Top 10 Cannabis Strains for Creativity

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Being creative is hard — you can’t always think creatively. Many people use supplements to get that sudden spurt of creativity and increase focus. 

If you're not into supplements and believe in the power of Mother Nature, then look no further than cannabis. 

For decades, several artists have been using cannabis to be more creative — many even thank cannabis specifically for producing wonder artworks. 

You can use the same benefit for yourself and help yourself think more creatively. But for that, you need to pick the right strain, otherwise, you would end up eating chips on your couch. So, to help you, here's a list of the best cannabis strains for creativity and how they can help.  

Can Cannabis Really Make You More Creative?

Can Cannabis Really Make You More Creative?

You may have heard some consumers tell you they smoke cannabis because it helps get their creative juices flowering. How true is that? Until recently, it was believed to be just an excuse to smoke more cannabis but studies have shown that cannabis does help you get more creative. 

According to a Harvard neurologist, it has to do with our brain’s frontal lobes. Creative individuals have more activity within the frontal lobes, and since CBD can increase blood flow to this region in the brain, it could be one of the reasons why cannabis increases productivity. 

Additionally, many experts believe that the cannabis-induced dopamine levels in the brain could also be a prominent factor behind increased creativity after consuming cannabis. For instance, a 2014 study noted that creative cannabis users found more “rare” ideas than non-cannabis subjects. 

One thing crucial to creativity having a calm, clear mind — relaxation — and cannabis relaxes you very well. Cannabis relaxes you and clears your mind, allowing you to create art and come up with creative ideas very well. 

So, yes, research does suggest that consuming cannabis can help you be more creative and think outside the box.

What Type of Cannabis Can Help You Increase Your Creativity?

What Type of Cannabis Can Help You Increase Your Creativity?

If you’re an artist or a writer or just about anyone who needs to think to be at their creative best, you’re naturally going to wonder about cannabis. As in, what type of cannabis can actually help? It can get a little confusing as there are tons of strains to choose from. To add to that, there’s so much information on the internet that it leaves you more confused than where you started. 

Also, your friend may describe a strain that uplifted her mood, but it could be a total dud for you. So, really, what type of strain should you go for if your ultimate goal is to get creative? 

Without a doubt, most experts and connoisseurs will suggest using pure sativa strains. Breeders today have come up with incredible strains that live up to your expectations. Thus, to make your life easier, retailers divide their strains into indica, sativa, and hybrid categories, out of which sativas are known to be the best for creativity. 

Sativas are famous for their cerebral high, and the tendency to make you more creative. Rather than feeling a body high that makes you relax and sink into your favorite couch, sativas get you up and going. Unlike indicas which can make you sleepy, sativas give you bursts of energy that uplift you. 

However, you need to remember that these are just generalizations and a way for the cannabis community to make their distinctions. We still need more studies to see if sativas can be better than indicas to promote creativity. Plus, scientists are more interested in terpenes and cannabinoids that may have a role in enhancing the effects of cannabis. 

Also, we got hybrids that contain equal parts of sativas and indicas, making it more confusing. However, for now, it’s best to stick to hybrids with a higher percentage of sativas in your quest for creativity. 

Effects of Sativas

Sativas are famous for the effects they produce. Apart from making you creative, there are various benefits of using sativas. 

1. Increases energy — Many cannabis users love strains that can give them a burst of energy to carry on throughout the day. However, the trick lies in the dosing. For example, if you consume too much, the effects can be different as THC is bi-phasic, which means that it can induce positive effects in small quantities while it can be different if you indulge in large quantities. 

For starters, you can go ahead with micro-dosing as it's perfect for beginners and also gives you a sense of how the strain works. Coming back to how sativas help with energy, it's likely to do with how it interacts with the receptors present in humans. 

So, what happens is that when you consume a sativa strain, the cannabinoids interact with the CB1 and CB2 receptors present in the brain which increases the levels of dopamine. High levels of Dopamine are associated with an increase in pleasure, energy, focus, and creativity. In short, it increases motivation, which is why many people tend to feel happier after consuming sativa strains.

2. Increases focus — Sativa strains are known to increase focus. Many users consume sativa strains to tackle hard tasks that require intense focus. As a result, it may help with disorders such as ADHD and the symptoms associated with it. 

3. Increases creativity — Although we need more studies on how sativas increase creativity, anecdotal evidence suggests that it makes the user more creative. Therefore, many writers and artists love consuming sativas just before working on projects. 

4. Uplifts your mood — Unlike indicas which make you feel sleepy and heavy, sativas produce effects that uplift your mood. Thus, it's perfect for social gatherings where you need to be at your witty best. 

In addition, some sativas can also help with self-reflection, allowing you to introspect about your life. Due to its mood-altering effects, some people use to it gain relief from issues including depression and anxiety. 

Sativa strains may help the user to avoid repeating negative thoughts, which is a common symptom of anxiety. Although CBD is known to help with anxiety, you can even go for sativas containing THC as long as you maintain the right dose. 

That said, if you're using sativas to increase creativity, you may find them useful; however, it's best to consult a physician if you want to relieve symptoms related to your mental health. Although some research highlights the positive effects of cannabis, using it as a supplement along with the medications prescribed by your doctor may be more effective. 

What are the Best Cannabis Strains to Promote Creativity?

Not all cannabis strains are made alike — some can help you be more energetic for your workout while others can put you in a couch lock for a Harry Potter marathon. In addition, a lot depends on your physiology and how your body processes cannabis. 

Also, a strain from one company may differ from another one. Finally, your tolerance to cannabis and THC will play a big role in all this, so while some strains may make you creative, others may not. 

That said, fortunately, some specific strains can fuel your creativity, such as the following.

1. Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel

Any list of the best cannabis strains seems incomplete without the good ol’ Sour Diesel. Originating from California, Sour Diesel, with its pungent aroma and 90% sativa genetics, is often the go-to choice for many creative individuals. So much so that this strain has been specifically mentioned in various pop and rap songs!

Sour Diesel contains around 18% THC, making it relatively potent, which can help you be more creative while also giving you quite an energetic and euphoric high. This is the perfect wake-and-bake strain for creative individuals.

As one of the most famous strains around the world, it’s no wonder it’s a hit among many cannabis users. The smoke is full of flavor and produces an intense high. In addition, she grows well both outdoors and indoors. If you take good care of her, she will produce big buds that last a long while as Sour Diesel from any reputed seed bank can produce at least 600-700 grams per plant outdoors. 

2. AK47


AK47, named after the infamous Kalashnikov rifle, is reliable and efficient at doing what it does best — giving you a terrific high. This strain is also referred to as the One Hit Wonder because you take one hit and wonderful ideas keep flowing! 

AK47 has about 19% THC content, with genetics from Afghani, Thai, Mexican, and Columbian variants, and it gives you an intense yet mellow high that will keep you not only engaged but also mentally alert while you paint your next masterpiece. 

Although the name kinda makes you wonder if it’s really for you, AK47’s high is pretty sweet compared to other high-THC strains. As a sativa-dominant strain, it makes you handle any task with ease, as long as you consume it in moderation. If you smoke too much, though, don’t be surprised if it leaves you feeling sleepy. 

3. Purple Haze

Purple Haze

Purple Haze, named after the famous Jimi Hendrix song — a psychedelic anthem — lives up to its name. Its fans often describe the high as almost psychedelic, which can unlock your senses’ potential and make concepts more defined. 

Users also report that Purple Haze can uplift your mood, indicating that it might help with anxiety. However, watch how much you consume as too much of it can deliver opposite results. 

With a 16% to 20% THC content and 0% CBD, this sativa-dominant hybrid gives you a euphoric and cerebral high, which is not only creative but also energetic. So you won’t have to worry about getting off the couch when you get a creative idea.

4. Jack Herer

Jack Herer

Named after the cannabis activist, Jack Herer is a cultivar with the genetics of Shiva Skunk and Northern Lights. This strain contains dominant terpenes like terpinolene, pinene, caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene, giving it a fruity aroma with hints of spice and pepper.

Cannabis users love the strain most for its beautiful aroma that’s reminiscent of a piney forest. It also delivers a bit of a skunky odor but the woodsy flavors make up for it. And, of course, the peppery taste makes you reach out for it time and again. 

Jack Herer is pretty easy to grow, both indoors and outdoors. Make sure you train it well as the buds grow very big. LST is a great training technique to ascertain that the canopy gets uniform light. As the strain can grow almost 2 meters, you must plan ahead or the plant can grow too close to the light indoors. 

And with a THC content of 15% to 24%, this strain produces a bright and clear-headed high that keeps your mind clear and active. The ideal combination for your creative process.

5. Skunk Dream CBD

Skunk Dream CBD

Let’s move away from THC-dominant highs and take a look at a CBD-dominant high, if you don’t want a sweet high but still keep your creativity flowing. Enter, Skunk Dream CBD, a strain with a 26:1 CBD: THC ratio, with the genetics of Sensi Skunk and Alpine Delight CBD. 

Given its Skunk heritage, its terpene profile includes limonene and myrcene, giving it a skunk, spicy, and floral flavor profile. 

This strain has virtually no psychotropic effects, so after smoking this, you are likely to feel relaxed and calm, with a clear head, which will enhance your creativity without getting you high. Perfect if you want to be creative at your workplace. 

6. Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze

With genetics from either side of the Atlantic, Amnesia Haze is another classic strain that you can’t miss if you want to enhance your creativity. This strain produces a balanced yet somewhat cerebral high, thanks to its 21% THC content. This will make you energized to take up the next big project and come up with unique ideas. 

7. Bubble Gum 

Bubble Gum

Bubble Gum is a sativa-dominant hybrid, made by crossing Brazilian Santa Maria with a South African Power Plant. These resinous buds contain 17% THC and around 3% CBD, both of which come together to leave your mind stimulated and more creative. 

No prizes for guessing the taste and aroma, thanks to its name. It has a sweet flavor profile, with the buds tasting like candies coated with sugar. You’ll also catch hints of floral notes due to its terpene content.  

If you’re growing this beast outdoors, remember it loves a warm climate. Users train this strain well ahead to ensure it doesn’t grow too tall. SOG training technique works particularly well for Bubble Gum. 

8. LSD


LSD, with its psychedelic trip, can help some people get really creative. But it’s not for everyone. Fortunately, we cannabis users have our own variety of LSD that won’t let you see aliens but still help you see clear and creative ideas. 

LSD — the cannabis strain — is a hybrid strain that is known to produce a high that is wacky and weird, as the name suggests, and it will help you think of ideas in a new light with defined concepts. Many users claim this is the best strain to come up with creative ideas, especially if you want to break your writer’s block. 

9. Blue Dream

Blue Dream

With 19% THC content, Blue Dream is a potent hybrid strain with a unique character since it is a mix of Haze and Blueberry. This is an ideal strain if you want to brainstorm ideas because users describe its high as daydreamy and haze-y. 

Even though this strain is relatively new, it came into the scene in California in the early 2000s, yet it has achieved legendary status amongst creative cannabis users. 

10. Snoop Dream

Snoop Dream

Snoop Dogg, the legend, is a creative artist unlike any other. And Snoop Dream is named after him, so you can guess its effects. It is an indica-dominant strain made with a mix of Blue Dream and Master Kush — Snoop Dogg’s favorite cannabis strains. 

This strain is known for its piney and fruity flavor profile and a stimulating, euphoric high. It will stimulate your creativity and help you come up with rhymes that Snoop Dogg would be proud of. 

How to Consume Cannabis for Creativity?

There are so many ways to consume cannabis these days, but which one should you choose if you want to promote creativity and get art done? That depends on your preferences and goals. Each consumption method for cannabis has its own perks (and some downsides). 

If you want a quick fix for your creativity, you can simply smoke cannabis using a joint, vape, or bong. Smoking cannabis produces a high within a few minutes, which lasts for a couple of hours. And it gives you quite a good control over the dose, so you don’t smoke so much that you have ideas but also want to have burgers. So, if you want a quick boost for a couple of hours, you should smoke cannabis.

On the other hand, if you are working on a project for the entire day and want a longer-lasting high, you should go for cannabis edibles. Edibles produce an intense high — stronger than smoking cannabis — and last for many hours. You won’t have to worry about the high fading off when you have only just painted the trees and not the sky. 

But dosing edibles can be a bit tricky and they take a couple of hours to kick in. So edibles aren’t the best quick fixes for creativity. 

If you know what you want and have a specific dose in mind, you can even take tinctures or transdermal patches of cannabis. They offer specific doses, and the latter offers a slow release, so you stay creatively stimulated until your artwork is ready. 

The best method entirely depends on your preferences and goals, but you can’t go wrong with any of the methods. But whichever method you choose, we recommend starting with a lower dose. According to science, smaller doses of cannabis tend to encourage creativity and higher doses can impair the same. 

Terpene Profile

If you’re using cannabis for a specific reason, you must always check out the terpene content of the strains. We always talk about cannabinoids, sativas, hybrids, and indicas but terpenes are undermined. 

Often, the effects of any strain are determined by the type of terpenes it contains. For instance, Caryophyllene is great for reducing stress, so you can look for strains with high amounts of Caryophyllene to relieve symptoms. 

Limonene and Pinene work very well for creativity. While Limonene is used to uplift your mood and generally make you feel better, Pinene is famous for its effects that induce creativity. Users report that it’s easier to work on something after using strains containing Limonene and Pinene. 

Although terpenes don’t produce a high on their own, they enhance the effects of the strain. You can also purchase terpenes sans cannabinoids if you’re looking to increase creativity. This way, you can avoid THC while experiencing the flavors of cannabis. However, you won’t be able to experience the entourage effects of cannabis if you use only the terpenes. 

Summary: Top 10 Cannabis Strains for Creativity

Cannabis is almost magical in how it can help you. Got anxiety? Want to treat your sore muscle? Want to go to sleep on time? From mental disorders to physical ones, cannabis has become a popular treatment and could be a remedy for many issues. 

Apart from those benefits, one major benefit of cannabis is that it could boost your creativity. And no, cannabis cannot turn you into the next Van Gogh, but it can help you think more clearly and be the artist you are meant to be. 

Lastly, make sure you check out the terpene profile of any strain before purchasing seeds. Most seed banks offer detailed information that tells you the type of terpenes available in a strain. 

So, use the top 10 cannabis strains for creativity listed above, find the one that suits you best, and go attack that project you’ve been putting off. 



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