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It's TIME to VOTE April 'Diary of the Month' with BioBizz

Added 1 May 2017




Vote Now, Growers!

Summer is almost here, and we are so hyped for our Aprils 'Diary of the Month' winners to get thumbed up as much as possible and be awarded for their amazing growing work with some awesome BioBizz stuff! Guess who will determine the winners? As usual, YOU, my Growers! Go check out those TOP Grow Diaries in the AWARDS section and choose the best 10 out of them. You have a limited number of votes, so thumb it up wisely.

The most voted 10 Diaries will be getting a Starter-Pack from our Aprils 'Diary of the Month' Sponsors BioBizz!

Keep your stoner eyes on the good prize, leave some comments below, follow us on our social media pages, and don't forget to read Journal to stay updated!

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