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Iguana Juice Bloom

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Advanced nutrients es calidad
Stable PH and all were growing great!
User error. Do your research before using in peat based soils. Peat is naturally acidic and so is this fertilizer. I had to use extreme amounts of ph up to adjust this and ended up having lockout issues.
I love how they make my greeny greenah
Great microbes and decent organic liquid nutrients. Need to test these products more for a better evaluation.
Decent line of nutrients!! Alittle pricy but be sure to look around online for best deals.
no es cómoda, no la volveria a usar
I am very happy with Advenced nutrients. I made 40g per plant without bud boosters. I like all your products and I have the old stash. I had thick stiff brenches, thanks to AN products
Only problem is the ph. It takes a ton of ph up to balance out this acidic fertilizer.
Best on the market that I've ever used!
great product , but expensive, use with my own compost (all Organic) worked out just great:sunglasses: