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Top 7 Herb Desktop Vaporizers For Every Cannabis User

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JoshuaHolt JoshuaHolt
Added 26 September 2021

Vaping is a great way to enjoy dry herbs and concentrates. 

For many, it’s a way to quit smoking. There are way too many benefits to ignore.

You will find two types of vaporizers — desktop and portable vaporizers. 

While portable vaporizers give you the freedom to carry them everywhere, desktop vaporizers are more powerful. In addition, they are durable and best for those that enjoy vaping primarily at home. 

Finding a high-quality desktop vaporizer isn’t very tough, but the truth is that you have to consider many factors to choose something that works for you. For example, some vaporizers are cheap, but they do not perform as well as sophisticated ones. On the other hand, expensive vaporizers may not function as advertised. 

Desktop vaporizers were invented much before portable ones. They are regarded for their stability. Consider them as ovens that can bake your herb at temperatures necessary to emit vapor. Simply insert the plug into the wall, and you have the vapor ready in a few minutes. You can then inhale it using a whip or a bag, depending on the design. 

If you’re having trouble choosing the right vaporizer, we have come up with the best desktop vaporizers you’ll ever need. 

1. Flowerpot Desktop Vaporizer


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Famous as one of the sturdiest vaporizers in 2021, Flowerpot Desktop Vaporizer looks like a medieval torture device, albeit a beautiful one. It’s easy to tell that all the parts are made creatively, with durability in mind. 

Available in several combinations, you can choose anything, depending on your budget. For instance, the popular Vrod is available for $501, while the cheaper WeedEater Essentials is about $396. 

One disadvantage is that you may take a while to understand how the device performs. However, every component is customizable, durable, and powerful than most options. If you’ve avoided vaping because it doesn’t provide the same experience compared to smoking, check out their powerful bong rips. 

Key Takeaway — Complicated and slightly expensive but more durable than other vaporizers.

2. Da Buddha Desktop Vaporizer

Da Buddha

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Da Buddha looks like a basic vaporizer, but don’t let that fool you. With its powerful functions, the device produces high-quality vapor better than most devices on the market. 

What makes this vaporizer stand out is the price. Da Buddha is an excellent option if you don’t want to spend too much on vapes as a beginner since it’s available only for $190. 

Most people love Da Buddha because of its hands-free design that offers more flexibility. The company - 7th Floor Vapes - is also famous for its creations. Although the heating element made of ceramic tends to become hot quickly, you can adjust the temperature according to your liking. 

It doesn’t look as fancy as other vaporizers, but it’s easy to set up, and the performance is definitely much more than what you’d expect from vaporizers at this price point. Like every device, this one has a few cons. For instance, you can’t get a precise temperature setting and have to move the herbs to heat up evenly. 

Key Takeaway — Cheaper than most models, but there are a few heating issues. 

3. Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

Volcano Hybrid

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Storz and Bickel are famous for their unique creations. Their Volcano Classic is a favorite for many, even after so many years. The Volcano Hybrid, however, overshadows its little brother in many ways. 

The price at $501 (could be more without discounts) might be a turn-off for some. Still, if you consider the power, the ease, and the functionality, you will begin to understand why Volcano Hybrid is regarded as one of the best vaporizers in the world. 

With precise temperature settings (9 °F increments) and a powerful vapor throw, it suits concentrates and dry herbs. Although it takes a bit longer to fill up the balloons, the performance is exceptional. 

If your only requirement is a high-quality vaporizer that lasts long, Volcano Hybrid is a great choice. 

Key Takeaway — Powerful, reliable, and durable, but expensive compared to other brands. 

4. Dr. Dabber Switch


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Aptly named due to its ability to switch from an oil rig to a dry-herb vaporizer with just one button, Switch functions on the patent-pending induction technology. 

Switch is one of the most powerful desktop vaporizers available today. Right from its appearance to functionality, it exceeds other brands by a mile. One significant difference between Switch and other vaporizers is that it uses induction heating. 

Induction heating helps the herb burn evenly compared to other types. In addition, it comes with 25 settings to adjust the temperature, making it very versatile. According to the company, the inbuilt battery is so powerful that it goes from nothing to full charge in under 60 minutes. 

You can also vape while it charges, thanks to its “pass-through mode.” With almost 150 cycles for every fully-charged device, you can carry the Switch with you even when traveling since it runs on an internal battery. Therefore this dual-functionality vaporizer can work both as a desktop and portable vaporizer, giving you two options for the price of one. 

Priced at $299, it’s cheaper than many models that work only as desktop vaporizers. 

Key Takeaway — Durable, robust, induction-heating desktop plus portable vaporizer that works for both concentrates and dry herbs. 

5.  Stündenglass Gravity Hookah


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Stündenglass Gravity Hookah became popular when Seth Rogen posted a video of one of the product's prototypes. However, Stündenglass would become famous anyway because it's a beautiful piece of technology.

With an entire body of hard glass, Stündenglass looks like a vaporizer only the rich afford; however, priced at $469, this three-in-one machine is pretty affordable. Moreover, considering its 360-degree rotation and advanced features, it stands out as an excellent model in the vaping industry.

You can use the Gravity Hookah to vape dry herb, concentrates, and hookah, which is a steal since you don't have to spend on each device separately.

The design was inspired by your regular gravity bong that was popular among DIY cannabis enthusiasts. Functioning on the kinetic motion that triggers the airflow and displaces water from one end of the bowl to another, this vaporizer allows you to switch seamlessly from smoking or vaping tobacco and dry herbs to dabbing concentrates within minutes.

Key Takeaway — Superb vaporizer with all features but a little on the expensive side.

6) Arizer V-Tower

V tower

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Arizer V-Tower is a favorite for many because of its features and price point. Although it's super cheap at $169, it's not inferior to other vaporizers in any department.

Named "Tower," since the unit appears like a tower rising above the base, the unit comes with a long and robust whip that you can use to pull in the vapor.

Apart from many exciting features, it comes with easily adjustable temperature settings ranging from 122°F to 500°F. Furthermore, depending on your vaping preference, you can temporarily shut it off or extend sessions as much as possible. 

The heating element is made of ceramic, so the device doesn't get too hot as you use it. The only downside is that it's tough to maintain or clean the device as it involves dismantling all the components and cleansing them.

Key Takeaway — Hardy and reliable vaporizer that fits all budgets.

7) Ditanium Vaporizer


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If you're looking for a vaporizer for both concentrates and dry herbs within a small budget, the Ditanium Vaporizer won't disappoint you.

The company is confident that its sleek vaporizer priced at just $279 will become a hot favorite for many. So much that they offer a lifetime guarantee for the device. 

Whether you want to vape dry herbs and concentrates separately or want a mind-blowing combination of both, this dual-use vaporizer will suit you perfectly.

Don't let the low price fool you since the build and components are high quality and durable. In addition, the vapor is super smooth, with no problems cleaning it whatsoever.

As one of the few vaporizers that can allow users to vape both concentrates and herbs simultaneously, Ditanium is a versatile piece of equipment. Simply load your dry herbs on the handpiece and enjoy convention vapor or directly use the quartz and titanium heating element for dabbing concentrates.

With various temperature settings that can rise to 900°F, cleaning is a piece of cake with this beauty. The device is all set and ready within one minute, making it convenient for those who enjoy vaping throughout the day.

Key Takeaway — Dual-use affordable vaporizer with several features. 


This list just gives you a basic explanation of some of the best desktop vaporizers available today. Most of these vaporizers come with a lot more features. While some are expensive, some are affordable. Devices like the Arizer are inexpensive and reliable; however, you cannot use them for several purposes like the Gravity Hookah. 

If price is your only concern, the Ditanium vaporizer that you can use for both concentrates and dry herbs at the same time is ideally at the mid-range. However, if you splurge more, Dr. Dabber’s Switch, which serves as a two-in-one desktop and portable vaporizer, is also a good choice. 

Simply put, it’s best to understand what you need. For example, do you want a desktop vaporizer that can be portable too? Or do you want a device that gives you the freedom to vape both concentrates and dry herbs at once? 

Vaporizing dry herbs is fun, but it’s a lot more fun when you pick a suitable device!