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Ancient Earth Organic

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I like this stuff. Great way to get humic/fulvic acid to plants. Quite expensive though (just like all advanced nutrients products).
You get what you pay for, I suppose, I like this product, just do not like having to mix so many different lines to achieve results, very inconvenient, known fact as well that if you follow the table you will over feed your plants, you cut it back by at least 25% There are less expensive products that give = results. Check out FOOP.
Used it to begin with and sticking with it.
An absolute joy to grow. Very fast growth on this pheno and a nice cream taste with an OG gas on the back end. The pheno I got growing right now is even better than this one. Very heavy high, super strong. My girlfriend and I only smoke it at night because it will put you out. I did have about 8 or so seeds throughout the entire plant. Not bad and not a big deal.
Want your crop To finish with a bang Get advance nutrient
I underfertilized so I got what I got out of it.
I used the full line of Organic AN Products, they al worked very well, once I decided to cut the PPM back to about 75%, this will also bring the cost down because these products are not cheap.
Love love love the pH perfect, wouldn’t grow without it now. All the problems I have had before were solved with this. The rest of the range I would slim down. Rhino skin, ancient earth, nirvana I wouldn’t bother with again, nirvana just doesn’t have time to do much with autos. Ancient earth cant see any benefit from. Rhino skin, cheaper alternatives out there, plus it didnt stop stems bending under weight.
Love it. Started with it and probably going to end with it.