International Travel: Top 27 Weed-Friendly Countries To Visit If You Want To Get High Abroad

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Have you ever imagined a day when you sit smoking cannabis in a cafe without having to worry about its legality? 

How about a place where cannabis is not only legal but also has residents that are chill towards weed? 

You probably know by now that weed is legal in many countries in the world. But, what if you're residing in a region that hasn't made weed legal yet?

If you want to smoke weed without worry, you have to visit countries where weed is legal. Still, since you're traveling to a foreign country, you'll need to be aware of certain rules as cannabis usually falls in a gray area no matter where you go. 

But it takes a bit of research to understand the rules. So, to save you some time, we have put together this list of countries where you don't have to be scared to light a joint. Of course, no matter where you go, it's best to smoke weed discreetly. 

If you want to travel, refer to his guide to see if it fits your plans, and, who knows, you might book a trip there! Ready to make some amazing, new memories? Let's go! 

Okay, before we begin, it's important to understand that the laws in some countries are unclear. Cannabis is not completely prohibited, yet it has some limitations. In some countries, even where cannabis is decriminalized, you could face repercussions. On the other hand, some countries absolutely detest marijuana and you can even face jail and hefty fines, so we won't talk about such countries here. 

Plus, the laws keep getting updated all the time so refer to the current laws if you read this at some point later. In addition, make sure you read various forums before lighting up a joint in front of people. 

So, this is a list of countries that show you where cannabis is legal or accepted by society at least. This list was longer before but things have changed in quite a few countries now. Thanks to COVID and even the war, it's best you prepare yourself to visit any country. 

Best Countries to Visit to Enjoy Cannabis in 2023

1. Jamaica

Can you smoke weed in Jamaica

Can you smoke weed in Jamaica? Yes.

Jamaica is one of the hot spots to smoke cannabis, especially if you’re a tourist. It’s the land of Bob Marley, after all! People in Jamaica are pretty chill and consider it a part of their lifestyle to smoke loads of cannabis. 

Like Amsterdam, many people associate Jamaica with cannabis. With the people accepting ganja wholeheartedly, one would assume that the herb was completely legal; however, it wasn’t just a while ago, until all that changed.

A few years ago, tourists could face prison time even with just small amounts of cannabis, but the country saw a major change in its drug laws. In short, the government decided that cannabis was very much a part of their culture. Today, you’ll have many people offering cannabis when you head to a beach and you’ll probably have the best time of your life there. 

2. Canada

Can you smoke weed in Canada

Can you smoke weed in Canada? Yes.

Canada is known to be one of the most liberal countries, especially when it comes to using recreational stuff. The country embraced weed by legalizing it completely in 2018. However, you’d have to be at least 18 to 21 years old to buy legal marijuana, depending on the dispensary. 

In addition, the laws vary slightly, according to the province, just like the laws in the United States. But, the good news is that the government doesn’t consider cannabis illegal and you won’t be facing serious consequences if you smoke privately. The government even encourages people to strictly buy legal weed from licensed dispensaries rather than relying on dealers or other third parties. 

3. Mexico

Can you smoke weed in Mexico

Can you smoke weed in Mexico? Yes, if you can source it. 

Mexico is a bit confusing, especially if you’re a tourist. And this is because the country is yet to take solid action regarding the legalization of marijuana. Although medical marijuana is legal technically, there are no proper rules to get a prescription even if you suffer from an ailment. 

The good news is that the authorities are pretty lax about it and tend to turn the other way. You can possess up to 5 grams of weed but the rules only mention that you won’t be jailed. What about a fine? Well, that depends on various factors including the officers who have charged you. 

4. The United States of America

Can you smoke weed in USA

Can you smoke weed in the USA? It varies from state to state.

The USA took a giant leap towards decriminalizing marijuana in 2012 when the voters from both Washington and Colorado approved the sale and use of recreational cannabis. In fact, these were the first states to take a stance and make weed legal in the USA. 

Many more states followed suit, and legalization was rapid. However, weed is still illegal on a federal level even today and the laws vary from one state to another. For example, people won’t bat an eyelid if you smoke in California but it won’t be the same in Idaho or Kansas where both medicinal and recreational cannabis is illegal. Thus, it’s best to read about the laws before visiting a specific state. 

5. Belize

Can you smoke weed in Belize

Can you smoke weed in Belize? Yes

Like Mexico, the laws on cannabis consumption are kinda confusing. One thing to note is that Belize is very progressive and embraces cannabis, but it’s illegal to sell, buy or grow cannabis at home. 

If you’re caught with loads of marijuana, you could be facing serious trouble, though. However, several reports state that the country could be legalizing cannabis completely very soon. 

What if you’re a tourist? Well, you won’t get into trouble (like jail time). Things have changed a lot since 2017 after the government decided to decriminalize cannabis. So, you can carry about 10 grams or less and there’s nothing to worry about. Of course, you’re allowed to smoke when you’re on someone’s private property (if you have their permission) or your home. 

6. Costa Rica

Can you smoke weed in Costa Rica

Can you smoke weed in Costa Rica? Yes. 

Laws in Costa Rica on cannabis have been vague in the past and you’ll be hard-pressed to find exact answers even today. But, what we know for sure is that the people of Costa Rica are very chill towards marijuana. 

Analyzing the facts, you’ll see that the country’s narcotic laws state that it’s illegal to produce and sell cannabis in large amounts. For this reason, it’s a not good idea to walk around with bags of marijuana. The laws also state that it’s illegal to carry even small doses but they don’t specify the exact dose, so people interpret the vagueness as personal consumption to be legal. Plus, the laws don’t say anything much about personal use. 

However, informally, they consider a small dose as 8 grams, so if you want to smoke cannabis on the beach, it’s best to carry less than the “small dose”. You’ll find many people smoking, so you won’t be the only one doing it. 

7. Ecuador

Can you smoke weed in Ecuador

Can you smoke weed in Ecuador? Yes. 

Ecuador had very strict laws before 2013 when there was no discrimination between drug traffickers and regular consumers; however, all that has changed now after serious overcrowding in prisons along with rallies from human rights groups. The country now recognizes the herb’s potential.  

CBD is legal. Coming to recreational cannabis, you can carry about 10 grams, but one can’t sell or grow cannabis for commercial purposes. You can grow a few plants for personal purposes only. 

Ecuador is still in a phase of transition from criminalizing weed to accepting it openly, but you’ll see many people using cannabis freely, although it’s not as much as in other South American nations. 

8. Argentina

Can you smoke weed in Argentina

Can you smoke weed in Argentina? Yes, but it depends. 

One word that comes to your mind when talking about Argentina is Fifa! Coming to cannabis, though, the country is pretty okay with people using it. Things were tough before 2009 but it took a positive turn when the Supreme Court decided to decriminalize marijuana for personal use, as long as it was in small doses. 

Indeed, the people are pretty accepting and you’ll see many tourists lighting joints. It’s also okay to possess marijuana in small amounts but you shouldn’t cultivate, sell or try to transport large amounts of weed from one place to another — it’s a big no-no.

9. Colombia

Can you smoke weed in Colombia

Can you smoke weed in Colombia? Yes. 

Colombia has a history with weed, and not in a good way. The country has enjoyed the decriminalization of cannabis for a decade — a feat that isn’t true for even many first-world nations. 

Colombia doesn’t penalize or put you in jail for smoking cannabis. Therefore, one can grow about 20 plants if it is for personal use without having to worry about authorities. Colombia is extremely suitable to grow cannabis and you’re bound to grow stunning buds. You can also carry about 20 grams for your own use. 

As a tourist, you can find pot easily, and the people are also very easy-going and friendly. However, never attempt to bring cannabis into Columbia as they tend to check everyone and aren’t kind to traffickers. 

10. Peru

Can you smoke weed in Peru

Can you smoke weed in Peru? Yes. 

Weed is not legal yet in Peru, at least for recreational use, but it’s decriminalized as long as you’re using the herb for your own purposes. You can carry about 8 grams and the authorities generally don’t bother about such small amounts. 

However, remember that although cannabis use is accepted in Peru, you should do it discreetly. They don’t want anyone advertising their stash. They like easy-going people who just enjoy their weed in private spaces. 

In addition, don’t ever get caught selling or growing marijuana, which means that you should use cannabis only at your home or your friend’s house. 

11. Uruguay

Can you smoke weed in Uruguay

Can you smoke weed in Uruguay? Hell, yes!

Uruguay became one of the first countries in the globe to legalize cannabis, so you can expect to use cannabis without grabbing much attention. Weed is easily available in government shops along with a few other controlled substances. 

However, to be clear, you can use cannabis only if you’re over 18 years old. Also, it’s easier to consume cannabis after registering with the government if one wants to sell, buy or cultivate cannabis. Anybody can buy commercial cannabis from pharmacies. As a tourist, you’ll see that it’s one of the best countries that accept marijuana without debate, although cannabis is “technically” not available for visitors. You can carry about 10 grams per week and can also cultivate about 10 plants at home. 

12. Laos

Can you smoke weed in Laos

Can you smoke weed in Laos? Yes

Laos is a beautiful country with gorgeous mountains and breathtaking scenery. If you plan to travel in 2023, Laos should be first on your list, especially if you’re looking to smoke cannabis in a faraway exotic country. 

What sets Laos apart from other weed-friendly nations is that you can purchase the herb from special bars sprinkled across the country. These bars have impressive menus listing myriad substances including magic mushrooms, opium, and, of course, cannabis. It’s not very different from Cambodia that’s famous for its “happy menus” too. 

Truth be told, marijuana is not yet legal in Laos, but nobody really cares and you won’t be bothered by the officials as they encourage tourism. However, don’t try to bring weed to Laos or smuggle it outside the country. Just enjoy a relaxing holiday with your grass, and you’re good to go. 

13. North Korea

Can I smoke weed in North Korea

Can I smoke weed in North Korea? Maybe, but we aren’t 100% sure.

The laws in North Korea are somewhat confusing. Many people claim that North Korea is very easygoing when it comes to consuming cannabis. Farmers in North Korea regularly cultivate cannabis for their use. Also called “leaf tobacco”, it’s not uncommon to see many people using cannabis there. 

However, the laws for visitors are not set in stone. But, if you do get caught, you won’t be punished severely. Agreed, it doesn’t ease your peace of mind, but this is due to a general lack of knowledge and reports that are famous for spreading misinformation. 

Although cannabis is generally accepted in North Korea, you’ll probably be better off visiting other countries where you’re sure about the laws. 

14. Belgium

Can you smoke weed in Belgium

Can you smoke weed in Belgium? Yes. 

Cannabis is a very popular herb in Belgium, but it was also often tightly controlled. There were many efforts to reduce cultivation. However, all that has changed since many countries have been decriminalizing and legalized cannabis. Cannabis consumption has reached record numbers in Belgium, so you know for a fact that it’s widely used there. 

However, although weed is decriminalized, you only get to carry about 3 grams, which isn’t much. Plus, you strictly need to be above 18 years to use marijuana. 

The good news is that you’ll see a lot of products related to cannabis being sold there. But, remember to be discreet as they don’t appreciate people advertising their stash. This also applies to the weed you just bought in Amsterdam! Enjoy your weed in peace and nobody will bother you. 

15. Italy

Can you smoke weed in Italy

Can you smoke weed in Italy? Yes, but it’s risky.

Medical users will have no problem in Italy as medicinal marijuana is legal. But, tourists can’t be bothered about medical weed as it doesn’t apply to them and they only stay for a short while there. 

Cannabis is decriminalized, sure, but there is a gray area in Italy as the local municipalities and the government grapple with each other. You won’t be thrown in jail, but you also can't smoke in public in Italy.  

That said, cannabis is not considered a dangerous drug anymore, which means that if you ever get caught using weed, you’ll probably be fined but you won’t face any serious charges. If that bothers you, consider smoking only in private places including your home so you won’t have to spend money. 

16. Malta

Can you smoke weed in Malta

Can you smoke weed in Malta? Yes

Malta is known to have a great approach to legalizing cannabis. In fact, it was one of the first European countries to legalize recreational marijuana in 2021. As it’s pretty standard to see people smoking in Malta, you can carry about 7 grams; however, don’t mistake this as a sign to smoke in public areas as it’s not okay to do so. 

Like other countries, you’ll do well to use cannabis in private places in Malta. You simply don’t want the attention of other people and authorities. Although the country spoke about setting up a retail system to sell cannabis, it hasn’t been implemented so far. But, home cultivation is allowed and people can store almost 50 grams of cannabis in their homes, which is why you’ll be able to get some quality weed if you ask around. 

17. The Netherlands

Can you smoke weed in the Netherlands

Can you smoke weed in the Netherlands? Yes.

There’s a lot of misinformation about cannabis use in the Netherlands. Many people assume that they can simply fly in and light up joints. However, incredibly, weed is still illegal in the Netherlands, despite what you’ve heard. 

Of course, the Netherlands is most famous for its coffee shops, so you can certainly visit them and smoke privately since weed is decriminalized. But like many other countries, smoking in public isn’t encouraged even in the Netherlands. 

After the COVID-19 lockdowns, the laws may have changed a bit. The country is reworking the laws for tourists and rumors have it that they may ban tourists from visiting their coffee shops, so this may be your very last chance to take a wild, wild trip!

18. Portugal

Can you smoke weed in Portugal

Can you smoke weed in Portugal? Yes.

Portugal set an example to the world by decriminalizing every drug in 2001. This landmark decision helped them control substance abuse, so we hope other countries take notes from them. 

However, don’t expect Portugal to be like, say, Amsterdam where you find loads of coffee shops lined up. This means that you won’t go to jail for using weed, but be respectful and discreet about it. Also, beware of people selling fake stuff in places like Lisbon. Many people report that they sell substances including cocaine, but they are usually fake. Selling bay leaves as cannabis is not uncommon, so it’s best to buy from a trusted source. 

19. Spain

Can you smoke weed in Spain

Can you smoke weed in Spain? Yes. 

Spain is one of the most appealing destinations for cannabis users, thanks to its cannabis clubs. You can smoke weed in Spain, but you cannot indulge in selling marijuana. And, trafficking is a huge no here, unless you want to test fate. 

Many people simply assume that the presence of cannabis clubs makes Spain akin to Amsterdam, but you’ll be sorely mistaken. The Spanish police will not appreciate it if you light a joint in public and become a nuisance. 

However, you’ll have no issues if you consume marijuana in the privacy of your home or any other private setting. Just take in the beauty of Spain, relax, and use cannabis privately. No, there are no fines for smoking cannabis and no jail time either, so you can enjoy your weed without worrying. 

20. Switzerland

Can you smoke weed in Switzerland

Can you smoke in Switzerland? Yes

Switzerland is a dream destination for many tourists who want to lose themselves in freezing yet crisp mountain air. Naturally, you’ll find hordes of tourists every year, but what’s the cannabis scene like?

It is legal to use cannabis in Switzerland, but it comes with a twist. If you love strong cannabis, you’re not going to like it because you’ll find access only to low-THC strains containing less than 1% THC in their shops. Also known as Cannabis Light, buds with low THC are available even in tobacco shops. 

In short, marijuana use is decriminalized in Switzerland, and you won’t be in a lot of trouble even if you’re caught using the herb. Yes, you’ll be fined but it’s usually about $100, as long as it’s just small amounts. However, make sure that you don’t sell or do anything illegal as the tides can quickly turn against you. 

21. Georgia

Can you smoke weed in Georgia

Can you smoke weed in Georgia? Yes

First off, we are referring to the country Georgia and not the state in America. Georgia, a country located between Western Asia and Eastern Europe (between Russia and Turkey), is a great location to visit if you’re interested in tasting various cannabis strains abroad.

Weed is decriminalized and legal to use in Georgia, but recreational use is not legal completely like in Canada or Uruguay. Still, it’s a huge step towards accepting cannabis. Earlier, one could get jailed for up to 14 years if caught with marijuana, but things have changed after the Courts stepped in. 

The country has a superb approach to legalizing cannabis completely, as the Courts have ruled that consuming cannabis should be a free choice for people, and everyone is responsible for his/her own health. 

22. Estonia

Can you smoke weed in Estonia

Can you smoke weed in Estonia? Yes, most likely. 

The narcotic laws in Estonia are crystal clear. They cover psychotropic substances including Cannabis. The drug act states that manufacturing, possessing, and using these substances without authorization is punishable. But, you won't be jailed. Instead, people caught with cannabis will have to pay fines. 

How much is the fine? Well, there's a small twist as it's determined by the cops, and the amount could vary according to the pot you have. In addition, you could go to prison if you're caught with lots of cannabis, so do not indulge in selling or carrying lots of stuff around. 

Some parts of Estonia are more friendly to cannabis. For example, a town named Kanepi also adopted a cannabis leaf as its emblem. But, you still can't sell cannabis here as it's still illegal. You can, however, hold about 7.5 grams of pot and nobody will bother you. 

23. Croatia

Can you smoke weed in Croatia

Can you smoke weed in Croatia? Yes, but with some risks. 

The law of Croatia considers all drugs as the same. They simply refer to substances or plants used to make drugs. Therefore, there’s no distinction between hard drugs like heroin and marijuana, and the user caught with either will be treated the same. Rather than considering the drug in question, the law tends to look at the volume and the intent of the user.

Despite all that, Croatians consume a huge amount of cannabis every year. In fact, the country is at the top in Europe for marijuana use. Fortunately, cannabis is decriminalized for personal use, but you should still be cautious as a tourist since you’ll be liable to pay a fine even if you’re caught with amounts considered small in other countries. Due to all these risks, we recommend you look at other destinations if you have to use cannabis. 

24. The Czech Republic

Can you smoke weed in the Czech Republic

Can you smoke weed in the Czech Republic? Yes. 

Reports from some reputed media sources like the Economist state that the Czech Republic is very liberal concerning drug use and cannabis. Prague, in particular, is even more liberal with barmen selling cannabis below counters and various products with Bob Marley’s face on sale in myriad shops. 

But, the truth is a little nuanced as you can’t freely smoke cannabis in public. Yes, you can possess almost 15 grams and medicinal marijuana is completely legal, but you gotta do it discreetly, which means that you can’t buy stuff and light it up right there like you would in countries friendlier with cannabis. This also means that you can’t smoke in public locations such as cafes or parks. Although there’s no jail time for small quantities, large quantities can land you in prison, so be cautious. 

25. Australia

Can you smoke weed in Australia

Can you smoke weed in Australia? It depends on where you are. 

Australia has been very progressive towards medical marijuana and is considered to be top-notch in commercialization and research. Medical cannabis use has been legal for about two years now. However, recreational marijuana is still not legal. Federally, it’s illegal, but some states have a different stance, just like in the US. 

The good news, however, is that marijuana is decriminalized in many regions of Australia, so you won’t be bothered by anyone for small amounts. The problem is that weed is not found easily in Australia, but you can certainly use some privately if you visit cannabis-friendly states. 

26. South Africa

Can you smoke weed in South Africa

Can you smoke weed in South Africa? Yes

South Africa is famous among cannabis users with strains like Swazi Gold and Durban Poison making you drool. But, is the country okay with its people smoking cannabis? Yes.

South Africa earned a reputation as a very lenient country towards cannabis when they decriminalized the possession, cultivation, and usage way back in 2018. Although the cannabis scene hasn’t picked up or become as famous as Canada and even some regions of the USA, one can enjoy their herb quietly while traveling through the country. Technically, the herb is federally illegal, but you can use cannabis privately, as long as you don't disturb others. 

27. Cambodia

Can you smoke weed in Cambodia

Can you smoke weed in Cambodia? Yes, you can. 

Cannabis use is federally illegal in Cambodia, but the usage is so rampant that it’s accepted culturally. If you go to restaurants, you can even get “Happy meals” that are infused with cannabis. 

So, if you’re okay with enjoying cannabis edibles in peace in public, Cambodia should be a great choice. However, if you get caught with weed, they can enforce the laws according to their convenience, which means the laws are enforced opportunistically. Thus, people unwilling to take the risk should avoid Cambodia. 

Summary: International Travel: Top 27 Weed-Friendly Countries To Visit If You Want To Get High Abroad

As you can surmise by now, quite a few countries allow you to smoke cannabis. Yes, some have just decriminalized it and smoking may just get you a fine, but it’s not nearly as difficult as it was just a few years ago when smoking the herb could land you in jail. 

With countries like the United States of America pushing to release prisoners who were previously caught for cannabis consumption, it’s great news that they are striving for full legalization. 

Still, many other countries can take a leaf from their book and legalize it. After all, cannabis is not as harmful as alcohol and we are only comparing it because alcohol is completely legal. To be honest, cannabis works like a charm for chronic pain and stress relief if you don’t abuse it while alcohol just gives you a nasty hangover. There’s no comparison. Period. 

If you want to visit any of these countries to enjoy a joint in peace, it’s best to read their laws in great detail. Also, just because weed is legal in a certain country, say, Canada, do not ever make the mistake of carrying it with you. Trafficking weed, no matter where you’re caught, will get you into serious problems and you don’t even want to visit the jails of an alien country. 

Please be safe, take precautions and enjoy responsibly!



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