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I am very happy with Advenced nutrients. I made 40g per plant without bud boosters. I like all your products and I have the old stash. I had thick stiff brenches, thanks to AN products
My DIY formula works just as well as Hammerhead
:muscle::+1: Water is life
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Was some leftover. Will not use it again.
very good i will use again
best nutrients on the market..but too many components ..i think il switch after clearing all my nutrient stock.. oh and yeah.. overdrive is the bomb!!!!
Advanced Nutrients improved my grow quality. Can't say I harvested allot more because I had too small pot for my plants but buds are good quality, sticky, potent and very good for smoking. Once I switched too bloom phase and started using advanced nutrients and they ph perfect tehnology all deficiencies and problems plant had were gone. I use watter straight from the pipe and not leaving it for day or two like I should. Will use them in future for my next grows.
Nice Product worked well for me from Week 10, The smaller Plants get it weekly. The big one only a few Time, because she was in prefertilised soil with organic Fertilisers