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Xmas Grow Special: video contest with a HUGE prize pool

Added 22 November 2017

Hello Growers!

Winter is here and it means TWO things: Indoor growing and Christmas Holidays! Both are pleasant as hell (sorry Jez) and both are possible here on GrowDiaries!

The Xmas contest is OFFICIALLY launched! Decorate your trees and start uploading videos! The prizes are just unbelievable.

Each of THREE WINNERS will get:

Mephisto Genetics

2 x t-shirts of different designs
1 x mega sticker pack
3 x 18 seed packs of Artisanal Strains 
Winners choice of:
3 Bears OG
4 Assed Monkey
Cosmic Queen
Creme de la Chem
Sour Livers, Skywalker
Sour Stomper
Northern Cheese Haze


1L Cellmax Grow or Bloom depending on medium (winners choice for: Hydro,Coco,Organic or Terra)
1L Cellmax Rootbooster
1L Cellmax Flowerstimulator
1L Cellmax PK-booster
1L Cellmax SuperEnzymes
Any Size Cellmax Hoodie
100x100x200 pro white Budbox

Fast Buds

2 x 5 Girlscout Cookies
2 x 5 Northern Express
2 x 5 California Snow
2 x 5 Fastberry
1 x Fast Buds T-shirt
1 x Fast Buds Hemp T-shirt

Female Seeds

1 pack of 10 seeds of Auto NL
2 packs of 10 seeds of White Widow x Big Bud
2 packs of 10 seeds of Sex Bud
1 bottle of BioQuant Final PK
1 Female Seeds t-shirt (available in green and white)

WOW! Stoner Santa is very generous this year because you, Growers, are the best! START uploading your videos, we can't wait to see the first ones to show up! 

Oh yeah, the contest comes with a couple of rules actually...

-Confirm account via email
-Have at least one Diary
-Upload your Xmas Special video to your Diary (hey, don't forget that it's gotta be a SPECIAL Christmas Tree, ok? I mean... a weed plant, yeah?)
-Join the contest

 Who's in? Comment BELOW!

The name of the FIRST judge will be revealed very soon! Excited?


GD Team



Holy cow you guys added more...I already thought this was the sweetest prize package EVER and now you guys have added Female Seeds to the line up...AMAZING...I am for sure in and very excited...this prize package would make not just the holidays a whole lot sweeter but make the new year to come pretty damn awesome too!!!!


@Sillyasswhitedude, they did promise a supply of seeds for 2018 and imo they have that covered plus!!!!!!
Almost enough there to open your own seedbank :joy:.


I believe I've come up with a winning strategy for this! Just a brainstorm I had this morning after my wake n bake! Such good prizes not to enter!


Some nice stuff here, Artisanal Strains should be interesting :raised_hands:


Wow :open_mouth: It’s gonna take a long time before using all these seeds :blush:
It’s about 1 year of Nutrients and 2 years Seed to win :clap::clap::clap:


Love it , a bit of festive cheer :+1:


This is SICK! I can't wait to get drunk off sleezy PBR to decorate my tree! My cat takes out trees like Paul Bunyan, I don't know about you peeps but make sure to keep your Christmas tree's protected. PROTECT YA NECK! AHDLH;AKLDKLA; SHIMMY YA- RIP ODB


Oh oh oh GD Santa is coming to town!


Can wait to go back home .. right know I'm in holidays in Madeira island.
Soon as i get home i will post my video.
Happy growings do everyone :ok_hand:


All the presents this year!!! The naughty list is NOT an option. Going spray all the decorations with that good tap water to make sure not spider mites and no molds to turn me into the Grinch


Good i bought some stuff for my special christmas tree.. first harvest is counted on 24..12. :D perfect timing

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