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Seeds VS Clones and The Benefits Associated

Added 5 May 2020



When it comes to growing Cannabis, there are several ways to begin indoors. Using seeds and clones both have their advantages, so in this article, we break down the differences between the two, the benefits associated, and what to consider.


The Different Types of Cannabis Seeds

There was once a point where the only type of Cannabis seeds available was regular sexed. It was only until the late 1990s, that feminized seeds revolutionized the way indoor and outdoor farming, allowing growers to save time, space, nutrients, and not need to worry about sexing male and female plants early into flowering. Everything starts from a seed, however, understanding the benefits associated with each type can give you an advantage in the direction you wish to take your project.

The Benefits of Growing From Seed

In terms of practicality, growing from seed can have its advantages over clones. Depending on which part of the world that you live, may also dictate if you abide by a cloning culture, or if everyone works with seeds. In Canada, for example, the importation of Cannabis seeds was banned for a long time, although a strong cloning culture thrived.

In Europe for example, the ability to access clones like in the states at a dispensary is not existent unless you live in Austria. Therefore there is a very underground growing scene where clones are shared amongst certain groups and working with seedlings is often far more practical than sourcing clones locally.

The variety of clones that you may be lucky enough to access locally could be restricted to a few flavors. With seeds the option to grow a huge variety of cultivars at once is possible, allowing you to maximize your grow space, as well as having jars filled with different flavors and effects.

There is nothing worse than receiving contaminated clones, unaware that they have now infested your indoor crop with spider mites. When working directly from seed, the possibility to transfer an unwanted pest into the garden is minimal, saving time quarantining the crop.


The Benefits Associated

  • A choice of regular or feminized seeds are available.
  • Sourcing seeds can often be much easier and more practical than clones.
  • Seeds can be safely sent and put in the mail discreetly arriving at your home.
  • The choice of cultivars available in seed form is enormous.
  • There is no concern about contaminating the garden with outsourced clones.
  • It is possible to take clones from the plants.


Cloning Cannabis

Cloning is an excellent way to re-produce a genetic replica of the Cannabis plant you are growing out. Once a clone has formed roots, it can now be immediately flowered or kept as a mother plant to produce more clones.

Once you have dialed in your cloning technique and have achieved a high success rate of rooted clones. There is no need to buy more seeds or invest any more time in pheno hunting, and on the basis, you have a mother plant around, then you will be able to save money by not buying genetics.

When growing in a Sea of Green, working with clones will often produce the best results as the plants are already well established and will grow small if flowering. Using clones is also a great way to replicate the same results you originally had without any consistency in terpene profile, effect, and yield.


Maintaining Mother Plants

There are some mother plants that have been alive for decades, and passed to growers around the world for the sake of preservation. In order to keep a mother plant alive it is important to keep the plant under a lighting regine of 18 hour-24 hours per day.

You will want to use a large-sized container to allow the plants to establish a prolific root system, produce vigorous growth, and encourage as many new shoots as possible. The more clones that are taken from the mother plant, then the more bushy and generous she will become over time. 

The environment should be close to 24 degrees Celsius, with a relative humidity of 70%.


The Benefits Associated

  • It is possible to take up to a hundred clones per time from a healthy mother plant.
  • Using clones speeds up the growing period as plants are already well established.
  • Clones are perfect for Sea of Green scenarios.
  • The clone will be an exact genetic replica.



There are pros and cons of growing from either seed or clones, with some being more practical than others. Everything starts from a seed so if you can find your keeper clone from a pack of seeds, that you have specifically hunted in the first place, then it makes the entire experience much more fulfilling. Good luck with your next grow if you are working with seeds or clones!



The clone will be an exact genetic replica. Always? My question is for how long and under wich condition will preserve entarerily the genetics?


RplVictorious, if, as long as you have the same parameters of humidity, temperature, and grow it the same, it will be as close as possible. Think that a clone is a branch of a plant, its way of growing may change a little but in everything else they will be identical.


Very good contribution, if I may, I believe that the two options are good, both for variety of genetics when buying seeds, as for clones when it comes to preserving that genetics that you like.
Speaking about production levels, to my mind there is no difference, but I talk both about comparing clones and seeds, including seeds of different varieties more productive or less, I think every plant with a good growth time, good environmental conditions, proper nutrition and good training make a plant produce more, regardless of where it comes from or whatever.
I comment because when it comes to indoor cultivation, even my first crop didn't know you can give it as much growth time as you want. I hope to help someone like me.


i normally grow from seed.
But this last time i made some clones and they are amazing.
Really big and strong if you do it the right way


Clear guide on the differences and benefits of seeds vs clones, easy to read and to apply. Thanks!


Preferably seed... Clones if scrog


Out of 3 Sour Diesel seeds and 2 critical I can see clearly which plants are worthy of cloning, they're absolute beasts compared to their siblings, Unfortunately, for now, I can't as it's down to space restrictions.


Good read :-)