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The Pros and Cons of Using Cannabis Recreationally

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Consuming cannabis is fun and all that, but some users can get so heavily involved and eventually become what is known as a 'stoner'; a person who regularly consumes cannabis. Developing a recreational cannabis habit doesn't always have to be a concerning thing if it is managed safely, but it all depends on how far down the rabbit hole the user goes. This article informs you of the pros and cons of getting involved in cannabis and why it's important to take care not to overdo it so you can enjoy using it on a recreational basis.

Trying Cannabis For The First Time

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Taking your first hit on a joint can be an exciting time and you may be so taken away by the experience that you already know you will be trying it again sometime. Consuming cannabis for the first time isn't going to be the same for everyone and people do indeed feel the effects of cannabis differently.

During those first moments with cannabis, you may not be aware of how much it can change a person's life. It may seem like a dramatic perspective, but it is worth mentioning nonetheless. Getting involved in cannabis has helped many people recreationally but it has done the complete opposite for others. 

Whether cannabis is for you or not will be up to you and your decision to try it again will partly come down to those first experiences. You may enjoy it so much you find it becomes a part of your recreational lifestyle, or you may dislike it and decide to never try it again. Others may try it here and there when it pops up in their life. The important thing is to take it step by step and not go in too heavy or you may end up ruining it for yourself.

Using Cannabis Recreationally

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Using cannabis recreationally can come about for many different reasons and every consumer will have their own story about how they got into it. However you start/started, knowing how to use cannabis safely can lead to a positive life of recreational use. Although recreational cannabis use is considered safe, if it is abused it can have serious consequences on one's life.

Recreational use is keeping it at that level where you're not constantly craving it or feeling the need to be high all the time. Whether you're meeting with friends or enjoying some alone time, cannabis can indeed help to improve our social or personal lives but it's trickier when the person is high all day every day.

People who get heavily into cannabis (consuming multiple times daily) very often develop a laid-back character that can lend itself to poor organization or motivation, resulting in unproductivity and a lack of drive.

The Pros and Cons Of Using Cannabis Recreationally

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It can be difficult to say whether recreational cannabis use is good or bad and much of it is relative. The best thing to do if you do notice negative side effects from consuming weed is to stop completely, and/or try a different product. Here are some of the potential pros and cons of using cannabis recreationally.

Pros of using cannabis recreationallyCons of using cannabis recreationally

-Great way to connect with people, socially interact and relax (although the opposite can happen)

-It can help one be more open-minded.

-Plenty of health benefits and shows potential for treating many illnesses, diseases, and pains.

-Good for relieving stress.

-Can unlock creative potential.

-Cannabis heightens senses and stimulates the pleasure response.

-Good for the economy.

-It can have a negative impact on the formation of short-term memories.

-A cannabis habit can get expensive unless you grow it yourself.

-May induce side effects such as paranoia, anxiety, memory loss, depression or addiction.

-Impaired judgment

-Smoking cannabis regularly can be bad for the respiratory system and health.

-May have an effect on one's productivity and motivation

Tip: Bear in mind that the quality of the weed, the quantity and the physiology and mind of the person consuming all have an effect.

How Often Should I Consume Cannabis?


As the old saying goes, 'everything in moderation'. One has to remember that cannabis is a mind-altering drug and therefore it is best not to use it too frequently unless you need it for medical reasons. Otherwise, your lifestyle may become affected, for better or worse. Heavy cannabis use can lead to a number of negative side effects, as we saw earlier.

Consuming more than 2-3 times per week would be considered recreational use, but casually consuming it on occasion also counts. It is once the use turns into a dependency or disorder that it is no longer recreational. 

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Recreational cannabis use should be enjoyable and like drinking a fine wine or having a beer at the end of a long day, it can really help the user unwind and loosen their inhibitions (not encouraging alcohol consumption). It gets complicated once a person starts depending on weed to achieve their daily tasks.

Cannabis is best consumed when it doesn't interfere with your day-to-day life. Consuming weed after a long day at work is unlikely to have much of a negative impact if everything else in your life is in order, but when we're not careful cannabis use can lead to what people would call 'escapism', where we can start to avoid chores and other important tasks in our lives.

Tips For Keeping A Recreational Cannabis Habit Safe

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Trying cannabis at an early age comes with all sorts of risks but the main one we want to talk about is developing a recreational habit before letting the brain fully develop. A teenager may not realize the implications of having a few puffs but there is always a risk that the first go leads to another, then another. This is not to say this happens to every user, however, there are plenty of stoners out there who never stopped since they started.

Tips for keeping a recreational habit safe:

  • Choose family and friends before weed.
  • Avoid consuming cannabis in the morning.
  • Stick to light doses to avoid negative side effects
  • Give time between smoke sessions so your tolerance doesn't build up too quickly.
  • Keep your cannabis life separate from your job or work, unless your job is in cannabis.
  • Be conscious of how much you're spending on cannabis.
  • Don't put yourself into situations you don't want to be in, especially when you're high.

Starting young can have a big effect on the way the person is able to store memory short term, as well as their cognitive response and reflexes. The person's ability to experience pleasure may diminish over time as their natural dopamine levels drop. Heavy users can eventually become short-tempered and irritable, especially if the person is going through withdrawal.


There are many affecting factors when it comes to recreational cannabis use and the pros and cons for you may be different from your neighbor. Just remember not to over-do it and be aware of how it is affecting your life, so you know whether it is beneficial/safe to continue or not.

If you found this article useful and have any thoughts on recreational cannabis use, then why not drop us a comment down below?

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Disclaimer: This article does not provide medical advice. It is intended for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

This article was updated April 2021.