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Added 21 June 2021

Company contacts 

1. What is your company’s specialization?

2. How many years have you been working with Cannabis Growers?

3. What promotional channels did you use to promote your products?

4. What results have you received from those channels?

  • Forums

  • Print magazines

  • Social media (including Instagram)


  • Exhibitions

  • Website

  • Email newsletter

5. What is essential for you to get from the platform where you present your product?

  • increased loyalty to your product/brand among growers
  • testing and promotion of new products
  • collecting positive reviews from buyers
  • the ability to influence the opinion of growers through direct communication
  • getting a quick reaction from the target audience (likes, reviews, mentions)
  • expansion of the sales market (by geography, customer segments)
  • flexible selection of advertising products on the platform
  • content (photo / video) for social media
  • high conversion of site visits

* specify 1,2,3 place by importance, drag & drop

6.How many product lines/types of products are you currently promoting?

7.Are you planning to launch a new product in the coming year?

8. What is the amount of monthly advertising costs?  

9. Specify the regions of your target audience now and the areas where you plan to sell in the future

10. What kind of online promotion experience do you have?

11. Have you used - a cannabis growers community platform, to promote your product?

12. What is your favorite opportunity for promotion at

* choose a few


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