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Check what's new in October 2016

Added 24 October 2016


Hello Growers!

It is time to tell you about the new things we brought to GrowDiaries and the cool updates we’ve been making for the past month!


Grower’s section

Finally we have the Growers section where you can see all the growers that have at least 1 like and also, in the same section you can see a ranking and each growers Reputation. Check it out by going to Growers section!


Grower’s reputation

Your work in GrowDiaries is really appreciated that is why, we have introduced the Grower’s Reputations. It is a very simple, yet fun way of telling who does the most work on our web! More work you do, more you interact with the community, more likes you get, thus your reputation changes! For now, we have 3 reputations:

1.  Newbie – when  you just created the first diary and you got 0 to 100 likes

2.  Apprentice – when you already earned between 100 and 1000 likes

3.  Master – is when you’ve worked so hard and got yourself more than 1000 likes

Also, as you can already see, there are special symbols assigned to each reputation or ranking! Stay tuned because this is only the begging and there will be more reputation rankings! Good luck getting those well-deserved likes! And by the way, now you can like those comments you think it's worth it ;) !

No more GrowScore

Knowing if your diary is alright and rolling it become even easier! Now if you see a green smiling face on your Grow Diary it means you’re good and your diary is doing just perfect! Also, diaries with the green smiling face are eligible to participate in the Diary of the Month!


Email updates

And least but not last, we have created email reminders that will help you stay updated to what is going on with your diaries or on our community in general! Very important so you write a working email when you sign up, or modify it if you did it before, in order for our emails to reach you.

We wish you good luck and good grow! Keep up the good work and we will talk soon again!







Thanks for all the awesome updates and look forward to more exciting updates and grows from our awesome community!!!!!


We are really glad you like them! We will keep working for you to keep up the GoodGrow!



Подскажите где купить семечки?????????????????????? Помогите!


Interesting read! Good to know you guys are making Grow Diaries even cooler! Finally no more grow score, that was a little confusing :) LOL