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Love love love the pH perfect, wouldn’t grow without it now. All the problems I have had before were solved with this. The rest of the range I would slim down. Rhino skin, ancient earth, nirvana I wouldn’t bother with again, nirvana just doesn’t have time to do much with autos. Ancient earth cant see any benefit from. Rhino skin, cheaper alternatives out there, plus it didnt stop stems bending under weight.
Una gama de productos muy completa seguire trabajando con ellos aunque su tabla no va nada acorde con la que e trabajado yo
Лучшее из лучших!!
Sobre AN, que decir? Si no sacas Top-Shelf, culpa tuya! Igual que aqui bro! Best Quality Feed
Gives great plants. Shitty containers
Gives great results. Shitty containers.