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It works alright. The easy weed makes the water gross though.
They both work pretty well. I think I might reduce my supplements in the future and take out Easy Weed. I don't much care for the dirty looking water.
I think they work fine but they Easy Weed does turn the water brown and eventually will dirty the pH tester.
I like this stuff. I have had great success since the first plant and I've always used these items. I use the root magic the most.
I am getting low on both of these. I doubt I get more. They aren't bad but I am going to switch to liquid based stuff. It keeps my pH pen cleaner.
Luv these nutrients
Luv growing with blue planet nutrients
This lineup is amazing, but I definitely used way too much. I ended up overfeeding most of my ladies.
:+1: I have used these two products since the start of growing. I think they work well but am probably going to cut Easy Wee out in the future. I have since added recharge and fish shit and I think they are plenty.