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Mother Earth Super Tea Bloom Organic OIM

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You get what you pay for, I suppose, I like this product, just do not like having to mix so many different lines to achieve results, very inconvenient, known fact as well that if you follow the table you will over feed your plants, you cut it back by at least 25% There are less expensive products that give = results. Check out FOOP.
Since I started growing I use only Advanced Nutrients products, combined with the light quality, I only get the best results, imo AN is the best for hydroponics.
Best brand I've ever growed with, everything pulled it's weight and did what it's supposed to do. It's expensive, but I really care about quality so I'm really happy with it.
Great microbes and decent organic liquid nutrients. Need to test these products more for a better evaluation.
Decent line of nutrients!! Alittle pricy but be sure to look around online for best deals.
The only brand I use for 10+ years and the results speak for theirselves no need to say anything I guess.
I can't say anything bad about AN, the nudes did what they were supposed to do. Ended up with nice frosty dense buds which everybody loves!
Always a fan of advanced nutes, they do some serious work in the grow with respect to trich production and terps. Vigorous and healthey root systems too so you cannot go wrong with Advanced Nutes
Advanced nutrients always work well and the organic line did a good job with these plants
Great love the nutes be using them from now on this harvest was one of my biggest