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Original Bloom Hydro/Coco A

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Very reliable. No issues with and feeds at all.
Never had a problem with Dutch pro.
These did ok for my first grow ever. I didnt have the right A and B so i think that kind messed with things. The Explode was awesome and powdered my nugs with lots of trichomes.
I had an issue to start but bcoz hard water nutrients not compatible with soft water, this plant took the hardest hit but recovered amazingly! After using correct nutrients for my water type, I’m loving the dutchpro nutrients and recommend everyone to give them a try, I was a die hard 3 part base nutrients user before switching to dutchpro.. the dutchpro will leave your end product to die for!!!
The Dutch pro range is a simple to use range at a good price. As I grew autos I used the bloom nutrient through the entire grow with good results.
Been using for couple of years now and still the best especially explode
Can’t knock it considering I used bloom throughout and it still grew into a decent size auto. I had been using half the recommended amount and still got nutrient burn so will look to use a 3rd in the future.