How To Smoke Weed Out Of An Apple

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If you've used cannabis for a long time, you probably already know how to smoke weed out of an apple.

An apple? Why use an apple to smoke cannabis, though?

Well, what do you do when you've forgotten to buy rolling papers? What if you've just broken your bong?

You can have all the weed in the world but it's useless if you can't smoke it.

So, what do you do? You turn to your good ol' kitchen because you can use anything from pineapples to apples to smoke weed!

The best part is that you can do this anywhere — on a camping trip or a sesh with a friend when you want to try something new.

But, how exactly do you smoke weed from an apple? This article will tell you how!

What is an Apple Pipe?

how to smoke from an apple

Any cannabis connoisseur knows about an apple pipe. Ask anybody who enjoyed during the 60s and the 70s and they'll regale all their wild times!

For the unaware, an apple pipe — also referred to as an apple bong sometimes — is a homemade or DIY pipe made using an apple. In short, you smoke weed through an apple. Also, note that apple pipes and apple bongs are not the same. While bongs use water to function, pipes don’t do so and offer a direct connection between the smoke and the user’s lungs. 

Typically, apple pipes are better than DIY pipes made out of aluminum soda cans or foil. They are much better than aluminum pipes too. They are much healthier, considering how aluminum is notorious for leaching toxic stuff. Since you’ll light up the pipe and smoke it, you’re bound to inhale all of that. 

Comparatively, apple pipes are better. In addition, they are discreet, allowing you to smoke up wherever you want without having to carry smoking paraphernalia around. Most importantly, they are cheap, disposable, and come in handy when you don't have anything else to smoke including papers, pipes, bongs, etc.  

Imagine you’re traveling to some location. Not only is it risky to carry smoking papers, but you don’t want the evidence of consuming cannabis in the form of bongs and pipes either. But, an apple on the other hand? Nobody can be suspicious or trouble you for that. Plus, it’s easily available no matter where you go. 

How did the Trend of Smoking from an Apple Originate?

trend of smoking from an apple

There’s no specific time or date you can point to identify when this unique trend began. However, legend has it that this technique was invented by a group of high-school students experimenting with weed. 

They needed something sturdy that not only allowed them to inhale the smoke but also was less toxic compared to other popular options. Not that they were particularly specific about avoiding aluminum exposure, but they were searching for something that could be disposed of easily without raising suspicion. At the end of it all, they could even eat the apple (although we don’t recommend that) and nobody would be the wiser. 

Or, it may have originated from stoners that wanted to try something organic while getting high. And, what better than an apple? High-schoolers have been notorious for stealing apples from their cafeteria just for this purpose. 

What are the Advantages of Smoking from an Apple?


There are many benefits of smoking out of an apple. 

We've already mentioned some of the benefits of using an apple to smoke marijuana but we will reiterate and list some more advantages here.


If you are not a frequent smoker, chances are that you don't want to invest in pipes or bongs even if they're inexpensive. Perhaps you don't want anyone to know that you smoke cannabis.

No matter what the case, you need something that you get rid of as soon as you finish your session. 


Although other marijuana users may figure out what you're up to, it is unlikely for non-cannabis users to identify what you are doing. You can even travel with apples or buy one whenever you're in the mood for a quick smoke.


Many cannabis users resort to aluminum foils or cans to construct a bowl. For example, one of the most common bongs that you can make at home is the gravity bong which requires a plastic bottle and a bowl usually made of foil. Although it’s pretty easy to make these bongs at home, both plastic and aluminum can be toxic to your health. Not only do the vapors from aluminum taste nasty but they are also known to be carcinogenic.

On the other hand, you will not be inhaling toxic fumes when smoking cannabis from an apple. In addition, it is environmentally friendly and can also be composted. So, if you're a believer in nature and love weed as well, an apple pipe is a must-try!


Believe it or not, apple pipes taste delicious, with an apple aftertaste (very subtle taste) instead of the metallic-tasting harsh smoke you're likely to experience if you use aluminum. What's more, you get to taste all the terpenes in the bud, making it a delightful experience. The apple sort of filters some of the bad taste without altering the flavor completely.

Easy to make

Contrary to what you may think, apple pipes are pretty easy to make. All you need are a few household items commonly available everywhere, and, of course, an apple.

Can you Get High from Eating an Apple Used to Make The Pipe?

Cannabis needs to go through the process of decarboxylation for you to feel any effects. Decarboxylation is nothing but the process of heating the buds to activate the cannabinoids.

Since you will pretty much be heating the buds and the apple slightly to inhale smoke, it's natural to wonder if it's possible to feel any effects due to the apple itself. So, can you get high by eating the apple?

The short answer is no. You will not feel any effects from eating the apple. This is because you get high due to THC which is the psychoactive cannabinoid. Now THC is almost insoluble or has low water-solubility. On the other hand, it dissolves in alcohols or fats, which is why you use oil or butter when making cannabis cookies or other edibles.

Since apples have a very low-fat content and almost 84% water, it makes it very difficult for the THC to dissolve. Therefore although you will get high by smoking the apple, you will feel nothing by eating the apple itself. Apart from the distinct smell and taste of cannabis, you will probably feel nothing. Moreover, if you really want to eat that apple, cut off the brown or oxidized parts before doing so. 

What Will you Need to Make an Apple Pipe?

We told you it's pretty easy to make an apple pipe — and rightly so. You only need a few ingredients that we will list below and you have a functioning device that offers great-tasting smoke in a few minutes. Here's what you'll need:

  • One apple
  • Ballpoint pen or screwer or screwdriver
  • Cannabis buds
  • Lighter

How To Smoke Weed Out Of An Apple

Essentially, there are two ways to smoke cannabis from an apple. 

The first technique involves creating a simple pipe where you smoke directly from the apple. So, you remove the stem, make a hole for the bowl and then make a carb hole at the side of the apple. 

The second technique allows you to use just a part of the apple, known as the apple slice pipe, where you cut off a slice, and poke a hole on the top to serve as a bowl. Again, you can poke another hole on the side, and you’re done. 

We will explain both processes so you know exactly how to do it. 

First, assemble everything in the ingredients section, and you can start!

How to Make an Apple Pipe Technique 1: Simple Apple Pipe

This is the first method where you just need an apple and a ballpoint pen to create a simple apple pipe. Other methods require you to create a hollow space in the apple but they need more materials. However, the basic premise is the same.

1. Remove the apple's stem

Remove the apple stem

First, you need to twist and remove the apple's stem. Make sure you remove as much stem as possible.

2. Make the bowl

Make the bowl

Next, you need to carve a hole inside the apple. To do so, you can use the pen and make a hole using just the hollow tube. Or, you can use another device like a screwer or a screwdriver to poke a hole.

Using the pen first make a small hole and then continue pushing until you reach halfway through. The hole has to be made carefully at an angle. You can push the pen all the way to the side to create a mouthpiece in the same step. Do this slowly as the hollow tube will collect bits of apple pieces so you need to remove them and repeat the process.

3. Create the mouthpiece

create the mouthpiece

Next, you need a mouthpiece to inhale the smoke. Choose a small spot on either the left or right side or any area that allows you to smoke comfortably.

Next, take the pen and poke another hole through the side of the apple but make it in such a way that it connects to the hole you just made at the top. To make this easier, you can make a hole from the top to the side at the very beginning when you're creating a bowl. Again, do this slowly and remove the apple pieces from the hollow tube by blowing through the holes if you have to.

4. Create a carb hole

Create carb hole

The last step is to create a carb hole so you can control your hits, but it’s optional. For this, you need to create a hole in a spot where it is convenient to close your finger but make sure that the hole also intersects with the other two chambers you created previously. Do not push all the way to the other side as you need a hole that just connects to those chambers. You can make another extension inside the chamber of the mouthpiece or make the hole at a place that is perpendicular to the mouthpiece.

How to Smoke Weed from a Simple Apple Pipe?

Now that the simple and classic apple pipe is ready, it's time to smoke up.

1. Pack your bowl

pack your bowl

If the hole your made is too large and allows large amounts of cannabis to fall through, you can use a screen. Or, you can place a joint or shooter to make it easier. Some people like to smoke directly from the apple but make sure you don't grind the cannabis too fine so it doesn't fall out. You can use small chunks of buds instead of finely-ground cannabis.

2. Light it up!

light it up

As mentioned, you can smoke any way you want, but it works just like a usual pipe. Light up the weed, and close the carb hole, allowing the smoke to fill the chamber. Next, take a deep hit. You can control the hits with the carb hole — just remove your finger when you want to stop.

How to Make an Apple Pipe Technique 2: Apple Slice Pipe

If you want to preserve the apple and eat it, you can make a pipe using just a portion of the apple. And since you are using just a slice, it's called the Apple Slice Pipe.

Creating this pipe will take slightly more effort than the first pipe but you will find the smoke more delicious. You'll also need a knife to cut off a slice and a skewer.

Here's how you do it:

1. Cut off an apple slice

cut off an apple slice

Take a big apple and cut off a large chunk either on the left or the right side. Ensure you don’t cut too deep near the core. You only want a slice big enough to poke holes and smoke up. 

2. Cut off the edges

cut off edges

Cut off the edges to create a rectangular pipe. This is done so that there’s enough flat space to poke a hole later. Of course, you can eat the edges you just cut off. 

3. Create the bowl

create the bowl

You can use the ballpoint pen you used earlier to make a hole. Or, simply use the knife and carve a small hole on the flat part of the apple. The bowl must be at the top, so you can fill it with the herb. 

4. Create the mouthpiece

create a mouthpiece

Next, make a hole from the flat side of the slice that you created by cutting off the edges earlier. Do it in such a way that it connects to the bowl. Again, you can use a ballpoint pen or a skewer to make a proper hole without breaking off the apple. You can make the shape more rectangular by carving the edges, but it’s optional. In addition, you can make a carb hole to get better control over your hits, but it’s not necessary. Make sure you carve the carb hole at a perpendicular angle to the chamber in the slice.  

How to Smoke From an Apple Slice Pipe

Now that you have the Slice Pipe ready, it’s time to smoke up! 

Here’s how you do that:

1. Fill the mouthpiece with cannabis

Fill mouthpiece with cannabis

Do not grind up your cannabis too fine or you may find it challenging to smoke up. You can also use a screen to ensure that the cannabis particles don’t fall off inside the hole. Also, note that the juices of the apple make it really hard to light up. Therefore, clean the slice with a tissue or paper towel to get rid of the moisture. 

2. Light up your bowl

light up your bowl

Once the slice pipe is dry, light up the weed. This works just like a pipe, so wait for the smoke to fill up inside the small chamber and take a deep puff. It works without a carb hole, but if you’ve taken the trouble to make one, you can use it to control how much you inhale. Close the hole with your finger when you want to inhale and let go when you’re done. 

Summary: How To Smoke Weed Out Of An Apple

Smoking from an apple pipe is a unique experience. As you can see, it’s pretty easy to make a pipe using any of the methods described above. 

What makes smoking from a simple apple pipe or a slice pipe a delightful experience is its simplicity and slight apple taste. Plus, you can do it on the go if you don’t have the equipment required to smoke up. 

If you mess up somehow, try again until you get it right, and you’ll be smoking weed from an apple in no time!


Can you use the same apple pipe again?

Yes, if you’re smoking on the same day. However, it’s best not to use the same pipe repeatedly because the apple will rot!

Is an apple pipe better than a normal pipe?

Yes, since you’re going completely organic. However, you probably won’t be making a pipe every time you want to smoke, so a traditional pipe is better if you smoke regularly.

Does the smoke taste better?

The smoke will offer a subtle taste of apples but it’s almost imperceptible. However, it will taste less harsh than, say, a glass pipe because there’s no resin build-up taste. 

Is it possible to make pipes using other fruits or vegetables?

Yes, you can use anything that’s sturdy and tastes good. Pineapples, carrots, bananas, etc., may serve the purpose as long as you’re able to make the chambers properly. 



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