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Iguana Juice Bloom


I am very happy with Advenced nutrients. I made 40g per plant without bud boosters. I like all your products and I have the old stash. I had thick stiff brenches, thanks to AN products
Only problem is the ph. It takes a ton of ph up to balance out this acidic fertilizer.
Best on the market that I've ever used!
great product , but expensive, use with my own compost (all Organic) worked out just great:sunglasses:
Advanced Nutrients :smiley::+1::+1::+1:
¡¡Los mejores fertilizantes organicos que he probado!!
Good nutrition, but for me it’s too much marketing, too pricey and not worth the hype
Only nutrients I have ever use
Can’t really say if they influenced y grow, didn’t use iguana for the whole cycle