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ATA NRG Bi-Bloombastic

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Good two part nutrients with a bloom booster. But the manufacturer feed chart is way too much, at least for my plants I got nutrient burn on my first grow with this. Don't know exactly what ratio is best, but don't use more than 0.5ml/L. Better to start at 0.2ml/L and go up if the plant can handle it.
Plant is very sensitive to bloom nutrients go low joe!
Great products! They worked very well, AlgaC and Bi-Bloombastic are superlatives!
Can see a difference using this as a booster nothing major but I feel this may be different if I went a bit heavier with the measurements
No big yield so not very enthusiastic about this either
Ha sobrepasado mis expectativas, no esperaba tal engorde a la vez que no altera en nada el sabor de la planta, creo que es una combinación perfecta junto con Bud Candy.