What Are Weed Diamonds, And How Are They Made?

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Added 17 November 2021

If you’re one of those cannabis connoisseurs that often search for something new, you’re at the right place! You’ve probably heard of shatter, budder, rosin, resin, and whatnot, but I bet you haven’t heard of weed diamonds. Kudos to you if you have — you know how to have a good time. 

If you’re clueless about weed diamonds, though, this article will explore everything you need to know about them, including a detailed process on how experts make them. 

So, hop in, and let’s discover more about this not-so-new kid on the block.

What are weed diamonds?

THCA diamonds

Weed diamonds are also called THCA diamonds.

Typically, weed diamonds are cannabis concentrates, just like kief, rosin, hash, etc. You can vape, smoke, and use them just like other extracts. Since they resemble diamonds due to their crystalline structures, they are called weed diamonds. 

As mentioned already, weed diamonds are also known as THCA diamonds. THCA or Tetrahydrocannabinol Acid is different from THC. THC is known to have psychoactive properties, but THCA does not produce narcotic effects until exposed to heat. 

The chemical composition of THCA shows that it forms a carboxylic acid chain which transforms into THC upon application of heat. On the other hand, THC remains an oily substance since it lacks the acid chain needed to crystalize. 

Weed diamonds are not to be confused with shatter. Shatter has a solid appearance and also looks glassy, while weed diamonds look like crystals or diamonds. Both concentrates become fluid when exposed to heat. 

Another difference between shatter and weed diamonds lies in their potency. While shatter is potent with about 80% THC, weed diamonds contain 99.9% THC. 

What makes weed diamonds unique?


Most people shy away from using concentrates because they are a tad heavy (read high), especially if you’re doing it for the first time. For instance, most extracts contain almost 60 to 90% THC, making some users uncomfortable. 

Weed diamonds take it a notch higher...if you know what I mean. While other concentrates may contain up to 90% THC, these gorgeous diamonds convert to almost 99.9% THC when exposed to heat, as mentioned already. Now, if you’re going to consume it, you will have to heat it somehow or the other, so you will be consuming a product with maximum THC.

In short, weed diamonds are the most potent concentrates made thus far. They are perfect for you if you’re looking for that ultimate concentrate that beats every other cannabis product. A man’s best friend! 

However, I recommend that you exercise caution before you try them. Using an extract with almost 100% THC is no joke! If you find it challenging to use traditional buds with high levels of THC, you should probably stay away from weed diamonds. Although buds with high concentrations of THC are available nowadays, you cannot compare them to extracts. 

Weed diamonds are prepared through another extract called sauce. The sauce is first made by adding solvents to cannabis and then eliminating it to make concentrates. Then, it’s processed through a technique called diamond mining that separates terpenes from cannabinoids. Finally, a combination of pressure and heat simultaneously creates crystalline structures called weed or THCA diamonds. 

With an extraordinarily high amount of terpenes, weed diamonds are tastier than other concentrates. There’s a reason they are also called terpene or terp sauce. 

Most users stay away from weed diamonds simply because of their potency. However, not everyone is afraid to try these shiny diamonds. With their popularity increasing every day, weed diamonds are all set to create a new premium market, so it won’t be long before you hear everyone raving about it. 

How are weed diamonds made?


Like all other extracts, weed diamonds are made in controlled environments, so it’s best to make these super potent concentrates in a laboratory where you can control things. 

Many cannabis users have experience with making BHO at home. However, no matter how experienced you are, you should follow safety precautions at every point to avoid any unwanted circumstances. 

You can also do this at home as long as you have the right equipment and experience dealing with butane. However, the final product can contain residual solvents since you may not purge them thoroughly. Moreover, butane is flammable, so it’s best to leave this to professionals and enjoy dried buds, rosin, resin, or anything else you can make at home. Alternatively, if it’s legal where you live, you can simply walk into a store and purchase them. 

Here’s a step by step process:

  1. First, prepare Butane Hash Oil or BHO using high-quality cannabis oil. It can also be prepared from cannabis trim or low-quality harvests to achieve a final product with high potency. Although cured dry buds may work just fine, live resin will produce the best output. 
  2. Next, pour BHO into a glass jar and cover it. Note that the BHO must be in a viscous state to do this. 
  3. Place the jar in a slightly warm room to encourage crystallization. However, it shouldn’t be too hot or too cold. Maintaining the temperature is crucial since extreme temps can make the substance cloudy or prevent crystallization. It’s a good idea to use heat mats if you’re unable to maintain stable temperatures. 
  4. It may take days for the crystals to form, but it’s essential to keep an eye on them. 
  5. Remove the lid now and then to release the pressure. 
  6. You will notice that the oil becomes soupy or slightly thicker, with a few crystals sticking to the bottom. The terpenes get to the top and form a thicker layer, clearly separating themselves from the crystals. 
  7. As more pressure develops inside the jar, you will see more crystals. This high pressure/low heat method of extraction helps prevent the conversion of THCA to THC. Under favorable conditions, THCA crystalizes while THC does not.
  8. Finally, when you’re satisfied with the crystals, you can separate the terpenes or the viscous liquid from the crystals. 
  9. Experts will remove any residual solvents from the crystals by washing them with pentane. 
  10. THCA crystals or weed diamonds are ready!
  11. The crystals are allowed to dry anywhere from 3 to 12 days. After that, commercial producers will package the crystals as a stand-alone product. They may also mix them with terpenes for additional flavor, aroma, and medicinal benefits. After all, you tend to get more benefits if the terpenes and cannabinoids work together. The mixture of THCA and the terpenes obtained during extraction is called sauce. The sauce sells separately from pure weed diamonds. 

How to consume weed diamonds

Weed diamonds are the same as other forms of cannabis concentrates like hash oil, wax, or shatter. Here are some ways to consume weed diamonds:

Smoking weed diamonds

It may be great to add THCA to a bowl of weed or a joint. Then, you can mash the diamonds and terpene sauce into a fine powder. Finally, you can sprinkle the powder on buds to roll into a joint or pack into a bowl. 

Note that the crystals are best if heated with residual heat. Therefore, place the crystals below the buds, so you enjoy them before they evaporate. This is similar to dabbing volatile terpenes. Applying direct heat is not a great idea. 


Dabbing THCA diamonds is the same as dabbing other cannabis concentrates. Since weed diamonds contain almost 100% THCA, most people add some terpene sauce to them. The banger prevents the sauce from running into spots that may be hard to reach. 

Eating weed diamonds

Weed diamonds offer several outstanding benefits even without exposing the THCA to heat. Cannabis diamonds may be consumed as tinctures or edibles and may provide the same effect as other CBD products. It serves as an excellent alternative for medical marijuana patients who do not want to experience the psychoactive effects of THC. 

Vaporizing weed diamonds

vaping THCA diamonds

With an excellent vaporizing machine capable of handling solid concentrates, your THCA diamonds may offer you a satisfactory vaping experience. Vaporizing is one of the most efficient, healthiest, and effective methods of consuming diamonds due to the expensive nature of THCA. 

Will weed diamonds make you high?

weed diamonds

Let’s get this straight — THCA does not make you high. It’s not the same as THC. However, when exposed to heat, it converts immediately to THC. Therefore, THCA diamonds will get you high if you vape, smoke, dab, or apply heat to them. The by-product, which is THC, will then interact with the cannabinoid receptors present in our body and produce that characteristic psychoactive high. 

Summary: What Are Weed Diamonds, And How Are They Made?

Weed diamonds or THCA crystals aren’t new, but not many people have heard about them. Needless to say, they are popular among concentrate connoisseurs. So if you’re looking for a concentrate that can send you off to heaven on a blasting rocket, THCA diamonds are excellent for you. 

However, proceed with extreme caution. Most users usually use traditional buds that contain lower amounts of THC. Even if you smoke a bud with 20-25% THC, most THC is lost as soon as you apply heat. If you’re uncomfortable with buds with high THC levels, THCA diamonds are not meant for you. You can, however, consume them without applying heat or decarboxylating them.

In addition, many people tend to disregard the powerful effects of THC. It can produce a range of side effects, including paranoia, hallucination, dry mouth, etc. Also, just like isolated cannabinoids like CBD isolates aren’t as effective as a full-spectrum extract to gain medicinal effects, THCA isolates may not suit your needs medicinally. Since the extract is devoid of other cannabinoids necessary to produce an entourage effect, THCA diamonds may not be the best choice if you’re looking for healthful benefits. 

On the other hand, THCA diamonds are perfect for recreational purposes. You can also make it at home, provided you understand how to purge the solvents at the end. 

If not, making weed diamonds should be reserved for professionals who can guarantee high safety standards during the production process. When pure weed diamonds unite with a perfect blend of terpenes, you get to experience a unique and enjoyable product. Although weed diamonds may be expensive, they are definitely worth giving a try for a thrilling experience. 


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