How To Smoke Hash: Best Ways For Using Hashish

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Cannabis users are not new to concentrates. 

If you’ve been using cannabis for a while, you’ve probably tried some type of concentrate or another. Too bad if you haven’t because concentrates are not only potent, but they are tasty and give you the best high. 

Today, there are so many types of cannabis extracts or derivatives that it’s hard to keep up with them, but one concentrate that hasn’t and will never lose its charm is hash. 

Hashish or hash has been used for centuries for medicinal, recreational, and religious purposes in many parts of the world, particularly Asia. Veterans still love hash, no matter how much you hype a new concentrate. For many users, nothing can replace hash — and for good reason!

Excellent hash tastes wonderful and is sticky, smooth, and super potent. You’ll have a hard time going back to traditional cannabis flowers once you get your hands on some dank hash. 

If you’ve used cannabis for a while, you probably already know how to use hash, but if you’re new, you’re perhaps wondering how to smoke hash. Smoking hash is an enjoyable experience, especially if you like high-THC cannabis products. It's found in several dispensaries and sold online by extraction companies as well, so you won’t have a hard time looking for it. 

But, how exactly do you use it? Do you cut it into smaller pieces and roll it into a joint? Do you heat it? 

No matter the questions, today we will discuss how to smoke hash in various ways. Read on, and don’t forget to tell us how you do it in the comments below!

What is Hash?

What is Hash?

Hash, also known as Hashish, is nothing but a concentrate that’s made using only the trichomes of cannabis buds. It can come in a variety of colors and textures. For example, you’ll find that some types of hash are dry and crumbly whereas others are full of resin, sticky, and resemble cannabis paste. Of course, it’s not really a paste, but you get the idea!

Hash is super popular because it offers a bang for your buck. You only need a little to soar high. Typically, most users consume hash through pipes, and bongs or dab it in rigs. 

Although regular hash has been popular for ages, new types of hash such as bubble hash have become extremely popular. This method does not require solvents, unlike the production of isolated or full-spectrum cannabinoid products, but solvents are used in the production of extracts like cannabis wax and oils. Hash oil is a favorite among various cannabis users. 

Modern extraction techniques have greatly increased the potency of hash. For instance, you can get the effects of an entire joint with just one drop of hash oil! Hash is made in various ways, but no matter which method you choose, it’s powerful and should be used with care. Needless to say, the negative effects are greater than regular flowers just like the positive effects. 

Hash has been a crucial part of various cultures throughout history. From the Middle East to India and the Himalayan regions, hashish has been produced for centuries with each area adding its own touch to this coveted extract.

Hash was introduced to Europe only in the 18th century and became a hit among artists and other creative communities. Despite the passage of time, hash remains a popular way to consume cannabis, thanks to its distinctive flavor, texture, and effects.

Here are the different types of hash you’ll find today:

Dry Sift Hash

Dry Sift Hash

As you know already, any extract made using only the trichomes is considered hash. For the unaware, trichomes are the bulbous structures found in cannabis flowers. They usually resemble small mushrooms with bulb-like heads. 

Typically, hashish is produced by compressing the resin found in regular flowers. The resin is compressed into small blocks or bricks. Dry sift hash is just another variation. It’s a simple and secure concentrate to produce at home. The process involves removing the trichomes from your cannabis buds through several mesh screens of varying sizes. After the trichomes are separated, you can consume dry sift hash by smoking it through a pipe on its own, sprinkling or mixing it with joints, dabbing it, or using it in edibles. 

In short, dry sift hash is nothing but kief. Kief is the fine powder found at the bottom of your grinder every time you grind some cannabis. Most users wait for a bit of kief to collect at the bottom and then store it in glass containers to extend the shelf life. You can compress it like hash coins or blocks, call it dry sift hash, and nobody will know. 

Basically, this is how dry sift hash is produced, although companies use other techniques including mesh screens to separate trichomes rather than depending on grinders. 

What makes dry sift hash so popular is that it’s easy and affordable to make at home, especially if you’re a grower. It's a great way for growers to use their sugar leaves or trim. Otherwise, you can wait for the kief to collect in your grinder and use it just like dry sift hash. 

Dry sift hash enjoys a solid presence in the cannabis community and is as potent as the traditional hash. You can use it in dabs, heat it to make edibles or just sprinkle it on your pipe and enjoy. 

The process of producing dry sift hash isn't complicated. If you want to produce high-grade dry sift hash, one option is to purchase a pollen box and some micron bags meant to sift the hash. 

A pollen box is nothing but a grid of mesh along with a small container to collect the hash. Typically, it agitates the herb or dry material to remove the trichomes. Since they are relatively cheap, you can purchase them and make excellent dry sift hash at home. You can also use several micron bags with varying sizes to make premium products. The more you sift, the less the quality, so you can sift a bit to get premium hash at the beginning, separate it, and then continue to make more hash. 

Ice Water Hash

Ice Water Hash

Bubble hash has its charming name due to the small bubbles it creates when heated, which can also be used to determine its quality. Unlike other forms of hash, bubble hash is produced without solvents, so it's safe to produce and consume it. Therefore, it’s one of the best types of hash you can make at home. 

Bubble hash is also considered one of the purest forms of hash, as long as you use good-quality marijuana. If you want to purchase bubble hash, ice water hash, or water hash, it’s best to do it from specialized companies excelling in producing resin. 

In addition, what makes bubble hash special is that it’s the best way to preserve terpenes. Terpenes are akin to essential oils in the cannabis plant. That instant earthy, spicy, fruity taste you get when you light up? Those are terpenes. If the buds are dried and cured well, you get to taste fantastic cannabis. Many people prefer hash due to this very reason — taste. And, bubble hash tastes impeccable. Also, contrary to myths, you can agitate the plant all you want and still retain the terpenes as they don’t dissolve in water.

So, how is bubble hash made? Well, it’s made with filter bags of different micron sizes to separate the buds/dry material and the trichomes. Now, trichomes are different from terpenes. Trichomes are resinous and separate easily when introduced to ice-cold water. Therefore, when you agitate the plant material, the trichomes float in the water. 

Companies use sophisticated machines to extract the trichomes, but regardless of the method used, the goal is to extract the purest form of trichomes containing the highest concentration of cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD. Once the extraction is complete, the resulting hash can be used for a variety of purposes, including smoking, vaporizing, or even for cooking and baking. The potency and purity of the hash will depend on many factors, including the quality of the plant material used, the extraction method, and the skill of the extractor.

If you plan to make bubble hash at home, you can refer to this guide we posted. 

What’s The Difference Between Cannabis Flower Vs. Hash?

What’s The Difference Between Cannabis Flower Vs. Hash?

Since both hash and buds are from the same plant, what sets them apart?

To put it simply, hash is a derivative of dried cannabis flowers. A product that’s much more potent than the buds are created by isolating and compacting the trichomes. On average, cannabis flowers contain 10-20% THC, while it’s not uncommon for hash to boast of 20 to almost 50%, and bubble hash can even exceed 60%! Hash packs a serious punch!

Another difference between buds and hash is their texture and appearance. Buds are usually fluffy and green, while hash is denser and darker, often appearing as a compact brick or ball. The method used to create hash also affects its potency, flavor, and aroma. 

Whether you prefer buds or hash is a matter of personal preference. Some consumers enjoy the smooth and flavorful smoke of buds, while others prefer the potent and fast-acting effects of hash. Regardless of which you choose, it's important to remember that both buds and hash can have different effects depending on the strain, growing conditions, and the extraction method used. 

While buds are popular for their smooth and flavorful smoke, hash is prized for its potency and fast-acting effects. 

Why Do People Like Smoking Hash?

Why Do People Like Smoking Hash?

Cannabis users love both weed and concentrates but some people have a preference for hash over buds for several reasons. Some of the most common include:

  1. Potency: Hash typically contains higher levels of THC and other cannabinoids compared to buds, leading to a more intense experience for some consumers. Hash also contains more terpenes. Although hash is more expensive than buds, users tend to focus on potency and quality over quantity. 
  2. Quick onset time: The faster onset time of hash, due to its concentration, can be appealing to those seeking quick relief from symptoms such as pain or anxiety. This is very much like people choosing to vape or smoke compared to consuming edibles as edibles take a long time to display effects. 
  3. Aroma and flavor: Hash can have a unique and distinct aroma and flavor, which some people find more appealing than the scent and taste of buds. As mentioned earlier, hash has a higher percentage of terpenes that enhance the flavor and aroma a lot more than regular buds. 
  4. Versatile: Hash can be used in various ways, including smoking, vaping, or cooking, offering consumers a range of consumption options. 
  5. Cultural significance: For some consumers, using hash has cultural and historical significance, connecting them with their heritage and traditions.
  6. Storage: Hash is easier to store compared to weed because of its concentrated nature. Unlike buds, which can dry out and lose potency over time, hash can be stored in an airtight container without losing its potency. This makes it a more convenient option for consumers who want to keep their cannabis products for an extended period, as they can simply store the hash in a cool and dry place and enjoy its effects whenever they choose. A little bit of hash goes a long way so users can store larger amounts of hash in small containers, making it a more space-efficient option. 

That said, people always prefer high-quality products, whether it’s weed or hashish. For instance, you wouldn’t go for low-quality hash over high-quality buds, would you? Typically, most types of hash are pure since high-grade buds are used to extract the trichomes efficiently. 

If you purchase hash from a reputable source, you can rest assured that the product will preserve cannabinoids, terpenes, and other goodies the plant has to offer. However, if you go for cheap sources, even hash may be contaminated with impurities that affect both the safety and potency. 

Another aspect that makes hash attractive to some users is its availability. Hash is readily available in some areas, making it easier for users to gain access to them. 

Everything said and done, what triumphs over everything is quality and users will prefer to smoke hash only if it's high quality. Otherwise, what’s the point of paying so much for it?

How To Get Your Hash Ready For Smoking?

How To Get Your Hash Ready For Smoking?

Hash is super convenient to smoke! You don’t need to prepare it for smoking. All you need to do is crumble the hash into small pieces to increase its surface area. If it’s not easily malleable, wrap the hash in some parchment paper and warm it up with a hair straightener for a couple of minutes. Don't overdo it, or you'll have rosin instead! Or, simply warm your block of hash using your lighter for just a few seconds. 

While some people like to smoke hash in its pure form, others prefer combining some tobacco or buds. It’s completely up to you, although a hash joint packed with aromatic buds is going to taste better than just pure hash, thanks to all the terpenes. That said, mixing it with tobacco will enhance the stimulating effect slightly. If your hash doesn’t crumble easily, break it up into very small pieces and mix it with your buds to roll a joint. 

Best Ways To Smoke Hash

Best Ways To Smoke Hash

There are various ways to smoke hash. And, some of them are so interesting you’ll be tempted to give them a try!

1. Smoking Hash in a Pipe/Bong

Smoking Hash in a Pipe/Bong

Smoking hash in a pipe is a wonderful choice as don’t have to spend time preparing anything. While smoking pure hash is great, it can melt up quickly at times and spill through, so make sure you use metal screens. Bowls also work very well as the hash sizzles like it’s being roasted, and you will enjoy it. 

Adding water in a bong or water pipe helps filter and cool the smoke before inhalation, making the overall experience less harsh. To ensure excellent airflow, break up small chunks of the hash. Mixing some weed can also make the experience smoother.

Things you’ll need:

  • A pipe to smoke
  • Cannabis buds, if you like to mix the buds with hash. Or, if you want to use only pure hash, you’ll need a screen
  • Tobacco, if you prefer to mix them all
  • Lighter to light it up

Preparation time

3 minutes

How to smoke hash in a pipe:

Step 1: Prepare the pipe or bong

Smoking hash in a bong is similar to smoking hash in a pipe. If you want to use pure hash devoid of tobacco and cannabis buds, insert your metal screen. If not, sprinkle your buds and tobacco at the bottom for a uniform burn. 

Step 2: Add your hash

You can crumble your hash into small pieces and add them to the flower. Of course, you can add the hash directly on the metal screen as well. 

Step 3: Light it up

Now, light it up, and enjoy the experience just like you’d smoke hash in a bong. 

2. Smoking Hash in a Joint / Spliff / Blunt

Smoking Hash in a Joint / Spliff / Blunt

Hash tastes brilliant, whether it’s in a joint or a spliff. So, smoking hash in a joint is going to transport you to another planet. If you don’t want to use tobacco, break up small chunks of hash and mix it along with ground buds. Cannabis buds complement hash very well and you’ll relish this tasty experience. If you use buds with high THC, make sure you have something to eat as the high can be extremely powerful. We recommend you use low-THC buds to enjoy a good buzz. 

Needless to say, you can also use hash and tobacco together and roll them into a joint similarly. Whatever you do, break up your hash into the smallest chunks possible so the pieces don’t get stuck inside, leaving you frustrated. 

Things you’ll need:

  • Cannabis buds
  • Rolling paper or premade joints cones or blunt paper
  • Lighter 
  • Hash

Preparation time

10-15 minutes, depending on how long you take to roll a joint

How to Smoke a Hash Blunt or Joint

Although pipes and bongs work well for hash, you may enjoy blunts or joints more as they burn evenly. 

Step 1: To start rolling a joint, get your paper and sprinkle some ground buds on it. 

Step 2: Add some chunks of hash and cover it with some buds and tobacco (or not if you don’t prefer). 

Step 3: Add more buds and roll a joint. 

Step 4: Or, you can grind some buds, add some hash, mix it all, and roll a joint. 

Step 5: Light it up and enjoy!

3. Smoking Hash Using Hot Knives

Smoking Hash Using Hot Knives

You’re surely familiar with the traditional method of smoking hash using hot knives if you’re a seasoned user. This method is quick and will leave you high in just a few minutes. 

It’s simple to enjoy hash using this technique using just a few items found in your kitchen. 

Things you’ll need:

  • Premium hash
  • Two butter knives or any metal knife of your choice
  • Blow torch or stove
  • Mouthpiece (anything to inhale the smoke)

Preparation time

10 minutes

How to Smoke Hash Using Hot Knives

Step 1: This is a very old technique and will suffice if you don’t have a pipe or bong or rolling paper. First, get two butter knives. Have a buddy with you if it’s your first experience. 

Step 2: Light up your stove and place the knives on it until they are hot. You can also use a blow torch to heat them. 

Step 3: Place a tiny chunk of hash on one hot knife and then jam it with another knife. 

Step 4: Cover the knives with your mouthpiece and inhale the smoke. You can cut a plastic bottle and use the top as a mouthpiece or a straw will work fine. 

4. Smoking Hash in a Hookah

Smoking Hash in a Hookah

Using hookahs is pretty cool as it seems like you’re practicing an ancient art. What if you combine hookahs with hash? It will be a mindblowing experience and something new. Unlike traditional hookah tobacco, cannabis buds burn too quickly to be used effectively in this setup. However, hashish is the perfect candidate for hookah use, as it burns slowly and evenly, allowing for a prolonged and enjoyable smoking session. 

Things you’ll need:

  • Hookah 
  • Water
  • Hash
  • Aluminum foil

Preparation time

15 minutes

How to Smoke Hash Using a Hookah

Step 1: Fill at least 3/4th of the hookah with water. 

Step 2: Break your hash into chunks or roll them into balls. 

Step 3: Place the balls on the hookah tobacco and cover them with a piece of aluminum foil. Make sure you use a toothpick or any sharp object to poke holes in the foil, and you’re good to go!

Step 4: Now heat the hookah’s charcoal and wait until it’s blazing red hot. Once it’s done, you can enjoy hash in a hookah like you’d smoke tobacco. 

Be careful as smoking too much hash this way can get you extremely high!

5. Smoking Hash in a Dab Rig

Smoking Hash in a Dab Rig

Dabbing hash is one of the most popular ways to consume it as hash is an extract or concentrate that suits a dab. You can dab hash just like you’d dab wax or shatter. Using a dab rig to smoke hash allows for a large hit that is vaporized, unlike burning it in a bowl. It is important to clean your nail after dabbing hash, once it has cooled down. Otherwise, the residue left behind could affect the taste of your other concentrates when switching back to them.

One thing you need to keep in mind when dabbing is that some types of hash can be harder and tough to manage, making it difficult to dab. You just need to warm it up a bit, and you can do so by wrapping it in some parchment paper and sandwiching it between a hair straightener. You can also heat it real quick with your lighter, but make sure you don’t burn it!

Things you’ll need:

  • Hash
  • Dab rig
  • E-nail

Preparation time

5 minutes

How to Dab Hash

Step 1: Make sure your dab rig is ready. Check the water. 

Step 2: Start heating the banger until it reaches at least 350°F to 450°F (177°C to 232°C). 

Step 3: Place your hash on the banger.

Step 4: Suck in the vapor and enjoy dabbing your hash!

6. Smoking Hash in a Vaporizer

Smoking Hash in a Vaporizer

Vaporizing is not the same as smoking; however, vaporizing hash can be even more enjoyable than smoking because you get to taste more terpenes. There are tons of products catering to both dry herb and liquid concentrates on the market, so you can purchase a product that supports hash. 

Things you’ll need:

  • Hash
  • Vaporizer

Preparation time

5 minutes

How to Vaporize Hash

Step 1: First, make sure your hash is soft enough to vape. If not, warm it a bit and break it into very small chunks. 

Step 2: Get your vaporizer out and dial in the temperature you prefer. 

Step 3: Add the hash chunks into the vaporizer’s chamber. 

Step 4: Use the mouthpiece to inhale the smoke and enjoy!

7. Glass and Pin Technique

Glass and Pin Technique

The classic Glass and Pin technique is an old way people used to smoke hash, back when blunts and spliffs weren’t yet popular. Legend has it that people in the Middle East used to smoke hash through this technique. 

Things you’ll need:

  • Hash
  • Pin
  • Straw
  • Glass tumbler
  • Lighter

Preparation time

5 minutes

How to Smoke Hash Through the Glass and Pin Technique

Step 1: Most people use a paper clip as a pin and you can do the same. Simply unfold the clip on one side to make a makeshift pin. 

Step 2: Place the hash that you’ve broken into small pieces on your pin. 

Step 3: Light up the hash and blow away the flame. 

Step 4: Once you see smoke, place the glass tumbler on the hash and wait for the smoke to collect in it. 

Step 5: Lift the tumbler slightly and inhale the smoke and enjoy!

8. Plastic Bottle Toke 

Plastic Bottle Toke 

This is very similar to making a bong, except you’ll be using a cigarette to smoke the hash. You can resort to this technique if you don’t have any other paraphernalia to smoke hash. 

Things you’ll need:

  • Hash
  • Plastic bottle
  • Scissors or knife to poke a hole

Preparation time

5 minutes

How to Smoke Hash Through the Plastic Bottle Toke Technique

Step 1: This method is similar to the Glass and Pin technique where you wait for the smoke to collect in the container so you can take it in. First, make a hole in the plastic bottle so you can fix a cigarette. 

Step 2: Next, place a chunk of hash on the cigarette.

Step 3: Light up the hash and blow it off once it's lit. 

Step 4: Insert the cigarette into the plastic bottle and wait for the smoke to collect inside

Step 5: Once there’s enough smoke, place your finger to cover the hole, unscrew the lid of the plastic bottle, and inhale the smoke. 

Note that this method is not as safe as other methods as plastic is involved. 

Techniques You Should Not Use To Smoke Hash

Just like we have recommended ways to smoke hash above, here are methods that are NOT recommended, whether you’re smoking weed or hash. 

Firstly, never try to smoke from anything containing plastic. Yes, we have put out techniques using plastic above, but that’s just for one use. Never reuse the same plastic bottle again. Even better, just don’t use plastic. This is because we don’t know how plastic can leech harmful chemicals, especially when heated. 

Although you won’t be heating the plastic directly, it’s better to be safe than sorry. In fact, if you’re in a pinch, you can use natural sources like apples to create a makeshift bong. Sure, it may take a little longer to create them, but they are safer than plastic. We have a guide on how to use apples to make bongs, so check it out!

Secondly, stay away from aluminum as much as possible. Instead, use a glass mouthpiece whenever necessary. Just like plastic, you’re going to be heating the foil and it can leach harmful chemicals. Inhaling the smoke can be damaging to your lungs. 


As you can see, there are many ways to smoke hash. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a bong or a pipe. It doesn’t matter if you’re not in the mood to roll a joint. It surely doesn’t matter if you don’t have rolling paper either! All you need is the determination to create it, and you’ll get there. 

The only thing you need to pay attention to is the type of material you use. Try not to use plastic and aluminum so there’s no danger of inhaling harmful stuff. Also, make sure you use premium hash to get the best out of every session. 


Does hash get you higher than bud?

Yes, since hash is a concentrate, it will be more potent compared to regular cannabis flowers. 

Can I smoke hash in a one-hitter?

Yes, a one-hitter is the technique of using two knives to smoke hash, and is considered a quick way to smoke.

Can you smoke hash with cigarette?

Yes, you can mix pieces of hash with tobacco, roll it into a joint, and smoke. 

Does hash smell when smoked?

Yes, it does smell a tad more than regular cannabis buds when smoked. 

How do you add hash to a joint?

Break your hash into small pieces, mix it with tobacco or buds, and then roll the mixture into a joint. 

Can you smoke bubble hash by itself?

Yes, you can! Bubble hash is a fine hash that can be made at home easily. You can smoke pure bubble hash without adding anything to a pipe. 


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I use to like rolling like a third of a gram into a cone like icecream cone shape put pin insinside at tip fat end down tip up and light the bottom it smokes bottom up and smoke travels up hash cone to tip and flow off in 1 stream get a buddy for this one though it burns slow so its a pass back and forth method
Old school smoking hash under a glass is classic. Place a pin through a small piece of cardboard and tape it in place. Add hash that will stay on the pin head, light and cover with the glass. The lack of oxygen will put out the flame. Use a straw or tilt the glass to inhale. After clearing the smoke and you find your glass empty of hash, you have either inhaled it, or your couch has a hot coal of burning hash melting a hole in it.
I've always thought its dumb ass to call it kief or a pollen press its Not pollen its all trichomes aka hash thats it period