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Premium Cultivars: Explore The Hottest Strains That Light Up Your Grow Room!

Added 29 March 2023

Premium cultivars ice cream cake

What does it mean to be Premium? 

Generally, this indicates that whatever is described using this adjective is the best in its field. That is certainly the case with Premium Cultivars, who offer the very best marijuana seeds for sale online. They bring strains you usually wouldn’t expect to see as cannabis seeds until years later. The best part about it is Premium Cultivars is legit, the real deal, bringing the hottest and most hyped strains, fresh out of the dispensaries and into the grow room.

That’s right, Premium Cultivars’ extensive offering of weed seeds boasts Pink Certz, Permanent Marker, Lemon Cherry Gelato, Cereal Milk, just about every Runtz strain you could ever want or imagine, and much, much more!

But, while other seed banks catch up, there isn’t so much information readily available on how to grow these amazing strains… 

How to make the most of Premium cannabis seeds?

How to make the most of Premium cannabis seeds?

Fear not, growers, the info you need to make the most of your exotic seeds is here! 

1. Use paper towel germination

Paper towel germination is the method recommended by Premium Cultivars. It is a quick and reliable way of germinating cannabis seeds. Of course, it helps that Premium Cultivars’ cannabis seeds are of the highest quality with top-notch genetic stability.

Here’s a quick run-down of the technique:

  1. You need cannabis seeds, tweezers, paper towels, bottled or pure water, and 2 plates.
  2. Wet a paper towel and lay it on a plate - lift the towel to check there’s no standing water.
  3. Position your cannabis seeds on top of the towel, and use tweezers to position them about an inch apart.
  4. Moisten the second paper towel and lay it over the top of the seeds.
  5. Lift both paper towels up at one corner to check there is no standing water on the plate.
  6. Place the second plate over the first, fully covering the seeds and towels.
  7. Store your seeds in a warm and dark place, like a cupboard.
  8. Wait a few days until your seeds have popped a taproot.

2. Understand the grow cycle

There are three main stages to the grow cycle: seedling, vegetative, and flowering.

  • The seedling stage: This comes straight after germination and starts the moment your seeds pop a taproot. You will have to plant your seedlings in smaller pots with whatever grow medium you’re using. The reason for planting seeds in smaller pots, to begin with, is to allow the roots to develop properly and consume the right amount of water and nutrients. 

We recommend you label your pots with the appropriate strain name to avoid future confusion or problems.

There is a tendency for growers to plant their seeds into larger pots used for vegging and flowering so they don’t have to spend extra money; however, this is not recommended. This is because it is easy to overwater your plants if they’re in bigger pots. This works both ways, however, as pots that are too small can constrict root growth and potentially lead to underwatering.

Use a mild feeding schedule for much of the seedling stage then switch to an NPK ratio of 4:2:3 in time for the vegetative stage.

  • The vegetative stage: Here your plants will start to look like actual weed plants. Meaning they will develop full leaves and a consistent plant structure. You will need to give your plants a consistent light cycle for the duration of the vegetative stage. 

We recommend 18/6 - 24/0 depending on whether the strain is photoperiod or autoflower.

On top of light cycles, you will have to increase the nutrient feed to the aforementioned NPK ratio of 4:2:3 for early veg before increasing to 10:5:7 mid-veg and finally 7:7:7 in the late stages of the vegetative stage.

Keep temperatures between 60-86°F and relative humidity between 40-60% for the vegetative stage.

  • The flowering stage: When your exotic Premium Cultivars strains reach the flowering stage, they really come into their own with beautiful bud construction and vibrant hues on full show here. And the smells exuding around the grow room will be tantalizing for sure. But, don’t rush, there’s still a way to go and it’s important you nail the flowering stage.

Let’s start with light cycles, you’re going to want to stick to a rigid 12/12 light cycle for the duration of flowering with a final 48 hours of dark before harvest.

In terms of NPK ratios, start things off with 5:10:7 in early flower and amend to 6:15:10 a few weeks into flower, 5:12:9 in the later weeks, and finally 4:10:7 in the final weeks in the run-up to harvest.

You’re also going to want to keep your grow room temperature between 75 - 79°F during the day and 60 - 63°F at night.

It’s amazing in this stage to see your flowers swell, trichomes glisten and that heavenly smell grows all the more enticing. Once your trichomes turn to a cloudy white or even amber then it is time to harvest! 

Remember to flush your plants with clean water a day or two before harvest if you wish to do so, this will get rid of any lingering nutrients.

Premium Cultivars: Legit Genetics with Premium Quality at Amazing Prices

Premium Cultivars khalifa kush

The company believes that everything is premium except the price! You’re unlikely to find cannabis seeds of such top-notch quality available for sale anywhere else online! In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find any of these genetics for sale online at all. 

Premium Cultivars has an exclusive selection of the hottest genetics that are dominating the dispensary scene along the West Coast. However, far too often, growers get left behind and are only able to buy the older strains after waiting to get in on the hype. Not anymore. Premium Cultivars is bringing the pinnacle of cannabis into seed form available to a wider audience.



why is paper towel method relevant?

It certainly is not faster.. just because you can see it, doesn't mean it isn't occuring at same rate under a substrate, which that rate of growth is determined by biology and evnironmental factors.... and nothing.. absolutely nothing to do with a paper towel - that contains bleach and other substances... ffs, if you are a militant "organic" grower this is just one more example of the hypocrisy, too, BWAHAHA.

While the success rate seems similar... there are more steps, therefore more chances for mistakes to occur with the paper towel method- not a debate.. simple facts.

Sophistry only incorporates greater risks for zero gain.

paper towel method is for those that have trouble with delayed gratification or some sort of insecurity or lack of confidence.

can you bury a seed too far? sure... is that completely avoidable with just a modicum of self-reflection after that 1 mistake is made? definitely.. LOL. There are mistakes you can make with the paper towel method too.. you have to learn the process either way.. why learn a needlessly complicated one that provides no measurable benefit?

the seed will germ just as fast while unseen. To answer the question: "if no one is there to hear it, does a tree falling in a forest make a noise?" Of course it does, you mope(s)... your individual perceptions and senses are not what causes time and reality to occur. It happens regardless of your notice or attention.

you want to use it.. go ahead.. won't make a much of a difference anyway.. but it's hubris to think that just because 'you' do it, that it makes it the superior method.. without any measurements or comparison to control group etc... totally irresponsible to do so. we've got enoguh nonsense tied to horticulture and subset of growing marijuana...

ffs, half the hydro ferts out there are a trash dick product that don't even bother to ph-buffer their products.. then you have mopes claiming the type of acid or base you use relates to consistency of pH ... No.. pH swings occur because of trash-dick fertilizers (or completely unsanitary conditions, lol) whether you use an approriate amount of HCl or COOH will not impact the consistency of resulting pH. White distilled vinager is fine. It absolutely does not "swing" more easily.. that's retarded. pH swings are because the manufacturer either does not employ an actual chemist, or they are obstinate, or they are too cheap.

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@Midge, the article is the one saying you 'should' use the paper towel method. i'ds say use what you are comfortable with, but it's quantitatively true that you add more risk handling it (paper towel mthd) and there's virtually no benefit for doing so except satiating some OCD. Which is a benefit if the person is the type that goes digging after 2-5 days BWAHAHA. a total lack of patience...

paper towel method is good for personality disorders :P


@Creepy_Steve, usually yes, though sometimes, decapitation or unnecessary damage occurs like it can with the paper towel method. We can only do our best and what we are most confident with I suppose.

I always plant directly and use a jiffy with the webbing taken off. I find the holes that come preformed once the jiffy is hydrated are the perfect height for burying cannabis seeds :)


@Midge, definitely but you can peel the shell off.

The point is either process has a small learning curve. one has less inherent risk. you need to learn the right dampness of the paper towel to avoid rot or having it dry out etc... each has some nuance to learn. one doesn't invovled screwing with a tap root and barely sprout that is in general very vulnerable when exposed to environment and even light.

cell differentiation may start occuring due to light exposure, for example, in addition to exposing the tap root to dirty hands, bleach, dyes and such. roots exposed to light will turn into stem.. no longer function as roots. you can see this with any superficial roots that occur.. they don't absorb much water anymore.