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Cogo’s Original Cannabis Formula Part B

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Used to supplement the organic grow initially while waiting for the amendments to breakdown and kick in. Cogos is my go-to.
No issues. Like the simplicity of the 2 part system.
Look at the results of my last grow and make your own assessment. I am very happy with Cogos and Elite 91 and will continue to use both.
i have no idea. this is my first. but i hate them reduce the ph of water too deep
I got the results I was hoping for without all the additives. The risk of nutrient pollution when using Cogo's is minimized. Less risk of over vegging. They keep their nute line simple and very effective. I like that a lot. Cogo's is an important part of my set up. I highly recommend it.
I absolutely love Cogo's, we use it at my workplace as well. My manager usually tells me it's all I ever need, and I want to think it's some hustler spiel, but it's pretty true. I haven't really needed to use anything else while using Cogo's, it seems to give just the right amount of nutrients at the correct levels. I'm still playing around with it but so far it seems to work great, especially in veg.