What are Fast Version Cannabis Strains?

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Are you familiar, with Fast Version cannabis strains? As a grower, you might have come across several types of strains like F1 hybrids, photoperiods, and autoflowers. 

However Fast Version cannabis strains are a kind of photoperiod cannabis that has a short flowering time. Some breeders refer to these as Fast Flowering or Early Version. 

Perfect for anyone looking to grow cannabis plants that flower early, Fast Version strains are picking up a lot of pace in the industry. If you want to grow plants that flower within 6-7 weeks, you’re at the right place. 

In this article, we will explore Fast Version cannabis strains.

What are Fast Version Cannabis Strains?

What are Fast Version Cannabis Strains?

Fast Version cannabis strains were initially developed by Sweet Sweets, a seed bank located in Valencia. The breeders created these strains by crossing autoflowering and photoperiod varieties with the aim of achieving faster flowering times.

Earlier versions of Fast Version strains were not always consistent in their characteristics. However continuous advancements in breeding techniques have led to modern Fast Version strains that are highly efficient and reliable. Over time, these strains have gained popularity. In short, you can say that these hybrid strains combine the yield and resin production capabilities of photoperiod plants, with the flowering time you typically see in autoflowers.

Fast Version strains are very similar to photoperiods, except they boast of a quick flowering time. They also don’t depend on an internal clock like autoflowers. Much like photoperiods, you have to manipulate the lighting cycle from 18/6 to 12/12. Some growers start the vegetative phase itself from 12/12, but this is not recommended as the yields will be significantly small. 

That said, some users report that these strains aren’t as potent as their photoperiod friends. Perhaps, this is to be expected as you finish harvesting the plant in a very short time compared to photoperiods that sometimes take over 12-14 weeks. 

In addition, the yields may not be as high as photoperiods. Again, this is because traditional photoperiods take a considerable amount of time to develop buds. Since Fast Version strains finish flowering much sooner, they may not develop as many buds. 

But, then again, remember that plants can still produce good yields if you provide the right conditions. Some users also say that despite their fast flowering, they can grow to be quite large and produce a yield almost as good as photoperiod strains. As you can see, this is subjective, so you’ll have to see for yourself. With proper care, you’ll see that they perform as much as their photoperiod cousins, so it all depends on how you cultivate the plant. If you’re impatient to harvest plants or reside in locations that have short growing seasons, you can definitely use Fast Version strains. 

Also, note that not all Fast Version strains are hybrids between photoperiod and autoflowering varieties. Some strains naturally have a quick flowering cycle, so breeders categorize them as Fast Versions anyway. Lemon King and Jamaican Dream are two examples of strains with a flowering time of 45 to 50 days.

Fast Version Strains vs. Autoflowering Strains 

Since the word “Fast Version” refers to plant flowering fast, many people associate them with autoflowers that have a much shorter flowering time too. However, they are different from each other.

When it comes to their growth patterns, Fast Version strains are more like photoperiod strains than autoflowering strains. Photoperiod strains typically require about 8 to 12 weeks or longer in some cases to complete their flowering phase. However, Fast Version strains have been selectively bred to have a flowering time of 6 weeks or even less.

The difference between these two types of strains lies in how they transition from the vegetative to the flowering stage. Autoflowering cannabis plants don’t rely on the light cycle to flower as they start flowering automatically when they reach a certain age. Suffice it to say that they follow an internal genetic clock to transition from one stage to another. This makes autoflowering cannabis smaller and easier to grow, even for beginners. 

However, Fast Versions depend on the light to start flowering. So, they still fall under the category of photoperiod strains, except they come with a shortened flowering cycle. This means that you can grow them just like photoperiods. 

Fast Version strains are extremely popular among growers in areas with short growing seasons. This is understandable because imagine purchasing a seed only to wait for about 12 weeks during the flowering and your weather doesn’t permit you to do so! Even indoor growers appreciate Fast Version strains as they can harvest quickly. You can save quite a bit of money if you’re growing multiple plants frequently. 

What are the Advantages of Fast Version Strains?

What are the Advantages of Fast Version Strains?

So what are the advantages of growing Fast Version strains? Well, one of the benefits is that you can achieve a fast harvest. This is great if you want to avoid rain, frost, or short summers. Also, since the plant flowers faster, you’ll be able to avoid fungi, mold, and even pests to a great extent. 

Another advantage of Fast Version strains is that they serve as an alternative to autoflowers. Make no mistake — the autoflowers being released nowadays also produce high yields — but if you want quick-flowering options instead of photoperiods or autos, you can go for Fast Versions. 

Furthermore, Fast Version strains, are super resilient compared to others. They can resist pests, pathogen attacks, environmental stressors, and more, compared to photos and autos. With the right care, these plants can survive the worst conditions without a lot of struggle. 

The only con is that they don’t grow as large as photoperiods, However, you can turn this into an advantage by training and pruning them so you don’t compromise on yields. 

Additionally, unlike autos that can’t be cloned (read, you can clone them, but the results won’t be satisfactory), you can clone Fast Version strains. This is an amazing advantage as you can clone as many plants as you want and still harvest them faster, much like autoflowers. Many people love autos but the fact that you can’t clone them puts them in a bad spot. With Fast Versions, you will not have such problems and also save money instead of purchasing seeds. 

How to Grow Fast Version Cannabis Strains?

How to Grow Fast Version Cannabis Strains?

You can grow Fast Version cannabis strains both indoors and outdoors as they are quite versatile. And, now, you already know that you can grow them just like photoperiods. Remember, you get better results if you grow photoperiods in the ground, so you can do the same with these Fast Versions. 

If you’re growing in containers or fabric pots, do a bit of research to choose a good size for these strains. They won’t grow as large as photoperiods but certainly grow bigger than autos, so finding the right size may be tricky. However, you can consider them as photoperiods and go with the same sizes. Experiment with a few plants to find the perfect fit or talk to the growers on our forum to know more about the strains you want to grow. 

Similar to photoperiod cannabis plants, you will have control over how big Fast Version strains grow. Despite having a short flowering time, you can grow them for as long as desired before switching the bloom. You can keep it in the vegetative stage until it reaches your desired height, or switch to bloom sooner if you want to harvest them faster. 

To ensure proper development, give the plants everything they want, from nutrients to light and training. Most importantly, choose good genetics. There’s no other secret to getting big yields. Also, depending on the strain you choose, your Fast Version strain may be ready for harvest a week earlier than regular strains. 

One issue, however, is that Fast Version cannabis strains are not as widely available. Few seed banks produce these stains. Fortunately, these seed banks are reputable and offer information and guidance on growing Fast Version strains. It is advisable to follow their recommendations as they possess the most knowledge about these strains. 

Tips on Growing Fast Version Cannabis Strains

Tips on Growing Fast Version Cannabis Strains

Here are some tips to simplify the cultivation process of these Fast Version cannabis strains:

  1. When selecting Fast Version strains, make sure to choose from seed banks that have already stabilized the genetics before selling them. This ensures that you only grow seeds with performance and avoid issues during growth.
  2. Keep in mind that Fast Version plants tend to be slightly smaller compared to photoperiod plants unless you allow them to grow longer during the vegetative phase. To overcome this, it is recommended to use training methods such as ScrOG (Screen of Green), Super Cropping, Topping, pruning, LST (Low Stress Training), and more.
  3. When cultivating Fast Version strains hydroponically, you must consider factors such as humidity and temperature. These strains have a shorter flowering period so you’ll have slightly less time to deal with any issues. 
  4. Some growers go for a 24/0 light cycle during the vegetative phase so the plants grow bigger. However, this is not recommended as plants also need some rest to recoup from any stress and grow healthy. Also, this technique may not be suitable for all strains. 
  5. Add a sufficient amount of nitrogen during the vegetative phase and add some phosphorus before it shifts to the flowering phase to give the plants a boost. Also, if you have strong grow lights with high light-intensity, you can use CO2 to boost yields. 
  6. Monitor the buds constantly as these Fast Versions grow faster. Do not harvest them too early or late. Use a magnifying glass to find out if at least 70% of the pistils have darkened. However, some growers prefer harvesting sooner when 50% of the pistils turn amber. Don’t wait too long, though, as the THC content in the buds may start diminishing.

Where to Buy Fast Version Strains From?

Where to Buy Fast Version Strains From?

Here’s a list of some seed banks that offer Fast Version cannabis strains:

  • Sweet Seeds 
  • Fast Buds
  • Royal Queen Seeds
  • Humboldt Seeds
  • 00 Seeds
  • GEA Seeds

If you are new to growing cannabis, here are some recommendations to help you get started:

  • Cream Caramel Fast Version 
  • Cream Mandarine Fast Version 
  • Ice Cream Cake Fast Version 
  • OG Kush Fast Version
  • Critical Fast Version
  • AK-47 Fast Version 
  • Northern Lights Fast Version 
  • Royal Cheese Fast Version 

Summary: What are Fast Version Cannabis Strains?

Fast Version cannabis strains are a combination of photoperiod and autoflowering strains. They are perfect for growers who have limited time as they grow large and bushy but have a short flowering cycle. This means you can harvest them earlier compared to photoperiod strains.

Unlike autoflowering varieties that also grow fast, you can clone Fast Version strains as they grow similarly to photoperiods. If you take good care of the plant, you can expect great yields. This means that you will have to prune and train them using various techniques so they grow to their maximum potential. 

Lastly, ensure that you choose a seed bank when purchasing seeds. Good genetics will always help. If you are interested in learning more about growing cannabis, be sure to follow our blog for more updates. 



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I've grown fast before, it turned into an auto as its not 100% stable. Part of the risk of growing fast that's a auto photo hybrid. I got more seeds left and plan on giving them another go. I do wonder if they will reveg well if light cycles changes.
@Sciolistic_Steve, all perfect mate!