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CANNA pH- Bloom


Very good line of Brand. But they use to much different types of bottles. Takes alot of time to mix and also is very expensive. I decided to go with other brands, that have weekly watering and rest of the time normal Phd water, its easier and faster before I switch over to DWC Hydroponics. But the results on this plant speaks for itself :muscle::skin-tone-3:
Works very good and my go to ph- you go down about 0.2 point per drop on 1.5L water
One of the best Nutrients :+1:
Excellent products, especially the Rhizotonoc and Cannazym. Strong roots and healthy microbes make for strong, resilient plants.
Everything perfekt :-)
Only bad thing I can say about canna is there guides are a little heavy on the nutrients. No complaints other wise, does as it says, just us a little less then guide recommend