Trichoderma: How To Use To Grow Cannabis?

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While growing cannabis, especially outdoors, one of the struggles we face is to combat fungus. But did you know that there are a few types of fungi that you don’t need to combat? The fact is, you can intentionally add such fungi to your garden as they improve your plant’s growth.

One such type of fungus is Trichoderma — one of the most beneficial fungi for cannabis. It is easy to use and readily available at local horticulture stores. And with these fungi, you can help your plant absorb nutrients more efficiently, grow bigger with better yield, and even fight pathogens. 

What is Trichoderma, and how is it important for cannabis? Also, how do you use Trichoderma to grow cannabis?

Read on to know all about Trichoderma and its importance for cannabis plants.

What is Trichoderma?

What is trichoderma

Trichoderma is a beneficial fungus for cannabis plants, and it co-exists in true-life organics. So, when you use it in your cannabis garden, it can serve various purposes that eventually benefit your plant.

Trichoderma is commonly found in all kinds of soils — it is one of the most common types of fungi with close to 90 species. 

Growers and farmers around the world use Trichoderma in the following ways:

To coat seeds before planting them

To amend the soil before using it

As a fertilizer and biocontrol agent during the plant’s growth

Even you can use Trichoderma in these three ways to help your cannabis plants grow to the next level. More on this later. 

Like beneficial bacteria, Trichoderma thrives in soil that is rich in nitrogen and carbon. And as it grows, it decomposes other organic matter in the soil, which supplies the fungus with a steady dose of carbon. 

But to further improve the symbiotic relationship between your plant and Trichoderma, you can add biochar or compost that is high in carbon to the soil.

How Does Trichoderma Help Cannabis Plants?

How Does Trichoderma Help Cannabis Plants?

Trichoderma can be an important tool in your garden that can help your plant grow healthy and bountiful, but how does it do that? Here are some of the ways Trichoderma helps cannabis plants.

1. Helps Roots Absorb Nutrients More Easily

Your plant’s growth is directly proportionate to how big the roots develop — the bigger the root mass, the bigger your cannabis plant is likely to get. Therefore, using Trichoderma during the early stages of your plant growth — when it is still a seedling — can promote the development of your plant’s roots. 

At the same time, Trichoderma acts as a metabolic highway for the nutrients when you apply it to the root zone’s surface. Trichoderma produces acidic metabolites that break down organic matter in the substrate, which makes the nutrients more readily available to the roots than without Trichoderma.

Additionally, these organic acids may also control soil pH, which further improves nutrient uptake. And some studies have shown that Trichoderma also secretes a hormone-like compound that promotes root growth. 

2. Promotes Better Bud Formation

With better roots, your cannabis plant grows healthier and bigger. This leads to the plant developing high-quality buds. Further, the same hormone-like compound mentioned in the previous section also helps the plant grow bigger and better above the soil. 

So, essentially, with the help of Trichoderma, you can enable your plant to grow better, with bigger buds, and improve your yields significantly.

3. Controls Pathogens in the Garden

Trichoderma can also control the growth of other pathogenic fungi around your garden that may otherwise harm your plant. And according to studies, Trichoderma is one of the best organic ways to control the growth of such pathogens.

To use Trichoderma to control pathogens in your cannabis garden, you can use it as a top dressing or as a foliar spray for your plant. Many growers also add Trichoderma to their organic compost tea, which multiplies the fungi by billions!

4. Improves Your Plant’s Stress Resistance

Cannabis plants are no strangers to stress factors during their growth, but with the help of Trichoderma, you can help protect your plant against various stress factors. When Trichoderma is present in the garden, your plant’s resistance to droughts or dry periods increases significantly.

This happens due to the improved mass network under the soil’s surface, which can retain more water, transpire less, and absorb more nutrients. 

5. Makes Your Garden Organic

What Trichoderma does, many other chemical pesticides can accomplish, too. But that may not be 100% natural or eco-friendly. Trichoderma is. It occurs naturally in soil ecosystems and introducing it to your cannabis garden will have no negative effects on your plant. 

At the same time, it is an excellent soil detoxifier, so regular use will also not damage your garden’s soil. 

But do note that Trichoderma can trigger allergic reactions in some people, so while it is completely safe for your plant, it may not be for you. More on this later. 

6. Detoxifies the Soil

If you have got old or contaminated soil lying around, don’t throw it just yet. Trichoderma can come in handy for you here as it can help purify contaminated or old soil.

Studies have shown that this fungus can degrade heavy metals like mercury, copper, cadmium, zinc, etc. that are present in pesticides and fertilizers. At the same time, it can also break down organic pollutants in the soil. 

How is Trichoderma Different from Beneficial Bacteria?

How is Trichoderma Different from Beneficial Bacteria?

Beneficial bacteria and Trichoderma, which is a fungus group, have a few things in common — both form symbiotic relationships with plants and are aerobic. Both use oxygen to create energy via cellular respiration. 

But one major difference between the two is how they help the plant grow healthy and fight pathogens. Beneficial bacteria are largely responsible for nutrient delivery and uptake and can fight pathogens directly.

On the other hand, Trichoderma (and other beneficial fungi) act as immune boosters for the cannabis plant, which makes the plant more resistant to harmful pathogens. 

If you are using Trichoderma and beneficial bacteria, note that both groups will compete with each other. It won’t affect your plant’s growth, but adding both may be a little counter-productive as you won’t get the benefits from both. 

How to Use Trichoderma to Grow Cannabis?

How to Use Trichoderma to Grow Cannabis?

Using Trichoderma is as easy as it can get — even for novice growers. You can use Trichoderma in one of the following ways.

1. Coat the Seeds Before Planting

When you coat your cannabis seeds in Trichoderma, you can improve the plant’s resistance to pathogens like Pythium and Fusarium. Here is how you can coat the seeds:

Add some Trichoderma powder to a dry plate

Gently place your cannabis seeds in the powder using a tweezer

Then, take out the seeds and place them in the soil or starter blocks for germination

Once the seeds sprout, the fungus will quickly start growing over the roots, influencing root growth from the first day and it will also protect your seedlings against common problems like wilting or damping off.

2. Amend Your Soil Before Growing Cannabis

The second way you can use Trichoderma is as a soil amendment and it is quite effective at that. And there are two ways of using Trichoderma as a cannabis soil amendment, such as:

  • Add the fungus to the soil at a ratio of 1 kg Trichoderma powder per 1 liter of soil and mix them thoroughly
  • Add 5 g of Trichoderma to the soil’s top layer — just sprinkle the powder into a small hole where you will place the seedling

3. Support Plant’s Growth 

The final way to use Trichoderma in your cannabis garden is by simply adding it to water or the nutrient solution. Here, all you need to do is add 5 g of Trichoderma to 1 liter of water (unchlorinated) and irrigate your plant as normal. 

You can repeat this process once every few weeks for the best results. 

Trichoderma may cause allergic reactions and irritate your eyes, skin, and respiratory tract. Therefore, always use gloves, a face mask, and protective eye gear when handling it. The chances are rare, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. 

Summary: Trichoderma: How To Use To Grow Cannabis?

Thanks to Trichoderma, your cannabis can grow a more prolific root system with roots that grow deeper and better. This will improve your plant’s health in multiple ways, especially by absorbing more nutrients.

At the same time, Trichoderma protects your cannabis plant from other harmful pathogens and improves its resistance to environmental stressors. 

The result is a plant that grows tall and wide, vigorously, with flowers that are big and bushy, while staying safe from various pathogens that you would otherwise have to worry about. 

So, if you want to improve your cannabis growth and take it to the next level in one of the best organic ways, you should use Trichoderma. It is organic and easy to find and is even easier to use. Follow the guidelines listed above to use Trichoderma on cannabis.



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