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Spannabis 2022 — GrowDairies’ Experience At The Best Cannabis Event!

Added 10 June 2022


Image credit - Spannabis

Spannabis is one of those events that gets all cannabis connoisseurs worldwide under one roof. Of course, all events have been successful, but Spannabis 2022, in particular, was scintillating for us.

If you love the herb as much as we do, you've probably heard of Spannabis. It's one of the most outstanding cannabis events in Spain — possibly the greatest in the world, according to the organizers, and we believe that too. 

There's a dearth of extraordinary cannabis events globally, and Spannabis aims to fill that gap. 

Here's a complete rundown of why Spannabis 2022 was one of the best cannabis events and how Growdairies was a part of it. 

What is Spannabis?

spannabis event

Image credit - Spannabis

Spannabis is a global cannabis annual event held every year in Spain. They first hosted the event in 2002. Since then, Spannabis has been considered one of the most significant events in Europe. 

Spannabis isn't just about buds. You can find everything related to the herb — from cosmetics to textiles, footwear, hemp construction materials, edibles, concentrates, buds, and seeds. 

Dedicated solely to cannabis, Spannabis has expanded by leaps and bounds since 2002. What began as a small event hosted by an enthusiastic group of entrepreneurs who believed in cannabis is now one of the most significant events you must attend if you love the herb. 

spannabis 2022 event

Image credit - Spannabis

Typically, Spannabis is an event that goes on for three days. Therefore, it gives ample time for cannabis professionals, whether seedbanks, growers, or botanists, to interact with one another and make new friends and contacts to grow further in the industry. In addition, consumers also ​get the chance to meet professionals and give their genuine feedback, making it a win-win situation for everyone. 

Most cannabis users spend their time attending conferences hosted by various professionals. You can visit their stands personally and glean information apart from getting product catalogs and free samples that let you know more about their company. 

It's a fair you simply can't miss if you're traveling to Europe. And, it's not just for the Europeans because you're bound to find people from various backgrounds thronging eagerly to discuss cannabis, do business, and gain knowledge. Now that cannabis is slowly breaking the stigma around the world, Spannabis represents incredible opportunities to growers, seedbanks, and anyone associated with cannabis. The tickets don't cost much, but it guarantees that they're worth every penny. 

Growdairies at Spannabis 2022

Our goal at GrowDairies is to bring growers, breeders, and other companies in the cannabis industry under one roof. We believe in teaching and learning from others, so our platform offers a unique way to set up and track your grow journals. Journals allow you to correct your mistakes and prevent others from making the same mistakes. 

As a platform striving to bring companies, growers, breeders, and every organization associated with cannabis together, Spannabis 2022 was an excellent opportunity to connect with everyone. Although it's the fourth time we are attending Spannabis, it was one of the most remarkable events this year, considering how the previous ones were canceled due to Covid. 

Like us, most people were excited to be a part of an event that welcomed more than 4000 professionals, almost 300 exhibitors, over 300 companies, and countless visitors. The fair went on for three days as always, but it was such a fun event that we wished it continued a bit more. 

spannabis 2022

Image credit - Spannabis

Spannabis 2022 marks the 17th edition of the most exciting cannabis fair we could hope to participate in Europe. The weather was simply beautiful at Fira de Cornellá. With great music, cheery faces, finger-licking delicious food, and, of course, cannabis in every shape and form, we had incredible fun. Just chill vibes everywhere. 

Part of our reason for attending the fair was to meet various professionals dominating the cannabis industry, but we got more than we asked for. We were armed with trophies, mementos, caps, t-shirts, seeds, and many other gifts to welcome several professionals. Our goal was to introduce ourselves to everyone who didn't know how Growdairies is developing as one of the most informative cannabis resources. 

And, we were pleased to know that several growers are already a part of our ever-growing community. A large number of visitors were eager to learn more about growing cannabis. Of course, we had a great time interacting with like-minded growers across the globe! 

Indeed, we were stoked to have so many happy people around us, but what made us even more appreciative is how far we have come since the last Spannabis event. 

The Awards Ceremony

Giving away trophies to master growers and other hard-working professionals was our way to thank them for their incredible efforts. Based on the feedback from our community and our experience and interaction, we had quite a few people to honor. Honest, unbiased feedback from growers across the globe presented us with an opportunity to recognize the best companies in the space. And, what better way than giving away trophies they will cherish forever?!

First, we had the team from Fastbuds for their excellent work in the industry. They have given autoflowers a new dimension. Their Forbidden Runtz Auto bagged the Best Novelty Autoflowering Strain 2022 since it has been the talk of the town for quite a while now. Needless to say, they also collected a trophy as the Best Autoflower Breeder 2022. 

We reserved another trophy for the team from Sweet Seeds for their Speed Auto as the Best Autoflowering Strain 2022. 

Next in line was the team from Barney's Farm that got the Best Novelty Strain 2022 for their fabulous Runtz Muffin. 

Of course, the list isn't complete without mentioning the team from Green House Seeds, who were happy to seize the Best Strain 2022 award for their citrusy hybrid AMS that's quickly becoming a grower's favorite now. The team's passion for breeding great seeds was visible. 

Talking of passion, how can we forget Dutch Passion? We're sure you agree they deserve the Best Breeder 2022 award for their spectacular seeds. 

It was our honor to present Hypno Seeds and Expert Seeds as the Best New Breeder 2022 for their outstanding work. At GrowDiaries, we encourage new breeders to introduce their best to our community. We're particularly grateful to those that have stuck with us through thick and thin. Therefore, Sense Seeds received the GrowDairies Loyalty Award 2022. 

In addition, as someone who understand the growing process well, we realize it's not possible to grow stunning buds without nutrients, grow tents, etc. No matter how skilled, a grower needs to find the best possible equipment to shine. 

Talking of growing equipment, the folks at AC Infinity bagged the award for the Best Grow Tents Brand 2022, while the Mars Hydro team received the Best Grow Lights Brand 2022 award. And, who other than Advanced Nutrients and Biobizz deserve the Best Cannabis Nutrients 2022?

Our time spent at Spannabis 2022 was unique, thanks to these companies and many others that have worked hard to deliver exceptional products. Each of them needs to be cherished, for it's almost impossible for growers to grow the herb at home without support and encouragement from breeders, seedbanks, and companies offering essential equipment. 

All of us, including you, have a part in the future of cannabis. We honestly believe that we're just getting started to pave the path for a bright, well-regulated, and safe cannabis industry. We were thrilled to discuss exciting projects with various companies and offer the best for our community. 

GrowDairies is looking forward to the next Spannabis event because we're sure that it will be even more splendid than this one. Until then, we will give our best shot to provide you with everything you need to grow great cannabis in the comfort of your home. 

Last but not least, we thank you, the community that has helped and encouraged us to come this far. We are excited to share more of what we experienced with you all. Summarizing it in one word, it was incredibly fun, so we hope you'll make it more special by joining us next year!