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I really like Canna, although I changed to GBL
Funcionan, pero en cuanto termine las botellas me cambio de marca, TODO MUY CARO!
Rhizotonic is my favourite fertiliser for the early vegetative phase!
Calcium is good to go
Rhizotonic is my favourite
Rhizotonic gives my plants everything they need in early stage of growth to develop nice white roots.
I grow in coco so I still used cal/mag supplement at almost every watering/feeding.
Rhizotonic is amazing, can’t say that much on the rest in this particular grow.
I love rhizotonic, always clean and fat white roots with it!
I love rhizotonic, can’t really say anything on the rest
Canna is good, I’ll try green buzz liquids in my next grows
Rhizotonic is my favourite fertiliser from canna, calcium does what it should.
I've had great success with these products and will continue to use them.