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Best Gadgets for Indoor Cannabis Cultivation

Added 7 April 2022

Growing cannabis at home is a fun hobby, and you don't always need sophisticated equipment to get what you want. 

If you're happy with small yields, you don't really need a lot of fancy equipment. 

You can grow cannabis with some basic equipment and tools lying around in your home — the space bucket system is the perfect example. But that doesn't mean you should limit your cultivation there.

There are endless ways you can take your cultivation to the next level with the help of technology. Below are some of the best gadgets you can add to your grow room to improve your cannabis cultivation.

Koubachi WiFi Plant Sensor

Koubachi WiFi Plant Sensor

Image Credit -

Starting with Koubachi WiFi Plant Sensor, a cute little device that can help you monitor your growing medium or soil, is perhaps the easiest way possible.

The device looks like a miniature golf club, and it has sensors that measure soil moisture, temperature and relative humidity, and light intensity.

Once you place this device in your medium, it uses the sensors to measure the conditions and transmit it to Koubachi Cloud using WiFi. The data is analyzed based on scientific care models and forwarded to your smartphone or web app within minutes in the cloud. 

It brings all the crucial information about your medium straight to your phone, so you know exactly what is going on in the soil. It also sends you other instructions like the ideal time for misting, temperature levels, light intensity, etc.

The Koubachi WiFi Plant Sensor helps prevent some of the most common cultivation errors like overwatering, light burns, and improper temperature levels that may damage your plant. And the best part? It only costs a 100 bucks!

Water From a Stone by Kikkerland

Water from a stone

Image Credit -

On the other hand, Water From a Stone is a relatively simple piece of technology that works wonders if you're away a couple of days and can't take care of your plant.  

Essentially, this device is a hand-blown glass stone that can hold around 207 ml of water, and over the next few days, it slowly releases water into the growing medium so your plant can stay hydrated when you are away.

This device does not require any electricity, network, or application to run — leave it in your medium and let it do its thing. So what do you do next? You go and enjoy your weekend road trip or whatever else you have in mind!

Edyn Smart Garden System

Edyn Smart Garden SystemImage Credit -

Following up on a similar function is the Edyn Smart Garden System — a terrific irrigation device you can use to improve your plant's feeding cycle.

This system consists of two devices — a solar-powered sensor and a water valve — both of which are connected via WiFi.

The sensor tracks the systems in your grow room, including relative humidity, temperature, soil nutrition, and moisture, and brings that data straight to your phone.

Then, it works in conjunction with the water valve to release water into the medium when your plant requires it. 

The WiFi connectivity also allows you to operate the valves remotely using your mobile phone. 

This system takes the guesswork out of growing cannabis, so it is a terrific investment for novice and experienced growers.

LEAF Automated Grow Box

LEAF Automated Grow Box

Image Credit -

Who says growing cannabis indoors needs to be complicated? Get yourself a LEAF automated grow system to do it all for you. 

LEAF grow box uses Information of Technology (IoT) and is a plug-and-grow system, where you have to introduce your seedling (along with water and nutrients), and it will grow the plant for you. 

It automatically controls various conditions to provide a healthy environment for your plant to grow, such as the temperature, relative humidity, nutrient dosing, water temperature, etc.

The grow box has an HD live stream camera that you can access via a phone application, and you can even control its functions with the same application.

And it comes with an in-built water pump for easy filling and a carbon filter to scrub the cannabis odor. 

If you ever hit a speed bump or get confused about something, boot up the application, and it will show you video instructions on how to deal with most problems. 

With a height of five feet and a width of 27 inches, you can fit this grow box anywhere in your home — it looks like a fancy refrigerator, too!

Carson Microbrite Plus Pocket Microscope 

Carson Microbrite Plus Pocket MicroscopeImage Credit -

Sometimes, looking at the bigger picture isn't enough, especially while growing cannabis. For the best results, you need to get up close with your plant and inspect the finer details like the trichomes, pistils, or presence of insects.

For this, there is nothing better than the Carson Microbrite Plus pocket microscope

This pocket microscope is tiny enough to fit in your pocket. Still, it offers up to 120x magnification and an LED light for illumination to look at your plant's trichomes and pistils or spot invading insects easily. In addition, the microscope is clear enough to give you a magnified view of the trichomes' colors, so you can also know the right time for harvest. 

Royal Queen Seeds Microscope for Smartphone

Royal Queen Seeds Microscope for SmartphoneImage Credit - Royalqueenseeds

Maybe you want to go one step further and click close-up pictures of your plant for your local forum. In that case, you can choose RQS' Microscope for Smartphones

This is a great affordable alternative to jeweler's loupe as it lets you check your plant's trichomes and pistils closely, along with looking for any insects while letting you click photos of the same. 

The microscope offers 100x magnification and also has six LED lights for illumination. Just clip it on your phone's lens and take macro shots of your plant.

Happy Hydro LED Grow Room Glasses

Happy hydroImage Credit - Happyhydro

Gone are the days of goofy LED eye protection glasses! Now, you can choose Happy Hydro LED Grow Room Glasses to enter your grow room without damaging your eyes.

These aviator-style safety glasses come with a green lens that blocks harmful UV light wavelengths from your LED and HPS grow lights. Plus, they reduce eye strain and glare, so you can see your plants closely without burning your eyes. 

The lens also allows you to see your plants in their natural color, especially if you use purple LEDs to power your plants. 

Don't worry, there's no compromising the safety, either. These glasses are FDA approved and tested to be sturdy and scratch-resistant. 

Royal Queen Seeds' Starter Kit Feminized

Royal Queen Seeds' Starter Kit Feminized

Image Credit - Royalqueenseeds

Make the germination process easier with RQS' Started Kit Feminized, which ensures that your cannabis plants get the best head start for healthy growth. In addition, this kit is easy to use, making it easier for you to germinate seedlings without any guesswork.

The kit comes with a tray of seedling pots, a propagator, some perlite for the medium, and lights — creating an ideal condition for the seeds to sprout.

What's more? RQS also includes a packet of Bacto, a beneficial bacteria mix that encourages strong growth. And you don't even have to order new seeds if you are starting out. The kit includes three feminized seeds, too!

This kit gives everything you need to germinate the seeds with confidence and zero errors.

Liquid Transferring Pumps

Liquid transferring pumps

Liquid transferring pumps are common and cheap to find on Amazon or your local store. Although you won't need it if you're growing plants in soil, it's a great addition for those managing hydroponic projects.

Used mostly in aquariums, these little pumps help to transfer liquid from one container to another easily. Some setups demand two different reservoirs, and it can be tiresome to transfer nutrients or liquid constantly between them.

If you're growing cannabis hydroponically, these cool pumps can be very effective.

Garden Syringes

garden syringe

Again, you will find plenty of these garden syringes or industrial syringes on Amazon or your local stores. If you're growing many plants at once, these syringes will come in handy to measure the nutrients pretty easily.

In addition, you can measure the nutrients accurately without making a mess. Of course, you can purchase any syringe, remove the needle, and measure nutrients with it, as long as you make sure they are big enough. Surgical syringes may work if you have very little nutrients to measure, but garden syringes are bigger and make your life easier.

Plant Yo-Yos

Plant yoyoImage Credit - Hempatia

Lastly, we have a gadget that's so simple that you would think it shouldn't be on this list. But it should be. It's a plant yo-yo!

A plant yo-yo is what you need if you grow a plant with heavy buds that may fall under their own weight. These yo-yos help support the buds while making the tying process super easy. In addition, they help you avoid the mess of wires and strings that you would otherwise use to tie branches.

To use these, hang the yo-yos to your grow tent's roof and use the hook to grab onto a branch gently. And you can extend or extract the hook via a spring as your plant grows, and adjusting it only takes a few seconds. 

Summary: Best Gadgets for Indoor Cannabis Cultivation

These were just ten of the best gadgets for indoor cannabis cultivation, but there are many more. Don't limit your cannabis cultivation. Basic tools are meant for small yields. If you want to go big with minimal intervention, check out some of the stuff mentioned above. If you can, invest in such equipment to take your grow room to the next level.

We live in the golden era of innovations, with new tools and gadgets being invented every month. It's time to utilize these innovations to grow better plants. 





More evidence the the author has never grown any sort of plant ever...let alone cannabis.


Fixed this for you.

1. PH Pen
2. TDS Pen
3. Light Meter
4. Hydro/Thermo monitor
5. Clip-on Lens Kit wide / macro
6. Mini weigh Scales
7. IR Thermometer
8. Specialized UV / Far Red LED Lights
9. Tent Cameras
10. Air Pump


Lol, that light looks like it belongs in the 1990's. 70% reduction in electricity? BWHAHAHAHAHA that's the biggest load of bullshit i've seen today.

They clearly don't know a thing about calculating PPFD by their spec sheet as it never says gives the area of coverage. No info on diodes used to verify the 50k hours promise and some inhouse drivers that may or may not hold up... And, is that 50,000 hours until 50% intensity? They don't say, and that is no accident, because other more reputable spec sheets use "L90" that you can reference on or bridgelux etc. Mentioning hours of use without explaining how much the light has lost in that time is completely useless information... That slope only gets steeper and steeper with time, so the rate of degradation increases over time for all lights. it's faster 90->80 than 100->90 and keeps increasing. So, this is no small omission.

Seriously.. that's a not so good light. it's several generations behind on diode tech... looks like they are using some huge diodes on that thing. It has a couple turbo jet engines to keep it cool.... never a good sign BWAHAHA

This is so far from "the best" grow lights out there it is fucking laughable.. holy shit. bwahaha 189-500 on ebay right now for the pro325. and BWAHAH 0 for the pro 650 ... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA It's price doesn't even match the lack in quality.

if you are interested in this pice of shit light, contact me (no, not really). i'll sell you some old shitty cob led arrays for a pop..

280w each. it'll double as a space heater, like HID options. Also has loud fans to keep the over-driven cob led cool, but will fail at this function cause it's being run so damn hot to save a few pennies in manufactruing costs.

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@NobodysBuds, I understand your point. I have also wasted money on lights that didn't perform as I expected years ago. Thanks for your detailed reply :)


@CannaScience, lol sorry for theatrics, but ... it's something ppl know little about and just 1 article could cause them to waste money. i wasted a lot of money on shit lights when i first started out. There was no reason for it except greedy shitty tactics by companies that lie through their teeth every step of the way.

not only do you have to get the right brands of diodes for decent longevity, you have to understand some basics about their power specifications. An excellent diode driven too hard amounts to overpriced trash.

unfortunately, some basic algebra comprehension is a bit too much to ask from an average person it seems. all anyone has to do is read some spec sheets and google a few terms... it's really simple stuff. a 4th-grader could do it.


@m0use, I have added the germination kit because it comes with everything for beginners to get started and germinate seeds. Also, some products are branded and some aren't, like Leaf, for instance, so all names are included.


My top ten:

1. thick soft wire
2. pH meter
3. full spectrum LED
4. EC meter
5. dynavap
6. active carbon filter
7. airstone oxygen pump
8. mykorrhzae
9. perlite
10. gravity hookah


@SlowpokeFuegobud, You have a cool list :) Thanks!


All worthless


I use:
Raspberry pi
Home assistant
7 in 1 soil prob connected to a esp 32
ZigBee temp hum sensors
Lumens sensor with some mathematic equation for ppdf extrapolation
Volumetric water content sensor
Eco2 sensor with esp32
Baric pressor sensor with esp32
And a lot of ZigBee plugs
Current projects channel color sensor for light spectrum with a esp32, a tensiometer using a diferencial pressure sensor with a esp32. And think on making to a plant height using a tof and if termal sensors go down on price maybe I can make a 3d flir cam.
All it's wireless just have wires to power my esp32 and make the connections to sensors.
Happy to chare my knowledge with all just tell me where too