration of the detoxification program, it may range anywhere from $100 to $200; however, it's a small price to pay since they work well to remove THC and help you pass the drug test for your dream job.

3. Detox drinks

Detox drinks are very similar to flushing toxins from your body by drinking lots of water. The idea is to consume too many fluids to manipulate the urine sample.

Technically you will pass the test if the THC metabolites are below 50ng/ml in your urine sample. However, regardless of how much fluid you consume, it's not possible to eliminate THC completely from your body. So, in short, it will only help to deceive the technician by adding proteins and vitamins artificially to your urine sample.

Detox drinks can reduce the levels of THC in your urine sample just before you appear for that test. Like detox kits, there are many detox drinks available in the market. Here are some of the best detox drinks we have researched, so you have the best possible results.

Rescue Detox Ice

Rescue Detox Ice is available in various flavors, and the main goal is to reduce as much THC as possible. The company, Applied Sciences, instructs that you should refrain from eating anything about five hours before appearing for your test. They also recommend that you stop consuming cannabis at least two days before taking the test.

These drinks are neon-colored, possibly due to the addition of artificial flavors. Your urine sample may also reflect that.

The company has different doses depending on your body weight. They also recommend refilling the bottle with water twice and drinking it within 30 minutes for a better chance of clearing the test. However, they also advise not to drink too much water as it will make your urine sample watery and devoid of any color, raising the suspicion of the technician.

Make sure you consume Reduce Detox at least 90 minutes before appearing for a test because the drink starts working only after 90 minutes and can extend up to four to five hours.

Mega Clean

Another popular drink in the detox category is mega clean from Detoxify. Mega clean has the reputation to work about 60 minutes after you consume it; however, it's best to be on the safer side and drink it at least three hours before you appear for your test since it's supposed to be at its peak at three hours. Don't worry, this Detox drink may work up to five hours, so you can plan beforehand.

Once you finish the bottle, refill it with water and drink it again within 15 minutes. You will urinate at least twice or thrice to remove the toxins from your body, which means that the Detox drink is working as it should.

Make sure you stop indulging in cannabis at least two days before drinking Mega Clean. However, Mega Clean is meant only to pass urine tests and will not work for saliva, blood, and hair tests.

Summary: How To Pass Urine Drug Tests For THC

You're probably tensed even after trying various methods. But, the only way to pass that test is to relax. As mentioned earlier, get a few drug test kits, try some of the methods mentioned above, and go to that test with confidence. 

Last but not least, do not buy fake samples as it can have various consequences. Synthetic urine should be your last resort if no other option is available. 




Pro Tip for Urine Tests: Many labs test creatinine levels to see if the tested individual is intentionally trying to dilute their urine by drinking lots of water or other fluids. You can add a scoop of creatine powder to your drink before testing to help avoid low creatinine levels in your sample.