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Your Guide to the Best Dab Torches

Added 29 July 2022

If you're looking for a guide for the best dab torches you can find in 2022, look no further. Dabbing isn't new, but it's super popular in the cannabis community. 

For recreational users, dabs are the best out there since it gets you high like never before. 

And, for medicinal users, CBD dabs allow you to get the highest dosage in a short while — making them worth every penny you spend. 

Dabbing is part of the reason cannabis extracts have become popular in recent years.

If you are just starting with dabbing, you will quickly realize that you need a dedicated dab torch. Regular lighting won’t cut it. 

Therefore, we have created this guide on dab torches to reduce your time and effort. 

What makes a dab torch good, which are the best dab torches to buy, and how to correctly use them — find all the answers in this article. 

Before you begin, note that we have no affiliation with any of the products mentioned in this article. We have collected information based on our experience and user reviews. 

What is a Dab Torch?

dab torch

Dabbing allows you to consume cannabis extracts. It can be anything among various extracts like wax, shatters, budder, and more, containing nearly 90% THC. That’s a recipe for a terrific high that will take you to the moon.  

However, to dab correctly, you need to place the cannabis concentrate on a hot nail before taking a hit. And to heat the nail, you need to use a dab torch.

A dab torch is a lighter with a flame to heat the nail, and it is powered by either butane or propane. It can be used on your rig’s ceramic, titanium, quartz, or glass bangers and dab strays. 

Whatever the size of your dab rig is, you can find a dab torch to suit it. But for most cases, a medium-sized dab torch works best. Smaller torches can work too but are meant only for smaller rigs. On the other hand, larger torches burn a lot, so they are overkill. 

Are Dab Torches Necessary?

cannabis concentrate

Most people who start with dabbing use a basic torch or lighter — it can work, but the results are not worth the effort you put in. Using a lighter is not safe and it makes the dabbing experience less enjoyable. 

Plus, a lighter won’t heat the nail as much as you want, meaning the temperature won't be right, so you don’t get to make the most out of your concentrate (and it will leave a lot of residues). 

Remember, the dabbing nail must be over 350°F or 177°C to produce some decent vapor. 

And even if you use a lighter than can heat the nail to higher temperatures, it will take a lot longer and leave you with a cramped hand. A dab torch is easy and quick to use since it uses a focused flame. 

Dabs require higher levels of heat that only a dab torch can provide. Here is what a regular dab requires:

  • 400°F to 500°F (204°C to 260°C) for wax or crumble
  • 500°F to 700°F (260°C to 371°C) for BHO or PHO
  • 700°F to 800°F (371°C to 427°C) for oil and shatter

This is why you need to use a dab torch to light your dab efficiently and quickly and minimize residual wastage.

How to Use a Dab Torch?

How to use a dab torch

A dab torch isn't very different from a lighter, so you can use it in the same way. That said, if you've used butane lighters previously, you won’t face any difficulty using a dab torch. 

But if you are new to dabbing, practice these steps to use a dab torch:

Step 1: Light your Torch and Heat the Nail

The first step is to light the torch and direct it to the nail. If you’re using manual rig nails, keep the flame focused on its nail until it turns red hot. 

Step 2: Turn Off the Torch

Once the nail turns red hot, you can turn off the torch. For safety, place the torch on a flat surface. And wait for around half a minute to let it cool down a bit, depending on its material. You can even use a temperature gun to check the temperature to ensure it’s at the right level for your dab.

Step 3: Place the Extract on the Nail

The nail would have cooled down a bit, but it will still be hot enough to release vapors. Therefore, use a dabber or dab tool to place your dab on the nail. To reduce wasting oil, run the dabber over the nail once to remove any oil stuck on it. 

Step 4: Place the Carb Cap Over the Nail

Now, place the carb cap of your dab rig over the nail and let it collect some smoke. When you’re ready, remove the camp and inhale the smoke. Your high will be here in a few minutes.

Remember, the nail mustn't be too hot or it will burn the extract. The right temperature will release vapor that you can consume. Conversely, if the nail is too hot, your extract will taste unpleasant and you may inhale harmful toxins too. 

How to Choose the Best Dab Torch?

how to choose a dab torch

Shopping for the right dab torch is tricky. Most of them are hyped and come with bells and whistles but you mustn't be swayed. Sure, extra features never hurt anyone, but there are some basics that a good dab torch should get right, like sturdiness, reliability, safety, etc. 

Look for these features in your next dab torch for dabs that are consistent and smooth:

1. Safety Features

Dab torches run on butane or propane — highly inflammable gases that can be dangerous if misused. So, ensure the dab torch you use is safe to use. A good safety feature you should look for is a plug with a refill port that won’t let the gas leak out. Some high-end dab torches also come with an auto-lock feature.

2. Temperature Control

As mentioned above, each concentrate needs a specific temperature to produce a decent amount of vapor. If the temperature is low, it won’t heat up properly, producing a light, thin vapor. On the other hand, if the temps are too high, it can get charred. 

So, choose a dab torch that offers consistent and adequate heating for your choice of concentrate. It should at least have a temperature rating of 350°F or 177°C — the higher the better. 

Ideally, you should choose a dab torch that allows you to control the temperature of the flame so you can tune it as per your needs. 

3. Gas Used for the Flame

The most common gases used in dab torches are butane and propane. Out of the two, butane is the better option. It contains less harmful toxins and carcinogens while producing higher temperatures. Plus, some users state that butane has less effect on the concentrate’s aroma and flavor. 

Propane is no doubt good enough, and it is cheaper, but it is not the most reliable solution. Also, propane tanks are more prone to leaks if sealed incorrectly compared to butane tanks. 

4. Dab Torch Size

You can get dab torches of various sizes, but the one that’s best for you depends on your dab rig. So, get a dab torch that matches your rig.

Most dab rigs work need a 3-inch dab torch, but some larger rigs may need a bigger torch. 

In any case, avoid torches that are too small as they have restricted use cases and don’t guarantee adequate heating for long. Small dab torches should only be used if your rig’s nail is smaller than 30 mm.

5. Number of Flame Jets

In most cases, a dab torch with a single flame jet works well enough. But again, it depends on the type of rig you use and its nail.

A small, single-jet flame is more than enough for a titanium nail, and the same will work for a quartz banger that is less than 2 mm thick. A single jet will heat the nail quickly and evenly. 

But if your rig has a quartz banger with around 4 mm of thickness, you need a flame jet that is thick enough. The flame jet should be at least 0.25 inches thick and 2 inches long. And the larger the banger, the bigger the flame you need.

For a banger or nail over 6 mm, you should choose a dab torch with more than one flame jet. In this case, a single-jet torch is not sufficient enough.

Lastly, avoid picking up random dab torches. Research the dab torch first and purchase something that fits your preferences and needs. You can also talk to other dabbers to get an idea. 

Best Dab Torches

Dab torches come in all shapes and sizes, and for a newbie, the choice can be difficult to make. So, to help you get started, here are some of the best dab torches that you can try out.

Blazer GT8000 Big Shot

Blazer GT8000

Perhaps the most popular dab torch in the cannabis community is the Blazer GT8000 Big Shot, and for good reasons. It is touted as the best overall dab torch for dabbers. 

This dab torch produces a large flame that heats the nail fairly quickly. Its flame can be tuned up to 2500°F or 1371°C and delivers a precise flame tip, so you can easily direct it to your nail or banger. 

It uses butane for the flame. Thanks to its big tank, it can produce a flame for 35 minutes straight. It also comes with a brass nozzle, which does not produce flare, ensuring optimal safety.

Plus, this brand is known for manufacturing durable dab torches, so you don’t have to worry about reliability either. GT8000 Big Shot will easily last you for years to come. 

GT8000 Big Shot also has a couple of downsides, though. First, it lacks adequate flame adjustment and the flame jet can’t go smaller than two inches. Second, it only runs on high-quality butane, which can be hard to find in some regions. Third, it is expensive. 

Sondiko Culinary Torch

Sondiko culinary torch

If an affordable dab torch is what you are looking for, look no further than the Sondiko Culinary Torch. It is the best dab torch on the market (if you have a small budget) as it offers various premium features.

It comes with an adjustable flame that can be set up to 2500°F or 1371°C. It also comes with Piezo Ignition tech, making it super easy for angled use. The safety lock is another feature that attracts many buyers.

With a portable design, you can take it wherever you go without worrying about its capacity. Despite the small size, it holds up to 10 grams of butane at a time for a longer flame time.

In terms of reliability and customer service, this brand is not far behind either. It comes with a lifetime warranty and terrific customer service. And the manufacturer claims that they ship very quickly. 

But, note that this device was not designed specifically for dabbing cannabis. It just works for it. And considering its low price, the quality isn’t as good as you would expect from a more expensive product. 

Blazer ES1000 Angled Head Butane Micro Torch

Blazer ES1000

Another Blazer dab torch on the list is the best small dab torch that you can buy. Of course, it comes with the Blazer durability, a long warranty, and excellent customer support. 

Plus, it is self-igniting and has a stable base so you can set it on the table safely. And it is also quite easy to adjust the flame on this. Also, refilling butane does not take more than 15 seconds. 

Since this is a small dab torch, you don’t get the best run time but it is extremely portable thanks to its sleek design. 

The downsides of this dab torch are that the adjustment knob is a little finicky and may take some time to get used to. It is somewhat difficult to ignite if the flame is set on low, and it is not the most budget-friendly micro torch in its segment. 

Most importantly, it lacks in terms of safety as it does not have a child safety lock, which would’ve made it an even better product than it already is. 

Zoocura Industrial Dab Torch

Zoocura Industrial Dab Torch

Generally, dab torches tend to be a bit noisy. But if you want a torch that won’t wake up your partner at night, you can choose the Zoocura Industrial Dab Torch. 

It is known for producing huge twin flames and it comes with adjustable settings that are easy to use, thanks to its user-friendly dial. It can hold up to 28 grams of butane at once, allowing it to last for quite a long time between refills. 

Plus, it is good in terms of safety. The sturdy brass valve ensures the gas does not leak out and you can rest assured knowing that the child lock won't allow anyone to light the flame accidentally.

Despite the high quality and a two-year warranty, this torch is still considered a knock-off Blazer in the community. If that does not bother you, this is a terrific dab torch to own. However, just remember that this company is not known for its customer support — it’s unreliable. 

Master Appliance PT-2000Si

Master Appliance PT-2000Si

All the dab torches listed above are butane torches, but this one is a propane torch if you want to choose this. It works with a standard 1 lb propane canister and produces a flame up to 3600°F or 1982°C. If you use MAPP gas, it can even go up to 3730°F or 2054°C.

What’s great about this torch is that it comes with an ergonomic handle cast in aluminum. So, it is comfortable to use and quite durable in the long run.

Other features include adjustable temperature and flame thanks to a flow valve, Piezo Ignition tech, and a flame lock so you can use it for longer durations. Although this is made for industrial purposes, it works well for dabbing cannabis, too.

Other Great Options

Here's a list of some other excellent blow torches:

  • Errlybird Torch Art Butane Torch — Colorful, powerful, and cordless
  • Blazer Pencil Torch PT 4000 — Discreet, sleek, and portable
  • Special Blue Purple Haze Butane Dab Torch — Automatic ignition and adjustable flame
  • Cinderwitch Triple Jet Flame Torch — Three jets with an adjustable flame, perfect for any nail 

How to Refill a Dab Torch?

You don’t want your dab torch to die on you during your dabbing session. Thus, you need to refill it regularly with new fuel. But don’t worry, it’s not that difficult. You can easily refill your dab torch using small butane cans.

Follow these steps to refill the dab torch with butane:

  1. Turn off any source of gas and burners 
  2. Hold your dab torch upside down, open the refill port, which is usually located on the bottom of the torch
  3. Now, shake your butane canister well and uncap it
  4. Insert the canister's nozzle right into the refill port and firmly squeeze the canister for a while, or a couple of seconds
  5. Cap the refill port and wipe off the torch and canister with a paper towel
  6. Let the torch sit for a few minutes for all the residual gas to evaporate before using it 

Also, be safe while refilling your dab torch. Ensure you refill it in a well-ventilated or open space and handle the torch and canister with care. 

Is Dabbing with Dab Torches Safe?

Dabbing is a terrific experience, but it does have some concerns. Like with any other method of consuming cannabis, there are a lot of anecdotes on the internet and a lack of proper clinical trials. 

So, it is better to safe than sorry when dabbing with dab torches. Follow these tips for the same.

Only Use Licensed Products

Products these days come with an array of licenses, so always pick one with the right license. An unlicensed product may be dangerous — it may contain dirty oils with residual solvents and chemicals, which even be fatal.

Start with a Low Dosage

If you have been dabbing with a lighter, chances are you were not extracting all the THC from the concentrate. Now, when you use a dab torch that produces the right kind of vapor, you need to be careful.

Dab concentrates are highly potent and can knock off even veteran users. So, start with a small dab and see how your body reacts to it, and move to stronger doses slowly. 

Always Be Careful with Dab Torches

If you are careless with your dab torch, it can be deadly to you and those around you. So, when handling the torch, use caution and turn off the torch as soon as you heat the nail. 

After using it, place it on a flat surface from where it won’t topple or fall down. And if there is a safety switch on your torch, always use it. 

You don’t want your curtain catching fire when you are stoned and floating in space. 

Summary: Your Guide to the Best Dab Torches

Whether you're getting started with dabbing or want to extract the full potential of dab concentrates, you should consider investing in a dab torch. Sure, it might look like a gimmick at first, but it is an important addition to your dab rig. 

Think of it as important as a rolling paper that is used for rolling joints. 

A dab torch will certainly take your dabbing experience to the next level as it will allow you to heat the concentrate at the right temperature, minimizing residue and maximizing vapor extraction.

But remember to choose high-quality dab torches. Some of the best options are Blazer GT8000 Big Shot, Sondiko Culinary Torch, Zoocura Industrial Dab Torch, and Master Appliance PT-2000Si.

And while butane is recommended for most users, if you need a propane torch, go for it. There is nothing wrong with a propane torch, only that it is not as good as butane when it comes to efficiency. 

Do invest some time in learning how to use your dab torch safely and correctly to ensure that, you are enjoying cannabis and not worrying about your curtain catching fire when dabbing.