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Top 10 Autoflower Strains to Grow

Added 6 July 2023

Autoflowering cannabis strains are favored for various reasons, including ease of cultivation, rapid growth, lack of need for photoperiod, and ability to tolerate harsher circumstances and colder temperatures. 

Whether you want to cultivate a fast-blooming Indica or a hybrid Sativa, there is almost certainly an autoflowering strain that can assure you an excellent cannabis plant with amazing quality cannabis and even more outstanding yield. 

Here are the top ten autoflowering strains to include in your next grow:

Premium Cultivars Best autoflowers to grow

1. White Widow Auto

Auto White Widow is one of the world's most well-known Indica dominant strains, and for a good reason: it's highly resilient and potent. White Widow Auto is surprisingly simple for first-time cannabis producers, and you don't have to be a pro to get your flowers to blossom. White Widow autoflowering may be cultivated in almost any environment; however, an indoor environment with better control is frequently advised. It is resistant to illnesses and thrives in hot, sunny areas but may also flourish in colder climes. Furthermore, its toughness contributes to dependably excellent yields.

2. Northern Lights Auto

Northern Lights Auto is estimated to be ready to harvest approximately ten weeks after germination. Northern Lights Automatic grows well in both warm and cold environments. This implies that gardeners may effectively grow this strain indoors, where it can grow to heights of up to 120 cm. You can cultivate it outdoors, where it can reach heights of up to 160 cm. Under ideal conditions, Northern Lights Automatic will produce a ridiculous quantity of buds. This strain will always reward the grower with a plentiful supply of resinous buds, even with less-than-ideal circumstances.

3. Purple Lemonade Auto

Purple Lemonade Auto results from a thorough cross between Purple and Citrus Cali with Fast Buds’ autoflowering strain, making this Indica-leaning hybrid one of the best purple genetics. This is an excellent autoflowering strain for individuals looking for unique strains because it yields up to 550g/m2 in 9-10 weeks and generates the most delectable resin. This Auto strain produces lovely purple flowers with light green sugar leaves and rich orange pistils dispersed throughout. Additionally, this strain produces rose pink trichomes, which give the blooms a wonderful pinkish tint come harvest time.

4. Durban Poison Auto

Durban Poison Auto strains are well-known for their toughness and high yields of resin-packed blooms. Durban Poison autoflowering cannabis grows 80-100cm tall and is ideal for indoor cultivation and compact spaces. Yields range between 75 and 100g per plant, depending on growth circumstances and grower expertise. 

This strain is great for farmers seeking a quick turnaround, as it is ready to harvest 10-11 weeks after germination. These plants possess spherical, silvery-green buds closely filled with resin and sprinkled with peach-colored pistils. This Auto marijuana grows well outdoors in warm, sunny conditions with lots of water. For optimal results, plant indoors using a hydroponics setup.

5. Gelato Auto

Gelato Auto is a lovely cannabis strain with a pyramidal structure and thick and compact vivid green buds that shimmer with orange colors and frosty resin. It's also quick and simple to cultivate, with the potential for extremely high harvests. The plant completes its cycle (veg + blooming period) in 8 weeks and develops to a height of 70-100 cm — ideal for small indoor grows. Gelato Auto will fulfill your needs with a reasonable production of 400-550 gr/m2 for indoor grows and 50-200g per plant if grown outdoors.

Premium Cultivars Autoflowers

6. Zkittlez Auto

Zkittlez Auto is a short, Sativa-dominant plant that seldom grows taller than 100cm no matter where it is grown. It's a vigorous plant that can withstand high fertilizer levels. Indoor yields are typically 400-500g/m2, whereas outdoor growing can provide yields as high as 800g/plant! Additionally, Zkittlez Auto will yield an excellent crop of 25% THC buds in approximately 75 days from seed to maturity.

7. Jack Herer Auto

Jack Herer Auto is a delectable Sativa-dominating strain with a balanced mind-body high, dependability, rapid development, and significant yields. With a height range of 80-100cm, this cannabis strain is ideal for stealth growers that don't want to sacrifice output. After seven weeks of blooming (and a total growing cycle of 9 weeks), this Sativa-dominant Auto can produce a phenomenal 700g/m2 indoors or 80-100g/plant outdoors. This strain can blossom without changing the light cycle, and its innate resilience allows it to be cultivated at any time of the year as long as temperatures don't fall below 10°C.

8. Blue Dream Auto

Blue Dream Autoflowering crosses the original Blue Dream strain with powerful ruderalis traits. Blue Dream Autoflowering is ideal for cabinet gardeners searching for a high-quality head stockpile that is small and has a short life cycle. Similarly, balcony planters may harvest 1-1.2m tall bushy plants even during the short summers. 

Whether you cultivate inside or outdoors, with the appropriate combination of nutrients and water, the bud development will explode, producing a dense bush of sticky buds with an orange and berry scent. You should bend stems outwards in the early stages for high uniformity in the canopy, and a rich harvest might be available in as little as nine weeks.

9. Tangie Auto

Tangie Auto thrives in soil and outdoor conditions. A natural soil microbiome of bacteria can keep your plants healthy. Minerals, nutrients, and full-spectrum sunshine enhance its distinct tastes and aroma. If you develop it indoors, ensure enough vertical room to support vertical growth. 

Tangie Auto continues its lengthy climb far into its fifth week of life, growing quickly and tall. This strain can develop in higher temperatures (between 68º and 85º F) and humidity environments. Tangie Auto is also a good strain for controlling growth with SCROG, SOG, or FIM methods.

10. Gorilla Glue #4 Auto

Gorilla Glue Autoflower may be cultivated indoors or outdoors all year. They will even thrive in humid, rainy regions because of their resilience to decay and mold. The plants are compact, lush, and strong, ideal for growing inside or in tiny settings. It requires little care and may produce large yields of about 450-600 gr/m2. 

Because of its Sativa dominance, its growth structure is short and bushy, with one major central cola and plump side branches all around. Expect Gorilla Auto to fill up thick and fast after flowering begins as it packs on size, weight, and trichome production.

Summary: Top 10 Autoflower Strains to Grow

With so many options to choose from, it can be tough to purchase the best autoflowers and cultivate them. Therefore, we made a quick list for you to make it easier. These strains are resilient, robust, and adjust to even harsh temperatures, so you can grow them indoors or outdoors.  

Tell us about your favorite autoflower in the comments below!



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