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Iguana Juice Bloom

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I love the brand the best plants and tastes that i ever grow and smoked
You get what you pay for, I suppose, I like this product, just do not like having to mix so many different lines to achieve results, very inconvenient, known fact as well that if you follow the table you will over feed your plants, you cut it back by at least 25% There are less expensive products that give = results. Check out FOOP.
Como siempre todo bien, ningun signo de que le faltaba comida, del grifo me sale ph nuetros y al mezclar la mayoria de los productos me dejan un ph sobre el 6 asique realmente genial ya que no nesecito reajustar el ph, estoy muy contento con advanced, empezé hace muchos años con solo 2 o 3 productos, ahora tengo toda clase de productos y realmente noto que explotan en resina
I used the full line of Organic AN Products, they al worked very well, once I decided to cut the PPM back to about 75%, this will also bring the cost down because these products are not cheap.
Advanced nutrients es calidad
Stable PH and all were growing great!
User error. Do your research before using in peat based soils. Peat is naturally acidic and so is this fertilizer. I had to use extreme amounts of ph up to adjust this and ended up having lockout issues.
I love how they make my greeny greenah