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Cannabis users have evolved over the years. Many users are switching to high-tech devices like vaporizers, but a large section of people still love good ol' joints.

Talking of joints, the first thing that comes to mind is a rolling paper. You just can't do without them. Rolling papers can make it or break it for you.

While a classic rolling paper can enhance your experience and leave you wanting more, cheap rolling papers are an instant turn-off.

Old-school cannabis enthusiasts will attest that weed tastes best when rolled in a thick fat joint or a blunt, and we agree. But, you need some fantastic rolling papers to experience the magic.

Zig ZagHigh-quality rolling papers can take your smoking experience to the next level, and in some cases, make you look like a badass. Suffice it to say that they reflect your smoking style. And bad ones — they ruin the flavor, are hard to roll, and just make your joints look ugly.

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about rolling papers and why they are important. We will point you towards the best rolling papers you could get your hands on and mention sizes too. At the end of it all, you’ll be aware of everything you need to know about rolling papers, so read on. 

A Bit about Rolling Papers…


Image credit - Pay Pay

Rolling papers are nothing short of art forms today, but our ancestors weren't so lucky.

They were a poor man's alternative to cigars in the olden days. Many people used pipes, but they ultimately relied on newspapers to make cigarettes. Finally, papermakers recognized the demand and created papers to roll tobacco — an expensive commodity. 

Legend has it that Pay Pay is one of the first companies to sell rolling paper. Several Spanish paper factories began producing them in the 1500s. The technology spread to other parts of the world when a Frenchman named Alexandro Lacroix took a bunch of papers back home to France. Later, the Lacroix company got its blessings from Napoleon, who supplied his army with clean and crisp papers far better than newspapers laden with lead.

And that's how the craze of rolling papers began.

If you use cannabis, you already know the importance of rolling papers. Even a slight difference in size makes a huge difference. For example, a beginner can find it very difficult to roll a joint with ultra-thin rolling papers, whereas an expert can do it in a jiffy.  

In addition, many health-conscious users use hemp rolling papers due to their advantages. Also, there are many types of rolling papers in various shapes and sizes, and getting the right one for you can be confusing. In this guide, we will look at every aspect of rolling papers, from the materials used to the sizes so that you can roll that perfect joint.

Types of Rolling Papers

As mentioned already, you'll find several types of rolling papers, so you must choose something that suits your fingers and experience. Next, you will have to consider the size of the joint you want to roll. Are you looking for thick ones or small ones?

Remember that it’s essential to check how the paper burns. You want something perfectly balanced — paper that neither burns too quickly nor too slowly.

Sometimes, you could do everything right but end up wasting a few papers because it's all about how experienced you are. Like everything else, practice gets you rolling better, but don't underestimate the time required to achieve mastery. Once you do, though, your fingers that refused to follow your command will suddenly become nimble and deft at rolling beautiful joints.

You can also choose rolling papers depending on the material used to manufacture them. Of course, nobody says that your rolling paper has to be made of paper. Just look around, and you'll see different types of materials used, including wood, flax, rice, and hemp, to create stunning rolling papers.

So how do you know what material suits you the best? Well, only you can answer that question because you'll have to try several rolling papers before choosing something you prefer.

Remember to check the type of glue used to bind the papers. Why? It's because the glue can be made using both chemicals and organic materials. For instance, some rolling papers contain glue made using chlorine, potassium nitrate, and even bleach that can harm you in the long run. That's why you must check the quality and materials used to make the rolling paper before purchasing anything.

Here’s a list of the most common types of rolling papers will find nowadays:

1. Rice Rolling papers


Image Credit - Elements

Beginners will probably find it tough to deal with rice rolling papers, but you might handle them if you have some experience with rolling tobacco or cannabis. The best part of rice rolling papers is that they contain no added flavor, so they won't change your herbs' taste.

Rice rolling papers are made of — you guessed it — rice. These natural papers taste clean and smooth. Remember only to choose unbleached rice rolling papers to prevent inhaling harmful chemicals.

There are quite a few brands making rice rolling papers, but here are a few just to give you a heads up:

  • Elements Rice Rolling Papers

Elements is a great brand if you are interested in rice rolling papers. These papers are super thin and sleek, so you need some practice before getting it right. Elements is one of the best because they use natural gum to bind the papers, unlike many other companies using chemicals.

  • Rizla Rolling Papers

A discussion on rolling papers is incomplete if we don't mention Rizla. Founded by Pierre Lacroix from France, Rizla papers has its own fan base. Although the company initially made rolling papers using tissues, it switched to rice in the 1800s. Not just rice, but Rizla has rolling papers made out of various materials that can catch your fancy. That said, it has a few varieties that use gum laced with chemicals. However, if you want to avoid it at all costs, you can go for Rizla Blue, completely free of harmful substances.

2. Hemp Rolling Papers

Hemp rolling papers

Image Credit - RAW

Rolling papers made with hemp are probably the best out there because you can't go more organic than this. You get organic cannabis rolled in natural hemp paper — what more can you ask?

Hemp is another species of cannabis used for industrial purposes. Therefore, you're purely using cannabis and nothing else by using hemp papers. Also, what makes hemp unique is that it's durable and sturdy. Primarily, hemp is used to make various industrial goods, including clothes, but even the rolling papers are second to none because of their durability. In addition, the paper burns slowly, is devoid of flavor, and completely organic.

Even beginners will love hemp papers because they are so easy to use. Whether you want to roll herbs or tobacco, hemp is superior to other materials. RAW also offers rolling papers made with pure hemp.

  • Pure Hemp

Pure Hemp is a company dedicated to promoting hemp. As a company that has been in this business for more than 125 years, Pure Hemp has come a long way. Their papers are 100% natural, tree-free, and eco-friendly, with natural gum used to bind papers.

3. Flax Rolling Papers

Flax OCB

Image Credit - OCB

Flax rolling papers are made of flax seeds. Like hemp, flax is also used for industrial purposes, and they make excellent rolling papers. Not only are the papers 100% natural, but they are smooth and burn evenly, allowing you to relish every puff. Flax rolling papers are so thin that you can see through them. Compared to hemp and rice rolling papers that are thicker, joints made with them combust slowly.

  • OCB Rolling Papers

OCB is one of the most famous brands of rolling papers. Among their many types, they also offer flax rolling papers that are 100% natural, clean and unbleached.

4. Wood Pulp Rolling Papers

Zig zag orange

Image Credit - Zig Zag

Rolling papers made of wood pulp are fantastic because they are sturdy. However, unlike ham and rice papers that burn slowly, wood pulp papers burn too quickly. Suffice it to say that you'll end up finishing your joints quicker than ever.

  • Zig Zag Rolling Papers

Zig Zag is another company that offers rolling papers made with different raw materials. Their Orange papers are made using wood pulp, but as one of the oldest rolling paper brands, you will be spoiled for choices shopping from them.

5. Flavoured Rolling Papers

Juicy Jays

Image Credit - Juicy Jay's

Not everyone likes flavorless rolling papers. Flavored rolling papers are made just for you if you hate bland joints, but make sure you purchase something that matches the aroma and flavor of your herb. For example, an orange-flavored rolling paper may taste weird if you're smoking a mango Sativa. 

  • Juicy Jay's Liquorice Rolling Paper

Flavored from tip to toe (fully flavored papers, and not just the gum), Juicy Jay's Liquorice rolling papers taste delicious and complement your herb. These rolling papers offer a superior taste profile and subtle sweetness without overpowering the cannabis flavor. Plus, you won’t be tasting any chemicals, either.

The company uses a unique triple-dipped flavoring system to add the flavors, ensuring the paper offers a funky experience without ruining your precious cannabis. 

You’d be surprised at Juicy Jay’s flavor range. They offer various fruity flavors like blackberry, coconut, pineapple, strawberry, orange, absinthe, mint, birthday, cake, and more. If this is your first time using these rolling papers, we recommend getting the Juicy Jay’s Sampler Kit that includes all of their flavors. 

Apart from the flavor, you also get to enjoy colorfully decorated joints as the rolling papers are printed with designs that represent the flavor. Don’t worry — the ink is soy-based, so it’s completely safe to smoke. 

6. Clear Rolling Papers

Glass clear rolling papers

Many users shy away from clear rolling papers because of the assumption that they are made of plastic. However, that's not true. Made of plant-derived cellulose, clear rolling papers are safe to use. Plus, they look cool, giving your joints a naked look. The only con is that they are slippery and tricky to handle for beginners.

  • Glass Clear Rolling Papers

Glass Clear Rolling Papers, as the name implies, look like glass. Made from plant cellulose, the paper is tree-free and burns slowly and evenly. Although not as popular as other papers, give Glass a go if you want to try something different.

7. Blunt Wraps

Zig zag blunt

Image Credit - Zig Zag

Blunts and joints are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same. A joint is made by rolling cannabis with papers, whereas blunts use tobacco leaves for the same purpose. The idea is to combine the effects of cannabis with a heady rush from tobacco. As you can surmise, blunts are harsher and affect your throat adversely. However, one gets used to it over time. Moreover, many companies sell flavored blunt papers to tame the harsh taste.

That said, blunts aren't easy to roll compared to regular rolling papers. You'll need to be quite experienced to be able to roll blunts.

  • Zig Zag Blunt Wraps

Famous for their unique style of interweaving papers in a zig-zag fashion, Zig Zag offers various rolling papers and blunt wraps. Available in many juicy flavors, you can choose between mango, strawberry, vanilla, cherry, and more. If you plan to use Zig Zag blunt wraps, ensure you let the leaves dry out after unpacking the box because the leaves could get a bit moist.

8. Bleached Rolling Papers

Many of the companies you see today offer bleached rolling papers. Bleached rolling papers are regular rolling papers, but the difference is that they are bleached with various chemicals such as chlorine and calcium carbonate to enhance the paper's burning time. Although joints made with bleached rolling papers burn slowly and last longer, they can be detrimental to your lungs.

9. Unbleached Rolling Papers

Unbleached rolling papers are made with pure raw materials such as hemp, rice, flax, etc. If you are health conscious (which you should be), go for 100% natural papers where the lining gum is natural too. Most brands use Arabic gum in their papers.

Rolling Paper Sizes

Rolling paper sizes

The size depends on the type of joint you want to make. However, there are a few things to consider because even the size can make a difference. 

The first mistake begins with purchasing the wrong sizes. When users buy big sizes only to make small joints, they'll waste paper and smoke more, making it more unhealthy. On the other hand, don't stuff too much material into a small-sized rolling paper — the joint won't turn out good.

There are various sizes to choose from, but most users go with standard sizes. Here’s a quick list of the sizes so you can go with something you like:

  • Single wide papers ‒ Measuring about 30x69 mm, these papers are great for small joints that last just a while.
  • 1 1/4 papers ‒ Most commonly available standard papers. Measuring about 79x43 mm, they are slightly larger.
  • 1 1/2 papers ‒ Slightly larger than regular sizes and measure about 79x61 mm.
  • Double wide papers ‒ Measure 77x88mm, and are difficult to find.
  • 84 mm ‒ Measure around 84x45 mm.
  • King size papers ‒ Made for long joints and measure around 100x55 mm.
  • King size slim ‒ Thin rolling papers that measure around 110x44 mm.
  • XXL ‒ These papers are usually available as pre-rolled cones sold by RAW and measure around 2 inches!

As you can understand by now, there are many types of rolling papers in various sizes. As a result, It will take a while to find the one you truly appreciate. However, if you don’t want to go through the hassle of finding good rolling papers, here’s a quick list of the best rolling papers available today. 

RAW Rolling Papers

Of course, the list has to begin with RAW — perhaps the most popular rolling papers in the world. Based in Alcoy, Spain, RAW makes a range of budget-friendly rolling papers that are chemical-free. They are chlorine and additive-free, and one of its products is also made from organic hemp. 

They ensure a smooth, consistent burn without any annoying run-offs, thanks to their patented CrissCross watermarks. Cross weaving isn’t just for a unique style — the weaves prevent the paper from burning faster. The watermarks also give the rolling papers a distinct look. 

Speaking of looks, these rolling papers are naturally light brown in color, thanks to their chemical-free production process. 

You can buy RAW rolling papers in the Classic Hemp Blend, Organic Hemp Blend, and Raw Black Double. The latter is double-pressed to be extra thin if you’re looking for ultra-thin rolling papers.

The cherry on the top? RAW has its own foundation that provides water and food to people worldwide — saving the world one doobie at a time? Yes!

Shine 24K Gold

Rolling joints is one thing, but showing it off to others is another. If you belong to the latter category, Shine 24k Gold is for you. 

Shine 24K Gold’s rolling papers are made with a blend of hemp and 24k edible gold, giving it a glittering gold look. Yes, they are made with actual gold — they provide a certificate of authenticity for it too!

Smoking a joint rolled in gold is an exotic experience, and don’t worry, the edible gold does not hamper the flavor at all. The rolling papers are designed for dusting off the gold with ash, offering a slow, consistent burn akin to a cigar. Your ashtray will collect tiny gold flecks, which is quite a cool sight.

But, the price is a tad difficult to digest because they incredibly expensive for something that turns to ash in fifteen minutes. That said, it’s something you should try at least once to experience “smoking” pure gold! 

We were apprehensive about its safety, but these rolling papers are completely safe according to the company. In addition, a study has shown that smoking edible gold rolling papers had no side effects in rats, and the same applies to humans, too. 

Blazy Susan Pink Rolling Papers

If showing off wealth isn’t your jam, but you want to show off your aesthetics, you should go with Susan Pink rolling papers. 

These French-made rolling papers are known for their pink shade, which is quite a unique way to roll your joints. Even the packaging is pink in colour. 

Another thing these rolling papers are known for is their quality. The paper burns smooth and evenly without leaving much ash. And they don’t taste bad at all.

Their papers are made with wood pulp to prevent any weird flavors. And unlike other rolling papers, these are completely vegan and non-GMO. The pink hue is added with organic pink pigments that are safe and flavorless.

Blazy Susan sells these pink rolling papers in traditional 11/4 and king sizes, and it also offers unbleached papers if you prefer those.

Smoking Rolling Papers

Smoking was founded in 1929, and since then, it has been used by generations of cannabis and tobacco lovers alike. They are a bit expensive compared to others but are worth it.

Their rolling papers are completely free of chemicals, artificial colors, and additives, ensuring a clean smoking experience. In addition, the company uses eco-friendly 100% hemp fibers and non-toxic gum sourced from the Acacia plant, so the process is quite safe too. 

They sell a range of rolling papers that are 100% tree-free, and you get many options. For example, if you prefer ultra-thin, slow-burning paper, you should go for Smoking Master, but if you want a slow-burning paper of medium weight, you should go for Smoking Red. Finally, you should choose Smoking White for a joint similar to cigarettes.

Smoking also offers a variety of sizes: regular-sized papers (69x37 mm), medium size (77x37 mm), and king size (108x37 mm).

Summary: The Ultimate Rolling Papers Guide 2022

We have covered every little detail of rolling papers to help you make an informed decision. Now, it’s all up to you to learn how to roll some fantastic joints. 

If you don’t want to roll any, there are many pre-rolled joints out there to make it easier for you, but they are certainly more expensive compared to rolling your own joints. 

It may be frustrating when you fail to roll joints, but it’s not that challenging either. Watch a few videos on Youtube, and you’ll get started immediately. 

Last but not least, go with only unbleached papers to prevent unwanted health problems. Not that bleached papers are dangerous — many people use them — but it doesn’t make sense to go for papers bleached with chlorine and other substances just to smoke a joint that lasts long. 




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