What are Moon Rocks? How Do You Make Them?

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If you have ever tried Long Island Iced Tea (LIIT), you probably know how quickly it can get you drunk. 

Drink a couple of LIITs, and you're sorted — or messed up — for the night. Depends on how you look at it, eh?

Anyway, did you know that a similar concoction exists in the pot world? 

We are talking about moon rocks, often called cannabis caviar. 

Moon rocks are made from various cannabis products, rolled up into a nug, perhaps the most potent version of cannabis.

How strong are moon rocks? 

They are called moon rocks for a reason — they will take you so high you'll think you are on the moon. Learn everything there is about these potent nugs in this article.

What are Moon Rocks?

What is a moonrock

Moon rocks aren't as ancient as other cannabis products — Starbudz760, a California dispensary, first made them. They were later popularized by the legendary West Coast rapper Kurupt, who later trademarked his own brand of moon rocks, Kurupt Moonrock.

Various dispensaries and coffee shops now sell their version of moon rocks!

Moon rocks are typically made by dipping a cannabis bud into a concentrate or hash oil. Then they roll it in kief. For the uninitiated, kief is nothing but dry trichomes or sticky resin containing cannabinoids and terpenes. They are usually found at the bottom of your grinder. 

The most popular flavor of moon rocks is Girl Scout Cookies, but you'll find them in various flavors now at your nearest dispensary or coffee shop. 

But why smoke moon rocks? Here are a few reasons:

  1. Moon rocks can get you as high as humanly possible.
  2. They are cheap — you can make moon rocks at home with three ingredients and some patience.
  3. It is a terrific choice for medicinal cannabis users who require high THC doses.

What is the High Like?

Moon rock high THC

In three words: unlike anything else.

Moon rocks generally contain around 50% THC, the primary psychoactive cannabinoid that gets you high. That's a lot of THC. 

Other regular cannabis buds, even the most potent ones, only contain around 23% to 29% THC, except stuff like Weed Diamonds that contain more than 90% THC!

However, the potency of moon rocks depends on various factors like the ingredients and cannabis strains used. And your tolerance to cannabis, of course. If you're a novice smoker or have low tolerance, moon rocks will hit you harder and faster.

Smoking moon rocks is also a pretty unique experience. You're greeted with a pleasant hit of terpene-rich kief flavor with the first puff — it's delicious. A thick cloud of smoke follows the initial taste.

Wait for some time, and a head high will set in at first. But this is just a false sense of security. The cerebral high is followed by an intense high of the mind and body that can be higher than you have ever been. 

It's so intense that many users report being unable to feel their face or eyebrows after smoking up moon rocks! But, of course, the extreme high is thanks to its high THC content.

The high peaks within a couple of hours, followed by a moderate buzz that lasts for several hours. For some people, it can even continue the next day!

How to Make Moon Rocks at Home?

DIY Moon rock

Fortunately, the ultimate high is not something you have to go out and look for. You can make moon rocks from the comfort of your home, too. Here is how you can make your own moon rocks.

DIY Moon Rocks

Things You Need:

  1. Cannabis buds of your favorite strain — moon rocks are typically made with Girl Scout Cookies, but you can choose what you like; ensure the bud is dense and bushy so it can hold the cocktail together better
  2. Your choice of cannabis concentrate or hash oil
  3. A big bowl of kief 
  4. Tongs
  5. Liquid dropper

Steps to Make Moon Rocks at Home:

  1. Take a dense, bushy bud of your choice.
  2. Then, use a dropper to cover the bud in your choice of concentrate or hash oil. If the oil is too thick, heat it lightly to make it more liquid.
  3. Grab the wet bud with tongs and roll it in kief until the entire bud is covered in crystals. 
  4. Let the bud dry until they are ready to be fired up and inhaled.

Note: Avoid drenching your bud in hash oil or concentrate, as it can make it difficult to light it. 

How to Smoke Cannabis Moon Rocks?


You can smoke cannabis moon rocks in any way you like — roll it into a joint, vape it, or use a bowl or pipe. 

However, we recommend using glassware, like a bong or pipe, for the best experience. Here is the best way to smoke moon rocks using glassware:

  1. Pack the glass piece with some amount of bud.
  2. Then, put your moon rock on top of the flower.
  3. Then, inhale from the glass piece while applying low heat to the bowl until the entire thing is burnt. 
  4. Burn the top of the moon rock slowly until it sizzles and begins to melt into the flower underneath.

Moon rocks are dense and wet, so keeping your joint lit would be difficult, and the oil can also clog the joint, making it more difficult to smoke. Plus, you will need a lot of moon rocks to pack the joint properly.

And avoid using a grinder at all costs. Moon rocks are super sticky, and they will stick to the grinder teeth and make it difficult to turn. And you'll lose most of the kief and oil to the grinder.

But wait, you don't have a glass piece but still want to enjoy your moon rocks? Follow these steps to roll a joint with moon rocks:

  1. Grind a cannabis bud with your grinder.
  2. Break up the moon rock and sprinkle it over the ground bud.
  3. Roll it up into a joint. 
  4. Smoke it up.

Remember, the grease in the moon rock will make it harder for the joint to be lit. So, keep a lighter handy with each puff. You'll be rewarded with an intense high soon.

Does It Have Any Side Effects?

Marijuana moon rock

Every individual's body responds in various ways to moon rocks, and the high's intensity depends on the strain and your tolerance. So, those with low tolerance experience a more intense high and may be prone to side effects. 

Moon rocks contain up to 50% THC, so the most significant risk of side effects is consuming too much THC. There isn't enough research to conclude the adverse side effects of too much THC; however, THC overdose can lead to marijuana-induced psychosis (MIP) or cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome (CHS).

MIP disorder shows up as hallucinations or delusions and other symptoms like disorganized speech, confusion, memory loss, unusual thoughts, difficulty expressing emotions, etc. 

On the other hand, CHS is characterized by nausea, abdominal pain, and recurrent vomiting. 

Other mild side effects include dizziness, racing heart, anxiety, paranoia, sleepiness, headaches, dry mouth, dry red eyes, cough, and extreme munchies.

But rest assured, smoking too much moon rocks (or THC overdose) is not fatal. The side effects are just a nuisance to deal with. Plus, they are short-term and disappear quickly. However, we recommend caution when smoking moon rocks, as discussed below.

How to Smoke Moon Rocks Safely?

The above section might scare you — that's normal — but you can enjoy moon rocks without any risk of side effects if you are careful.

Moon rocks, after all, are pretty potent and can mess with your brain. So, follow these tips for smoking moon rocks.

Clear Up Your Schedule

Moon rocks offer a super potent high that might last for hours — many users report the buzz to last into the next day. So, only smoke moon rocks when you are sure you have no other commitment until the next day, especially if you have a low tolerance to cannabis.

Eat First and Eat Right

There is a high chance moon rock will cause extreme munchies. So, we recommend eating a light meal before smoking moon rocks. This will help with the munchies later on and lessen the chances of side effects like nausea.

Hydrate Well

Similarly, drink a lot of water before and after smoking moon rocks. It will make your mouth dry and can be annoying to deal with, especially if you just want to chill out and enjoy your high.

Choose the Right Environment

When smoking moon rocks, choose the right surrounding. Avoid smoking them in public spaces, and ensure you have someone around when you smoke up if you get a little too high. And do not ever smoke up and drive or operate any machinery. The only machinery you are allowed to use is your Xbox!

Take It Slow

Start with a bit of moon rock to understand how your body responds to it instead of finding it out the hard way, especially if you are a novice smoker or new to moon rocks.

Summary: What are Moon Rocks?

If the question is about the ultimate high, moon rocks are the answer. Smoke a bit of moon rock, and you will be high like you never imagined — your body will melt on the couch, and perhaps you won't even feel your face. 

Moon rocks offer you the highest of highs, and they are easy to make. Cut up the bud, sprinkle cannabis concentrate or hash oil on it, roll it in kief, and let it dry. Voila! Your homemade moon rocks will be ready!

But remember, the intense high comes with a small risk of side effects. So, be super careful and reach out for help if you think your body is not responding well to moon rocks. 


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